The Watering Hole: April 11 — A Corpse Flower by any other name…

All cartoons are posted with the artists’ express permission to TPZoo.
Paul Jamiol
Jamiol’s World

Really, is the GOP fooling anyone?

What am I saying?  Of course, they’re fooling the fools who continually and foolishly vote for those fools.

It literally does not matter what the GOP says or does, as long as there is an “R” behind the name, the drones will vote for it — usually against their own needs and interests.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m done with trying to enlighten this type of fool.  I won’t even correct their stupid spewings.  Why waste my time and raise my blood pressure?

Like my Mom used to say, “They’d complain if they were hanged with a new rope.”  *spit*

This is our daily open thread — Rant away.

80 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: April 11 — A Corpse Flower by any other name…

  1. Some republiscums are really assholes and they are well aware that they are assholes. I suspect that’s why some of them are so afraid of teh gay! 🙂

  2. Nothing to do today but watch ‘that thang’ crawling eastward on the radar, until it gets past here and the temps drop. I was hoping it would get here early, but it’s moving so slow, it won’t reach here until about 4pm, which is about the worst time of day. I knocked myself out yesterday cleaning my yard and mowing, so I could get everything hauled off on Monday, without having to move it after it got soaked.

    Stephanie Miller played a good parody of The Beach Boys’ Fun,Fun,Fun about the guy driving the car with his dick hanging out the window. I looked on Youtube, but no one has uploaded it yet.

    • Mowing the lawn!!! I wish. Our ground is still frozen and we are currently getting a heavy snow shower with more snow/rain in the next few days. Typical April for us.

      • I still had some leaves to bag, but the back yard had spots that were tall, and didn’t need to wait until after the rain. It was 85 Tuesday, and 88 yesterday, while a normal high is 75.

        This is the same storm system that dumped a lot of snow over the Rockies earlier in the week. I totally changed my plans this week to get that yard work out of the way before it hit.

        • We have a tone of leaves to rake because last fall it snowed before all the leaves fell. I was hoping to get started on Saturday but it looks like it’s going to be covered in snow or too wet. Were at 34!

          • That happens to me every year. By the time our leaves drop, it turns cold, and I was working last year which limited me to weekends and none were suitable.

            • Yeah, that’s the way it always is with us. Plus we had Sandy, so we had/have loads of branches and twigs still to get rid of. Normally the Village picks up our leaves if we rake them out to the roadside, but we only got one good raking in before the pickup.

            • We have two trees in the front that get their leaves last and loose them first. Then we have a third in the front that always looses it’s leaves very late. In the back, we have a flowering crab that looses it’s leaves relatively early. The real pisser is the neighbours trees in the back are always late to loose their leaves which always means spring raking. I hate it because in the spring it takes more effort!

      • On Monday mid-day, it was close to 70 here. By dusk there was dense fog, mountains gone. Started to snow late Monday night; temp at six AM Tuesday. was 2F. Warmed up to the low 20’s, snowed all day (light, not a lot, just steady) then yesterday, Wednesday, it was 10F at six AM. Sun came out midday for a couple of hours, temp ‘soared’ into the low forties for a few mins., then more flurries. This morning at six AM, temp was 30; it’ll be 60 by noon. Snow’s all gone. Bright sunshine. More snow predicted tomorrow, last I saw (but that was a couple hours ago, so . . . ).

        Old saying in Colorado: “If you don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes and it’ll change.” Greatest truth I know, and it ain’t even in the bible!

          • good to hear about snow in Colorado….I hope you get tons more…(sorry) we’re in need of the run off. still in dought condistions and the long range looks like it will continiue for the forseeable future.

            78 here today, 80’s by Saturday.

  3. Look out for tornadoes House.
    It’s in the 80’s here. It is much too early for me to be sweating so much.

    • Ever notice how climate change deniers never seem to notice when there’s a snow storm in Spring, or a heat wave in Winter?

