The Watering Hole, Wednesday, 4/3/13: It’s about Time.


In the grand scheme of things, intelligent life is but a recent blip on the evolutionary scale of life of this lump of dirt we call home.

Up till now, life played out in peaceful coexistence with Mother Nature. But manunkind does not seek to coexist with Nature, he seeks to dominate her.

Up till now, no creature on earth has been able to shape the weather and alter the climate. Species that existed for millions of years were unable to do what manunkind has done in a mere century. We have dominated Nature. We have burned fuels at an unprecidented rate, taking carbon from the ground and polluting the air in such quantities as to make measurable impacts on our climate. And we ignore all science, nay, we virtually criminalize all science, that stands in the way of profits.

We, of all creatures, are terrified of death, of our own extinction. We have seen the fossil records and know that we, too, may disappear from the face of the earth…go the way of the dinosaurs. And so we fight death at every turn. We create religions that promise life after death. But, even more dangerous, we heap untold riches and wealth on the very few, so that they may survive the inevitable apocolypse.

B.F. Skinner once did an experiment. He put rats in a cage. He gave them plenty of food and water. But the cage was overcrowded. Eventually, even though they had enough to survive, the rats turned on each other…killed each other.

As this author reads about the senseless mass murders, and the clamour by some for the proliferation of even more weapons, and more powerful weapons, in the name of self-defense, this author is reminded of rats in a cage.

Back in the 60’s and 70’s, there used to be talk of zero population growth. No more. Now, it’s all about zero sex education, zero abortions…more rats in the cage.

Manunkind has dominated Nature. For now. But Nature always seeks balance. And, in the long run, Nature will win.


It’s on Nature’s side. Your’s, too, once you realize…there is no cage.


136 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Wednesday, 4/3/13: It’s about Time.

  1. As the saying goes: Genius has limits but stupid has no boundries.
    Religion and science are complete opposites of each other.
    Categorizing a fertilized egg as a person because some religious group is politicizing its beliefs is simply unscientific, self serving and has no foundation in logic.
    I could really go off on the religious whack jobs we have here.
    Nature abhors a vacuum and will always seek equalibrium.

    • Vocabulary words of the day: Lunatic Fringe.

      luβ€²natic fringeβ€²
      members on the periphery of any group, as in politics or religion, who hold extreme or fanatical views.

      • Red Rider – Lunatic Fringe

        Lunatic Fringe – I know you’re out there
        You’re in hiding, and you hold your meetings
        I can hear you coming, and I know what you’re after
        We’re wise to you this time we won’t let you kill the laughter
        wise to you this tiiimmme

        Lunatic Fringe – in the twilight’s last gleaming
        This is open season, but you won’t get too far
        ‘Cause you got to blame someone for your own confusion

        We’re all on guard this time against the Final Solution
        all on guard this time
        We can hear you coming no, you’re not going to win this time
        We can hear you coming not gonna win
        We can hear the footsteps out along the walkway
        We can hear the footsteps out along the walkway
        them play

        Lunatic Fringe – we all know you’re out there
        Can you feel the resistance?
        Can you feel the thunder?

    • “Republican North Carolina state legislators have proposed allowing an official state religion in a measure that would declare the state exempt from the Constitution and court rulings.”

      — Pfffft, talk about D.O.A.

    • Hmmmm, I see these bozos carefully avoid which religion they prefer for the state religion, as well as exactly what having a state religion would mean to the people. Forced conversions?

      Funny how bozos who are in state government — simultaneously claiming to hate government, while reaping its benefits — don’t have the first idea of how government works, nor do they have any knowledge whatsoever of HISTORY.

    • Anyone who votes for that measure would be violating their Oath of Office to support and defend the Constitution of the United States which, whether they like it or not, takes precedence over their state constitution.

    • Oh wow, it gets even nuttier:

      “The North Carolina state constitution disqualifies those who do not believe in God from public office.”

      • Well, then, I guess I’m outta luck in NC. Shit damn hell.

        Oh well, never been there, no interest in going there, guess I’m ok.

