The Watering Hole – Saturday, March 16, 2013: At The Speed of Light

In an interview with StarTalk Radio host Chuck Nice, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson explained why photons (the particles that carry light) exist outside of time. “…As you increase your speed, time ticks more slowly for you than it does for anyone who is watching you,” he said on StarTalk Radio. “This is the relativity of time. This is well known. We have measured this. It is not just your clock that is clicking slower, your metabolism is unfolding more slowly, your brain synapses are firing more slowly, everything about you is slowing down.”

“Photons, which is the carrier of light, exists at the speed of light. It doesn’t accelerate from zero to speed of light in 3.4 seconds. It exists at the speed of light, and because of it exists at the speed of light, any watch that it is carrying never ticks, which means if you are the photon… you will slam into whatever you are destined to hit, as far as you are concerned, instantaneously.”

He went on to explain that they know neutrinos travel slower than the speed of light because they change states between two different kinds of neutrinos, which would only be possible if neutrinos experienced the passage of time. Just thought I’d blow your mind for a change.

This is our Daily Open Thread. Feel free to discuss Relativity, photons, Neil deGrasse Tyson, or anything else you want to discuss. The Zoo is timeless, like a photon.

70 thoughts on “The Watering Hole – Saturday, March 16, 2013: At The Speed of Light

  1. Saturday Daily is up a bit early.
    F1 qualifying is certainly entertaining, as it is raining in Melbourne, Australia. Q1 was delayed while personnel swept the track with push brooms to move as much standing water as possible. Cars went out on full wets, but the racing line dried enough to switch to intermediates with about five minutes in the session. Then a new downpour drenched the track prior to the start of Q2, so the sweeping will resume, and we are under another delay.

    • Well, they never did get started again, so it’s postponed until Sunday morning. I’ve watched F1 since ESPN started covering it in the early 80s and this is the first time I can remember they didn’t complete qualifying, regardless of conditions.

    • The GOoPers often remind me of the episode of Star Trek where Kirk and friends were swapped with their doubles form the “mirror universe”. Spock’s summation was that it’s possible for a civilized person to act like a barbarian but impossible for barbarians to act like civilized people.

    • He explains that Douglass was “born below poverty. When you’re born into poverty at least you own your own body.”

      So “below poverty” is what all the hip kids are calling slavery now?

      Yes, Frederick Douglass was born “below poverty,” cuz he was born into SLAVERY, you fucking apologist. Not everyone born “below poverty” was a slave, but all slaves were born “below poverty” — and they didn’t own their own fucking bodies. THAT’S WHY IT’S CALLED SLAVERY.

      This dooshbag isn’t’ smart enough to understand the concept of being physically enslaved, but having a free mind.

      Okay, I’m done.

  2. One thing’s for sure, Chris Hayes won’t be able to engulf an entire program with one subject on weeknights. As important as the Pope may be, the only way the Catholics affect my life, is when they vote for scolding society about gay rights and contraception, instead of voting to scold society about economic inequality and treatment of the poor. Past that point, they don’t affect me enough to devote so much time about them on Saturday morning’s UP.

  3. Interesting stuff. It makes me wonder about how it applies to the old Christian question about whether you have seen the light. If photons exist outside of time that could explain why they seem to be stuck in the past. The Catholics are trapped in 4th century. The Protestants are stuck somewhere in the 16th century. Mormons are glued to the 19th century. Modern fundegelicals just seem to be scurrying about, plain lost in time. The world would be a much better place if they would just go into the light and get it over with.

  4. All hell breaks loose when an overprotective helicopter mom spots a cleaning crew employee in the parking lot of her children’s school and automatically assumes he’s an armed lunatic hellbent on snuffing the life out of every student:

    Helicopter Mom: “I said I’ve been on the phone with you for 13 minutes and you’re just now getting here? Cops: ‘we’ve been kind of busy pulling a body out of a lake.’

    • She is an “exceptional Texan” from the “exceptional state of Texas”. Doesn’t she realize that a police force that is inadequately staffed is what happens during times of austerity? Good thing it was a false alarm. There is no police force where I live. We are protected by the Pennsylvania State Police and if there is an emergency, it can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 1 hour for the police to arrive. It all depends on where the police are located at the time of the event. Maybe this is why so many rural Pennsylvanians have guns. There really isn’t any police protection.

  5. So, it’s looking more and more like Nixon really did sabotage the Vietnam War peace talks under Pres. Johnson, letting it drag on five more years, killing hundreds of thousands of people. Just to win the election. Nixon managed to be worse than we even knew. Are you listening, Dubya?

    • Thom Hartmann plays the tape of LBJ reading the riot act to Everett Dirksen almost every week.

