April 12, 2013 Music Night

I just watched a fantastic documentary, Standing in the Shadows of Motown, chronicling the incredible musicians whose skills and innovation drove the incredible sounds of Motown’s hits — and never received any recognition beyond paychecks. Their stories are fascinating and, d’oh, the film is loaded with great music (including a couple of performances by the extraordinary Bootsy Collins), much of it from a reunion concert with the surviving Funk Brothers. Rent it, buy it, just be sure to see it.

And, along the way, the film introduced me to a fantastic singer named Joan Osborne. From the film, this video features the Funk Brothers backing Osborne in a killer version of Heat Wave. (And, yes, I gots a huge crush.)


69 thoughts on “April 12, 2013 Music Night

  1. I’m posting this for the music “Hummingbird Mountain”. Although the chatting beavers is very interesting.
    (we are thrilled to know our river is healthy enough to attract species that have been absent for a long time – over 150 years for the Castor canadensis)

    • Excellent.

      We were talking about this song at work this week (as well as the Gabrielle song I posted above). This rendition is amazing. And it will tug at soul even if you don’t think you have a soul.

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