        But NC? Secede. Please? And for chrissake, git it RIGHT this here tahm!

        Umm, bucket, please.

      • Another direct violation of the Constitution. I guess they didn’t read the part that says “…but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.”

        It’s not a “states’ rights” issue. It’s clearly unconstitutional for ANY municipality of ANY size in ANY state to require public office holders to believe in God.

        I’m surprised the ACLU hasn’t tried to get that overturned on obvious grounds.

    • Howling Shitberries! As long as the state religion recognized Crom as the one and only True Gawd, I got no problem with it. Of course, the usual beheadings of all non-believers will occur as the first State Ritual.

  2. IIRC, the BuyBull notes that man was created in the image of god. I see that as good news, because if really true, that should mean that when man destroys and extincts himself, then god will also go ‘poof’ — right?

    And too, said scenario also probably works just as well in that alternate universe, the one where man created god in MAN’S image. A similar *poof*, a good thing for all that exists anywhere and everywhere. Maybe next time, evolution will skip the “human” step and go straight to a critter with opposable thumbs AND something in the penthouse other than hot air. Intelligence, to coin a word. That would be nice. Imagine it for just a second . . . a world with NO REPUBLICANS!!!

    Where do I go to sign on?

      • You have a kinder heart and soul that I do. I was kinda hopin’ that Lawrence would pull out a pistola and blow the guy away, then thank the NRA as he blew the smoke away from the end of the barrel. Think Roy Rogers, or maybe Gene Autry and “I’m back in the saddle again.” Etc..

        Alternatively, a giant and hungry monster with really sharp teeth popping up from under the desk and eating the bastard would have been ok too.

        I know. My bad.

    • Lawrence began the segment talking about how hard it’s been for them to get someone from the NRA on the show. I noticed Hutchinson trying to distance himself from the NRA, but Lawrence would have none of that. He wanted to get in his feeling about Wayne LaPierre.

      I’m pretty sure no one from the NRA will ever go on Lawrence’s show again now.

      • True enough. But one time is enough, at least for those of us who are cogently aware. But I should add this: Now that I’ve finally ‘seen’ the gun-nut “emperor” in his “new clothes” . . . Well, here’s the thing in a nutshell (sotospeak): where can one buy a really big barf bucket? Does Craig’s List have such a category? Cheap?

  3. “Rats in a cage” reminded me of what something that the Iroquois would do. When a village reached a certain size, people had to leave and start another village. The media and some politicians use the phrase “too big to fail”. I believe that that is a falsehood. I worked in corporations that were big and then became bigger and bigger and bigger. The bigger the corporation became, the less efficient the corporation became. This inefficiency eventually became a money loser. The more truthful phase is “too big to be successful”.

  4. Racist Obama E-mail Leads Judge To Retire

    A Montana federal judge who sent a racist e-mail about President Obama from his courthouse, and later said he did it because he was “not a fan of our president,” will retire from the bench next month, according to the appeals court that investigated his conduct.

    If only Obama could get a replacement confirmed. Thanks for nothin’ Harry!

  5. Wayne bait, from last Saturday’s Doctor Who:

    The Doctor: Human souls. Trapped like flies in the World Wide Web. Stuck forever. Crying out for help.

    Clara: Isn’t that basically Twitter?


    • Interesting. 40 years ago I would have been 9 and considered too young to have my own mobile phone. 40 years later I am still without a mobile phone and a tonne of 9 year olds have one!

      • I finally broke down and got a cheap prepaid cell phone because I have some health issues and spend a lot of time far from help. I recharge it with 10 minutes of air time every 6 months and it gives me peace of mind. I even used it once. Mostly though; I would gladly pay whatever charges most people pay to ensure that people I don’t want to talk to can’t reach me. I see no appeal in people being able to call me when I’m fishing, flying my planes, driving, out for a stroll, or chatting up the cute barmaid at the local pub. I have always thought that I have no obligation to answer a ringing phone. I mute my home phone when I’m sleeping or occupied and, even when it’s turned on, I don’t answer if I don’t recognize the number on the caller ID.