      We didn’t even have Winter in the northwest this year, but the deniers are standing in snow storms everywhere else, spouting off their inane “Wow, it’s cold in winter” bullshit.

    • I’m closely watching the radar, Outstanding. You’re having exactly the kind of day today I had yesterday, so I expect the storm will get to you tomorrow.

    • We think of you as part of The Zoo Family. We support each other during times of crisis. Everyone was supportive of Jane and me when we suffered losses over the past couple of years, and we are grateful to everyone for that.

      We’re here if you need us, lass. 🙂

  4. It’s here! Warning sirens and everything. The cable hasn’t even had an Emergency Warning yet. The cell with the rotation is passing way Northwest of me.

    • There was this photograph taken in the mid to late 80s of Thatcher touring what I think was *to be* a new housing development. It was supposed to be a positive photo-op, but when you refelct on what *used to be* there – which was I think a manufacturing plant for machine tools ,…. obviously now defunct, flattened and a wasteground…. you see the real photo-op

      Thatcher tore down a lot of stuff, some of which needed to be torn down …. but a builder of anything sustainable she was not.

  5. Today I heard Thatcher had said something like she didn’t care if feminists didn’t like her because she didn’t like them either. What a charmer.

  6. HuffPo:

    During the 2008 presidential campaign, candidate Barack Obama made two specific promises when it came to Social Security.

    “John McCain’s campaign has gone even further, suggesting that the best answer for the growing pressures on Social Security might be to cut cost-of-living adjustments or raise the retirement age. Let me be clear: I will not do either,” Obama said in a rarely viewed video that was posted online.

    On Wednesday, he proposed cutting the cost-of-living adjustment.

    • I’m not willing to write him off on that one just yet considering the Republican response. Ole Cryin John certainly stepped in it when he responded it was the President who proposed that. They just can’t resist taking the opposite of every stance the President makes.

    • Look at the size of the feet on the top puppy. Those are A-Jay size feet and he still hasn’t learned how to control them.

  7. The TV machine was on in the other room, tuned in to ‘Hardball,’ (I didn’t see it) and I am hearing some Republican say, “Sex that doesn’t produce people is deviant…I’m not saying it’s a problem, but it’s not sex as intended for its primary purpose”. I hope this guy has teenaged kids who are now mortified beyond belief and disown him.

    • Assuming his objection to sex for pleasure is based on his religious beliefs, someone should ask him, “If God didn’t want us to have sex for pleasure, why did He make it feel so great?”

      Your average domestic cat doesn’t have sex for pleasure. The male cat penis is barbed and the female often fights him off after the sex has begun. That’s why he has to grab her by the back of the neck, so she can’t bite him when he stabs her with his penis. It lasts about a second. Makes me feel like a Marathon Man by comparison.

      If humans really were created in God’s image, it stands to reason God enjoyed sex, too.

    • I love that logic. Most people have a couple of kids, maybe 3 or 4. Some people push the envelope hard and have a dozen. This means that your basic American has sex somewhere between 2 and 12 times in their life. Even discounting the few odd times that might occur while trying to ring the gong, it means they think having sex even a fifty times is some sort of normal.

      Its no wonder they are so cranky. I have two children and I have had sex way more than 50 times.

      • Obviously this nutjob thinks all families should be at least as big as the “vagina clown car” Duggar family.

    • Anyone who thinks the only reason for sex is procreation shouldn’t be trusted with anything. Its amazing they can breath.

  8. 5 Major News Stories That Forgot to Tell You the Best Part

    #5. The Shoe Bomber Failed Because of His Sweaty Feet
    #4. The Video That Shut Down ACORN Was a Fake (We knew, but many people don’t)
    #3. The Victims That Navy SEALs Rescued from Somali Pirates Had Intentionally Hung Out in Pirate Territory
    #2. The Diaper-Wearing Stalker Astronaut Probably Wasn’t Wearing a Diaper
    #1. Afghanistan Invited the Soviet Invasion

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