Easter Egg: Sunday, March 31, 2013

This Easter is going to be soooo different. Well not the food, see above. Some nice lamb stew with polenta will be on for dinner. It already prepared and warmed up, in my book, even tastes nicer than freshly done. But here’s where tradition stops. It is snowing, cold and miserable. They stole an hour of my sleep. So I’m grumpy and after having watched the Papal “Urbi et Orbi”, the family goes rogue.

Our list of movies to watch today and tomorrow:

Life of Brian



We will all go to hell, I’m afraid. But not on an empty stomach.  😀

This is our open thread. Happy Easter!

70 thoughts on “Easter Egg: Sunday, March 31, 2013

  1. Once in hell, look around. I’ll be there. 😉

    Speaking of hell, back in college days we’d speculate on matters such as that. One fellow said, “I’m looking forward to going to hell ’cause that’s where all the hookers will be.” Other guy said, “Yeah, but you can’t get near ’em. That’s what’s hell about it.”

    We’ll know soon enough!

  2. If ally those hypocrite bible thumpers are in heaven it would feel like hell anyway. That lamb stew looks delicious.

  3. EV, I think I heard about that lamb stew yesterday. It sounded wonderful and now it looks wonderful. You’ve probably eaten it all, though. Do you use shoulder?

    Sorry about your weather, and I promise not to mention that it was sunny and 77F (25C) yesterday and probably almost that warm today. And daffodils everywhere and all the flowering trees blooming except the dogwoods.

    • Yes, I think you have heard of it 🙂 I envy your weather. Really. It is miserable here for months now. They say we have fucked up the jetstream that is why. There is a good chance it will still be cold and snowy in three weeks when we are going to England. Well, it won’t snow inside the OLD CROWN 😀

  4. Whoa, WTF? is Google up to?


    While two billion Christians around the world celebrate Easter Sunday, Google is using its famous “Doodle” search logo art to mark the birth of left-wing labor leader Cesar Chavez.

  5. Read this, and then ‘splain to me why the second amendment shouldn’t be outright REPEALED, each and every gun CONFISCATED and melted down, followed by imposition of STRICTLY ENFORCED PROHIBITIONS on gun possession, much less ownership.

    I once knew the little town of Arivaca AZ and its periphery of deserts, rolling hills, and mountains quite well. We visited the area, camped there, explored the surround, and enjoyed each and every tidbit. Of course, that was before the election of Obama, before the Minutemen, before the Tea Party, before the intense hatred — and baseless fear — that was fueled by the wingnut movement in this country.

    Some things make me sad to be an American, and just the EXISTENCE of today’s Right Wing pretty much sums up the whole shebang.

    Why do we allow them, and the gun nuts that are parcel to them, destroy, with their hatred, what was once a proud country?????

  6. I’ll give North Carolina Republicans credit which they’ve earned and is now their due: they’ve figured out how to finalize destruction of the USA, and it’s so simple: Destroy Education, and within a generation or two all that will remain are right wing nutcases, duly taught how to be and act stupid.

  7. Happy hug a bunny day everyone!

    “It is my private opinion that many of our failures in politics, art, and domestic life come from our failure to eat vividly…” “The idea is to eat well and not die from it-for the simple reason that that would be the end of my eating.” Jim Harrison

  8. The Rev. Dr. Paul F.M. Zahl makes the case against the use of military drones:

    “Our use of drones are out of “proportion” because it uses the most advanced technology in the world to assassinate people who can basically only throw the equivalent of sticks and stones back at you. Moreover, it gives these people no chance to surrender. It is like capital punishment without an arrest, a charge, a trial, or a right of appeal.

    Our use of drones is not humane, because it totally objectifies the enemy by making them into a picture on a screen. There is not the faintest possibility, in the conduct of drone warfare by means of remote control, that you can regard the enemy as a fellow human citizen of the planet.”


  9. I’ve been reading through the Sunday news and gay marriage is still a popular topic. It occurs to me that almost all of us are looking at this in the wrong way. Rights are not granted by the Supreme Court or Legislature. Rights are inherent or, as the Founding Fathers said, “endowed by our creator”. The Supreme Court and Legislature can only deny rights. So. Why in Hell isn’t anyone, regardless of political and religious ideology, making this point? I would think it would reduce the Reichwhiners to spluttering rage if the question was framed as; “why do you think the Supreme Court and Legislature has the power to strip rights endowed by our creator”?

    Then we hop on to the gun control issue.

    The government of the U.S. has a stated duty to preserve public safety. That was clearly the purpose of the 2nd Amendment. It establishes the right to protect ourselves but, by virtue of the “well-regulated militia” part, said right is not meant to jeopardize public safety. Unfettered ownership of firearms is a clear threat to “life. liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” so it seem that the only logical conclusion is that we need to take control of the problem through stronger legislation.

  10. QOTD:

    “(Reagan’s deficit policies) allowed George W. Bush to dive into the deep end, bankrupting the nation through two misbegotten and unfinanced wars, a giant expansion of Medicare and a tax-cutting spree for the wealthy that turned K Street lobbyists into the de facto office of national tax policy,” — David Stockman, Reagan’s budget director from 1981 to 1985, slamming Bush and his former boss in an op-ed in The New York Times Sunday.

  11. Just a heads up. Kevin Ware suffered an excruciating broken leg during an NCAA basketball game today. I did not see video of it, and I understand CBS will not re-air it during halftime or other highlights. But I did manage to see a picture of what I assume is his leg, and believe me when I say you don’t want to see it. The bone is seriously protruding out the leg. It is horrible to see, and must be even worse to experience. So, if your ears perk up and you hear something about an injury, do yourself a favor and don’t look. I mean it.

    • I saw it.
      That was worse than when Tyrone Prothro folded his lower leg about eight inches above his ankle in an Alabama football game, coming down from a jump to catch a pass.
      Ware was jumping to harass a Duke player shooting a jump shot. He came down hard on his right leg when the bone snapped.
      They claim he’ll be back, but I doubt it. The left leg is probably not any stronger than the right one.

  12. My sister’s response to Google’s Cesar Chavez doodle today and the right wingers:

    They were probably expecting the two O’s in Google to be big round boulders that you could mouse over to move them out of the way so Jesus could pop out.

  13. Happy Birthday!

    Christopher Walken (70)
    Ewan McGregor (42)
    Al Gore (65)
    Rhea Perlman (65)
    Valerie Curtin (68)
    Gabe Kaplan (68)
    Richard Chamberlain (79)
    Shirley Jones (79)

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