          • It seems like a good idea. I am fortunate to have neighbors who respond if I have to pound on the wall or floor and scream. They take good care of the “gringo who cooks for the bambinos”. But I value my time communing with nature too much to stay home all the time.

          • About the only time I drive is when I’m heading out of the city. (That reminds me. I have to put my battery on the charger for my trip to the country this weekend.) I am fortunate to live in a suburb where every store I need to visit is within walking distance in all but the most frigid weather. If I could find a bus route to a good fishin’ hole I would ditch the car in a heartbeat.

        • What brand of phone is that? I have an emergency phone nd I have to carry aorund card with a code on it – the minutes expire every month! So you use your phone once and then you have to get a new $10 card! Bandits behind every friggin’ rock I tell ya!

          • It’s a T-Mobile phone. I used it as my primary phone for a few months and bought a “100 minute plan” a couple years ago. As long as I buy minutes on line it will allow me to renew my minutes for six months.

  6. The gates of hell ARE locked from the inside.. From It’s About Time by Kenny Loggins & Michael Mac Donald. ( I could not find a link on You Tube)

    I shed my skin
    And set aside this self-made darkness
    ‘N walk on into the light

    I’m sick of this Prison
    I been calling my life
    I finally found out the gates of hell are locked from the inside
    Just like Moses
    Headed for the Promised Land
    We don’t get to know where we’re goin’
    We only know where we’ve been

    Whever you gotta start, ya start
    Whatever you gotta leave, you leave
    Sometimes you’re gonna hit the mark
    Sometimes you’re gonna take the next best thing
    Whatever you wanta start, ya start
    Sometimes you’re gonna hit the mark
    Sometimes you gotta scream

    If it’s about joy
    If it’s about life
    If it’s about love
    It’s about time we get started
    If it’s about trust
    If it’s about hope
    If it’s about us
    It’s about time we get started

    We don’t get forever
    We just get now or never
    To make the best or the worst of the time that we got
    There’s power in this groove
    And I surrender to the river
    It’s takin’ me to

    I’ll learn to swim
    I’m getting in
    I’m getting wet
    I may be drownin’
    But I ain’t dead yet

    Whever you gotta start, ya start
    Whatever you gotta leave, you leave
    Sometimes you’re gonna hit the mark
    Sometimes you’re gonna take the next best thing
    Whatever you wanta start, ya start
    Sometimes you’re gonna hit the mark
    Sometimes you gotta scream


    Oh baby
    It’s all right
    You only gotta face yourself
    To make it to the other side

    Oh baby you don’t know what you’ll find
    ‘Til you tear down those walls
    And make up your mind


    I been tryin’
    Prayin’ cryin
    Lord, what’s it gonna take
    Step by step you go on
    Knowin’ that you hold on
    It’s just about time

  7. Rand Paul: Sandy Hook Shooting Could Have Been Prevented If Teachers Had Guns

    That Sheriff shot dead near the courthouse had a gun. And he was a pro with a gun. Whadda slacker, eh?

    • A gun can only protect people if it is held by someone who is willing to kill. I know many teachers and I can’t think of one who fits that description.

        • “Exactly” back at you. I have no problem with having a police presence in schools. Police who have dedicated themselves to the job and received all the training we can muster. But? Arming teachers, or principles, or janitors, or “rent-a-cops” to patrol our schools is pure madness.

    • He is one of the many who want to base society on a dystopian model. The works of Geroge Orwell and Ayn Rand and the fire and brimstone bits of the Buybull are meant as cautionary tales; not instruction manuals.

  8. Yeah, ok, this could work.

    Nations have already started to institute rules that enable deposit confiscation

    There’s an international move by national governments to write regulations that permit deposit confiscation in the case of bank failure.

    Make the little people pay for the fuck-ups of the big guys . . . and keep the gummint out of it. Thieving buggers that they are. Here’s the thing, see: if 300 million people each have, on the average, $500 in the bank, then all we gotta do is take it. Still, only $150 billion . . . well, hell, that’ll pay the annual bank CEO bonuses at least, so all will be well.

