Sunday Roast: April 14th, 2013 – Four Cups of Coffee

Good Morning Zoosters. Tired? I am. So this is what I found for your Sunday Morning reading over my morning coffee:

Having my first cup of coffee, I discovered that being all powerful and so full of yourself doesn’t mean people love you. Au contraire in some notorious cases, including this:

Protesters could be arrested for “alarming or distressing” mourners at the funeral of Baroness Thatcher, a police chief in charge of security at the event has warned. (full story)

In the UK this song is No 1 in ITunes Store downloads. Ah well.

Having my second cup of coffee was my “banging head on desk” moment. I have discussed some Right Wing terrorism in Germany here and it beats me, how the court could have excluded foreign newspapers, especially Turkish ones from this trial. The Verfassungsgericht ( our version of Supreme Court) set things right.

Germany’s top court has ruled that foreign media must get access to the trial of a suspected neo-Nazi charged in connection with the murders of 10 people, including eight of Turkish descent. A Turkish newspaper had filed a complaint. The row had threatened to harm Germany’s image and was overshadowing the trial starting April 17. (full story)

Cup Number Three: It won’t go away, not in our lifetimes. The Deepwater Horizon Spill has caused more damage than BP could ever pay for in damages. Can’t we, please, start taking care of our planet? It’s our home. The only one we’ve got.

Hundreds of beached dolphin carcasses, shrimp with no eyes, contaminated fish, ancient corals caked in oil and some seriously unwell people are among the legacies that scientists are still uncovering in the wake of BP’s Deepwater Horizon spill. (full story)

That required some lighter reading for cup four. Lest I ruin my day. Are women unrealistic when it comes to  the male of the species? I am, totally, that’s for sure, but here’s some evidence, or not.

Men have long wondered what exactly it is that women want. Some pore over men’s magazines, with their promises of “washboard abs”, for guidance. The more scientifically minded look for experimental data. (full story)

So, now I have my fifth cup, have a peek into the Formula 1 Race, then I am off to Brunch with a friend, we will then discuss what I’ve read over my fourth cup of coffee.

You all have a very pleasant Sunday, sunny happy and warm. See you all later!

This is our Open Thread. Let’s go.

76 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: April 14th, 2013 – Four Cups of Coffee

  1. I read somewhere (a long time ago) that one way to view the law is that in the United States everything is legal unless there’s a law that says it’s illegal, while in many European countries everything is illegal unless there’s a law that says it’s legal. If this is (more or less) accurate then it explains how they can pass laws banning certain speech or protests. The First Amendment is unique to America.

    The BP oil spill inspired this parody:

    • Well, the obvious conclusion is that there simply are not enough good guys with guns. Now, when we take that NRA talking point and combine it with the fact that there have been record gun sales since Obama was first elected, the only possible conclusion is that the bad guys are buying all the guns. Of course, we’ll never know for sure, because the NRA keeps blocking meaningful background checks, as well as a ban on selling guns to terrorists.

  2. Marco Rubio on Meet the Press, my nominee for quote of the day.
    “I think Republicans can do a better job of reaching out to everyone in the United States. Politics is always about getting the support of the majority of our people and I think the best way to do that is for the Republican Party to prove, as I think we can, that we are the party of upward mobility. We are not the party of the people who have made it. Certainly we don’t begrudge people who have made it, we celebrate what they’ve done, and in America we’ve always celebrated success, but we are the party that stands for the people who are trying to make it.”

  3. In re the BP oil disaster in the Gulf and the ensuing horrible damage — I think it’s time for the US to nationalize the entire of its fossil fuel industry, and then to disallow ‘foreign’ entities such as BP any permission to operate within our national sphere. There are only two ways to relieve our reliance on fossil fuel, near as I can tell. One is to run out of it, the other is to remove the profit from it and instead invest those billions into alternative energy methodology development.

    There are times when capitalism isn’t worth a whole lot, and today’s current energy production setup definitely appears to be one of them.

    Besides, I’m a socialist both in gut and heart. 😉

    • I agree with you about removing the profit from using fossil fuels. The profits are the reason they insist on continuing their use. Tax the oil at a rate proportional to its pollution when refined (light crude taxed less than heavy crude taxed way less than tar sands), and prohibit oil companies from passing that tax onto consumers. They can still be profitable, but just not as much as they would like.

      Then give tax credits to consumers who use alternative sources of energy. Not just once, for as long as they use them. Keep functioning solar panels on your home, get an annual tax credit proportional to the amount of energy they produce. Same with mini-windmills and whatever else they can do to come up with something to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

      • Yep, that too would work. I’ve also suggested (so far to no avail) that a good way to control guns and ammo manufacture and sale would be to remove ALL the profit — tax every last cent of profit at both wholesale and retail levels (including gun show sales) at 110%, and sales would plummet. Might not even have to repeal the second amendment!