      The CIA had it all on tape and LBJ couldn’t release it because then it would have been known by the South Vietnamese leaders just how much we had infiltrated their communications.

    • Nixon treasonously sabotaged peace talks to win an election.
      Reagan treasonously sabotaged hostage negotiations to win an election.
      I think I see a pattern here.

    • Conspiracy theories like that one, and like Reagan’s October Surprise seem to have a way of eventually proving to not be conspiracies, but realities. I expect the facts behind the assassination of JFK will one day be brought into full view, and that the Oswald-as-the-single-shooter nonsense will finally be buried. Time will tell.

        • When all the records and papers are finally unclassified and made available for scrutiny. All who were involved will, of course, be long gone. Makes it fairly easy to consider the possibility that there were people ‘worthy of concealment’ — or however it can be said. Protection. Thanks to the Warren Commission. The ‘three shots from the book depository’ thesis is instantly negated in frame 313 of the Zapruder film. The shot that killed JFK clearly came from the front, not the rear.

  6. Anyone have any idea what an edgy, fashion-forward aesthetic with chic, modern Midwestern appeal actually means? Are they just saying it might be a color other than beige?

    Luxe Radisson Blu hotel opens at MOA |

    With 26,300 square feet of meeting and event space, the Bloomington hotel aims to offer “an edgy, fashion-forward aesthetic with chic, modern Midwestern appeal,” according to Radisson officials.

  7. Sarah has spoken, at the CPAC. I caught a thread announcing it at DU just before she came out, and got to listen to the whole thing. I’m waiting on the transcript now.

    • Fox News: “Mitt who?”

      “After about ten minutes or so of Romney’s speech, MSNBC cut to a commercial and CNN moved to a story about the military.

      Fox News was even less kind to Romney. Even though the former governor gave his first post-presidential interview to the network’s Chris Wallace, Fox News avoided the CPAC speech completely, focusing instead on a Michael Moore blog post, Benghazi and the Steubenville rape case. Anchor Megyn Kelly even spoke to radio host Lars Larson, who was being filmed from CPAC, and a blurred outline of Romney speaking could be seen in the distance of his shot.”

  8. curious. If, for a photon, time = 0, then Einstein’s theory or relativity cannot apply to a photon.

    Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared. Speed is distance divided by time. If time equals zero the equation becomes an impossibility, as you cannot divide by zero. If you invert the equation, then zero becomes a multiplier, and the whole equation is reduced to zero. Zero energy, zero mass, zero time, zero distance, indicating, metaphysically anyways, that photons exist outside our Universe.

  9. At CPAC, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker packing a whole lotta lies into one small paragraph:

    “This president and his allies measure success in government by how many people are dependent on the government … We measure success in government by just the opposite, by how many people are no longer dependent upon the government. Not because we kicked them out to the street. Not because we threw them out to the curb.”

    • I saw an article the other day where Snotty and the Repubs are borrowing a billion over the next two years to shore up the transportation dept to deal with failing road infrastructure. They said this was better than raising taxes and fees. Kick the can? Ebil Dems are all tax and spend. Righteous Repubs are all borrow and spend and then blame the Dems when the bill comes due.

  10. at CPAC:

    Elise Foley ‏@elisefoley

    Palin’s referenced Big Gulps, guns annnnnnd, of course, White Hours tours, literally world’s most important topic.

  11. SarahPAC scams $4.6 million?

    These days, many of Palin’s Facebook posts are about her family’s latest exploits; her scorching political missives seem fewer and farther between. Her political action committee, Sarah PAC, collected about $5 million during the 2012 election cycle, most of which went to operating expenses. Palin’s PAC sent just $306,000 to Republican candidates during the cycle, including the maximum of $5,000 to Romney for President – on Oct. 17, 2012, just 20 days before the election.

  12. On this day in 1850, Nathaniel Hawthorne’s ‘The Scarlet Letter’ was published. Hawthorne once wrote, “Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.”

  13. “Americans don’t hate Socialism, they just can’t define it.” Boy, ain’t THAT the truth! They can’t define Fascism, Marxism, or Communism either. I still like the Teabagger sign that declared Obama to be a “Marksist-Facist”; the prosecution rests.

    • Amurkans are terrified of anything they can’t define. And we have about 27% of the population that loves to wallow in that undefined territory, embracing words they think are bad.

  14. Hey News Guy, trying using the interGoogles once in a while:

    ‘Steven Crowder, a Fox News contributor who hosted part of Saturday’s activities at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference, made a questionable remark about actress and possible Kentucky Senate candidate Ashley Judd.

    “What is this obsession with Ashley Judd and rape?” Crowder asked while joking about Judd and Apple products. “It’s pretty unnerving.” ‘

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