Ummm, who are the “takers” here…?

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1 thought on “Ummm, who are the “takers” here…?

  1. CPAC ‘Pandermonium’

    Trump is cued to the podium with his Celebrity Apprentice show theme.

    Well of course! Conservatives all imagine themselves in the ranks of a plutocracy and know that the most expedient way to “climb to the top” is not by a merit judgment of an actual free market, but by kneecapping any potential competition by whatever means is available whilst sucking up to whoever is already at the top—which is the essence of Trumps show, and thus the CPAC audience is primed to be a “Celebrity Apprentice” audience.

    The CPACers studiously choose to ignore the fact that Trump elbowed his way from occasional irrelevant punditry on Fox to frequent political grandstanding and pseudo-candidacy since 2008 (he may have learned the art of the tease from observing Sarah Palin’s ‘career’ in the same time period) and accept him as a representative of their selfish ideals and goals, when in fact he only represents his own selfish ideals and goals.

    Cameron Joseph @cam_joseph

    Donald Trump on Iraq’s oil reserve: “I say we should take it and pay ourselves back” #CPAC

    There’s more wrong and stupid in that comment than a galaxy of wrong and stupid inside a nebula of stupid wrongness.

    Mitch McConnell says the Democratic 2016 candidate field “looks like a re-run of the Golden Girls”—har har Hillary Clinton is soooo OLD you guys, she’d be like, totally older than Mitch McConnell if Mitch McConnell weren’t actually 6 years older than Hillary, for reelz! In fact Hillary is so old, she’ll be only one year younger than Reagan was in 1980!

    GOProud executive director Jimmy LaSalvia isn’t stuffed in a closet, but doesn’t get time in the main hall either—he gets a side room in which to appeal to an audience of sad idiots like himself, telling them “There are a few in our movement who just don’t like gay people and in 2013 that is just not okay anymore.”—Failing to note that the “not okay anymore” part is entirely due to the long and bloody and deadly struggle of Democratic voting gays and the empathy and support of straight Democratic voters and Party politicians, and also failing to do the math and ignoring all the very public evidence that the GOP establishment would still rather allow gays to be denigrated, deprived, demonized and indeed dumped dead in a ditch, than lose one single Bible Belt vote.

    Michele “No Mistakes” Bachmann implied that students complaining about the cost of college are just lazy whiners expecting a government handout from Preznit Obummer whereas her obviously Republican college-age daughter is ‘pulling herself up by her bootstraps’ by raising her own money to take a volunteer trip to Haiti to help orphans “because she has enough and a little bit more. That’s what this country is all about”,

    She neglected of course to mention that her own professional career has been entirely contingent on political party (initially and briefly Democratic, but then Republican) and government employment (public funding for the schools and foster care she was involved with, working for the IRS, and as a State representative in Washington D.C—not to mention farm subsidies) and that all that publicly money provided the resources that benefited her daughter as well as herself.

    And of course never mind that raising funds for a volunteer project is entirely different from and has NOTHING TO DO-WITH GOING INTO MASSIVE DEBT FOR AN ORDINARY EDUCATION.

    And never mind that her daughter is “helping orphans” because “she has enough and a little bit more” is, by Replican definition, SOCIALISM! Why aren’t those Haitian orphans picking themselves up by THEIR OWN bootstraps? Because they don’t own bootstraps? Why don’t they make their own bootstraps (but not out of hemp, obviously!) and then sell those bootstraps on the open market so they can buy boots they need to allow the use of bootstraps by which they can pull themselves up?!” Because they are lazy godless blahs, is why, and they need good Christian charity and selfless white noblesse oblige so that Michele’s daughter can polish her Conservative Christian credentials, I guess, and conveniently so that her mother can use her as a nonsensical straw man example to whip the conservative image of Democrats.

    Well.. there’s so much more horror and insanity, so just go here for the best coverage (including videos) and comments on the 2012 CPAC that I’ve found,

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