  4. First cup response: I hope Baroness Thatcher is burning in hell along with Ronny Raygun.

    Second cup response: Neo Nazism and censorship from reporting on neo Nazi crimes both suck!

    Third cup response: Phuck BP and their paid protectors in government and the media. Can corporate persons go to hell?

    Fourth cup response: Do chicks dig washing machine abs?

    Fifth cup response: You have a very pleasant Sunday also!

  5. The other day I was talking to a co worker who is a tea party member. He went on a rant about Obama (sadly we all have rants against the not so “great negotiator” these days). He started babbling on about how Obama has taken away our freedoms.

    When I asked him what freedoms has Obama taken from him personally he responded “I can’t buy the type of light bulb I want to buy”…….I replied “Oh my God, you are so oppressed”.

    Chained CPI, drone strikes, Sequestration, North Korea saber rattling….and this moron is worried about his freedom to buy whatever kind of light bulb he wants. Where is the NBA (National Bulb Association) when they are needed. 😉

    • Incandescent bulbs 60 watt and less are still available. If you need stronger light, LED and halogen are much better anyway. He’s a dumbass

    • He seems to want the right to spend more on light bulbs over his lifetime than he would otherwise need to. Clearly he doesn’t understand the point of energy-saving bulbs. It would be better for America if opted not to exercise his right to vote.

    • Back when the only bulb I could buy was one of those rounded incandescent thingees, I had to buy a LOT of them, and was constantly replacing them. Now, with these new curly guys, I have to change them every two or three years, and hardly ever have to buy any. Put four of them in my garage four years ago, and have only had to change one in that span of time — and they’re on 24/7 so Shadow the cat can go out there and relax, snooze, etc., whenever she wants.

      Frankly, I can’t understand why anyone would ever want to buy another old-fashioned bulb, unless it’s because they enjoy wasting money and screwing the things in and out all the time.

      Curly bulbs were one of the very few things to originate during the Bush presidency that I have any use for.

    • I found a huge stockpile of incandescent lightbulbs in my dad’s garage after he died.

      My stepmother said he’d sent the 6 curly bulbs (that the local power company gave its customers last year) to Goodwill.

      I’m sure they appreciated them, but it hurts my heart that he bought into such stupidity.

  6. In response to the idea I’m hearing that the First Amendment gives you the freedom to believe anything you want (and who am I to tell people what they can believe?), I said this

    • That sort of regulation on a Constitutional Amendment is A-okay. Just don’t try to regulate the Second Amendment, because that’s un-constitoooshunul!

      • Everyone ( I mean everyone) understands that the “right to bear arms” doesn’t mean the right to have the hairy upper torso-attached limbs of the ursine mammal, because of context ; but apparently a relevant proportion of the American electorate and an outrageously influential portion of special interest groups and politicians can’t discern the CONTEXT of the right to carry (bear) arms (rifles and pistols) in an era when the US had no publicly accountable federal standing army for national defense, no publicly accountable standing police force to counter domestic armed violence, and when any armed individual needed at least 45 seconds to practically reload a rifle or pistol—making any mass shooting by an individual an impossibility.

        The right to vote–for women and for African-Americans–was provided IN CONTEXT. Prohibition was instituted and then repealed, in context. The permissible tenure of a President was revised IN CONTEXT.

        The whole of the US Constitution, from its original inception to its present form has been a result of ‘contemporary’ CONTEXT. YET the 2nd Amendment troglodytes insist that the 200+ year-old political context of the 2nd Amendment is permanently inviolable, whilst in comparison every other clause of the constitution is open to interpretation, even as they claim the entirety of the Constitution is somehow also inviolable–despite the fact that the Constitution itself declares that neither in part or in whole is its original form inviolable, because of the explicit mechanism of Amendment.

    • Actually, we have a national religion. All of our coinage is stamped “In God We Trust”. Since we have come to a common concensus regarding the value of money, and we trust our currency to have that value, money is our national religion.

  7. Unless Kim Jong-un launches some nukes in the near future, it’s a tossup to who’s the bigger phony bullshitter — him or Ted Nugent.

  8. Hi, gang. I’m still kicking but have been limiting my on line time doing other things to keep my mind from turning on itself waiting for spring. At least the rain is melting snow despite the 32 degree temp! I did however run across the story of the mother of one of the Newtown children delivering the Sunday Address in place of President Obama and I’m taking bets. The question is: will FAUX”News” start the attacks on this poor woman or will they wait for Lushbo to begin the carnage and simply pile on? I’m leaning towards the dim bulbs on the morning show starting things off with something along the lines of claiming that Obama is “using her to push his anti-gun agenda” with the whole right-wing media building to full howl before the prime time heavy hitters bring on a parade of vileness to savage her, the president, and everyone to the left of Bill0’s right testicle.

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