        • But “we” still control the drones (spit!).

          My plan to sit in the mouth of an unmapped cave with a rifle that will kill anything I point it at, within 1,000 yards, does have some appeal.

          • I think it was Louie Gohmert who said that everyone should have ‘several’ (can’t remember exactly how many) large capacity mags in order to deal with gubmint drones. I guess if you have a drone overhead at, say, 30,000 feet, and your AR-15 has a range of a mile, then every sixth or seventh round you shoot in the general direction of the drone will maybe hit it and kill it?

            I should ask Louie. He’d know. It’s a math thingee, no doubt.

            • I know that you are not a hunter but I used to be. Birds, hunted with bird shot, often take a few rounds for a definitive kill. But? I have never, ever, needed a second shot to quickly dispatch any creature I’ve hunted with a rifle. Some of that is luck but most of it is skill. I’m pretty damned good. I have never been a sniper but I have adhered to the rule of “one shot, one kill”. I do not plan to ever turn a gun against a human being but I am certain that I would never need a high capacity magazine to defend myself. And I simply wouldn’t use a deadly weapon to defend mere property. I have never owned anything that I would take a life to preserve.

            • I say we give him as many as he can carry, a turban and a kaftan and drop in the Peshawar province and see how that all works out for him.

          • I’d be fine with that ….. until Splash is on the TV next…. then I’d have to go home and watch…

    • I think we could live without that kind of “help”. I don’t think it’s a reach to assume that every gun nut in the country will pounce on this story as “proof” that “only idiots want gun control” and “libruls don’t know anything about guns”.

      I am not technically a “librul” but I know a lot about guns. I will be hard pressed to counter the ignorant statements of Ms. DeGette but I’ll try.

    • Yep, she messed up on the lingo. But she’s right in any case: get rid of ALL that shit should be national priority number one. I mean, hey, what if all bad guys could only have a single shot .22? Better yet, what if all they could have was a baseball bat?

      DeGette should have just spouted my thesis, that we (a) repeal the second amendment totally, and (b) all guns will then be purchased (or confiscated, your choice) and melted down into rebar. And no more bullets. Ever. Period.

  9. Since Mother Nature appears to hate me and I have been unable to test my new pane, my birthday present, due to gale force winds; I bought a second birthday present. A new beard trimmer. Now? I’m so devilishly handsome that I might even succeed in tomorrow’s quest to seduce someone! Plus..?

    As of tomorrow I will actually be entitled to the Social Security and Medicare benefits I’ve been collecting since I got sick a few years too soon. My, hard won, “retired” status will be official!!!

      • Thanks, Ebb. Tigger is doing pretty well. She has been waking me up every morning for a treat and a belly-scratch. She has even been playing with her furry mouse on occasion. She has also developed a taste for ham fat. This is a bit odd because she has never liked cooked meat before. I realize that, at her age, she could go south again in a hurry but we are enjoying our time together. The only real negative sign is that I think she’s going deaf.

    • Good luck with your seduction attempt tomorrow and might I suggest you carry a photoshopped picture of yourself standing beside your plane in your pocket. πŸ™‚

        • I wasn’t even thinking about your weight. My thinking was to make the plane appear full size.

          If you are successful with your seduction, in memory of Charlie Varrick, try to box the compass!

      • Thanks, Zooey. Working from the premise that “the chase is more rewarding than the kill”; I will have a happy birthday. I’m going to share some awesome New York strips with dear friends, I won’t have to pay for the intoxicants, and sex would be a bonus. That won’t keep me from trying though!

  10. Woo-hoo! I’m just a bit drunk. Tomorrow is my birthday and my “formal” party is Saturday. I will, with a bit of luck, maintain this condition for the duration. Please excuse my ranting if it gets incoherent in the meantime.

    • I am from CT and keep current on the stat
      I am from CT and keep current on the state news. I follow the Hartford Courant and the CBS affiliate in Hartford. You should see the gun freaks comments after legislation was approved and governor Malloy said he was going to sign it into law. The freaks are out of their holes and screaming. Except they are screwed. Yes.

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