87 thoughts on “Do You Feel Worthy? Are You Vulnerable? UPDATED

    • Move along, move along, everyone’s seen exploding fertilizer plants before, nothing to scrutinize, or question, or, “what me worry” about.

      • We don’t need no ferrin’ terrerists – we’re doin’ a damn good job at destroyin’ ourselves…..

      • Have we all seen the cellphone video from the guy in his truck at the side of the road, recording the huge fire at the plant — and then comes the explosion? Yeah, I have some problems with this, namely, I don’t linger or languish to watch other people’s misfortune. And I certainly can’t imagine lingering near a huge burning fertilizer plant that this local person should have known could have blown up any second — all the while your young daughter is in the truck with you. And why the hell didn’t oocal authorities cordon off a wide area and start evacuating people and keeping traffic away? They had at least one hour notice.

        • I recently chances upon a scene where the SWAT team had a house surrounded. The street was taped off a half a block away, and about a dozen people were out on the sidewalk watching. Had there been any gunfire, the bullets would have travelled a lot further than that half-block, but people seemed oblivious to the danger they had put themselves in.

      • I’d love to be a fly on the wall during the telephone conversation when Obama calls Rick Perry to offer federal help.

  1. I can’t watch the video at work, but will absorb when I arrive at the domecile this afternoon. Thanks for posting Cats!

  2. Now that Harry Reid has introduced filibuster reform in the Senate, you only need 60 votes to get anything passed. Put another way, 41 Senators run this country – and this country stands firm in its resolve to allow terrorists to buy guns without going through background checks.

    We’re heading towards another violent revolution – and this was another step in that direction.

  3. Courageous Senators Stand Up to American People
    WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—In the halls of the United States Senate, dozens of Senators congratulated themselves today for having what one of them called “the courage and grit to stand up to the overwhelming wishes of the American people”…

  4. I was listening to the memorial service in Boston this morning, and after crying my eyes out for at least half of it, I realized that I wasn’t crying for the dead and injured of that horrible day, even though I am sad for them.

    I was crying with happiness and relief that the speakers were so full of hope, so full of confidence that this bombing won’t stop us, and how it won’t make us cower in fear.

    There was nothing about revenge or smoking the bombers out of their holes — because it’s not about the fucking bombers. It’s about our ability to get back up after being knocked down so very hard. Our ability to remain kind and caring about one another, in the face of those who only know hate and destruction.

    Because it damn well isn’t about them.

    9/11 knocked us down, and because we had a very stupid president, he focused on fear and revenge, while urging us to go shopping. Cuz lawd knows, cowering under piss-soaked beds and shopping in malls makes everything all better.

    The Marathon bombing, and the Newtown massacre, just might bring us back together — well, at least those who want to be brought back together, and remember that being American isn’t about who has the biggest or the most guns, or the biggest house, or the highest stack of money — it’s about US. All of us being in it together. Helping each other in hard times, and celebrating together in good times.

    The American Dream isn’t about getting the most money (or whatever) and stepping on the necks of those with less. It’s about everyone having enough: Enough housing, food, education, with a healthy dose of freedom, human and civil rights — for everyone. If you want more, you are free to work for it, within the guidelines we set.

    It’s time we remember what we’re all about. Will the massacre of first graders and the bombing of bystanders at a marathon be enough to fucking wake us up?

  5. What goes around comes around. The immigration bill and its most prominent Republican supporter are under attack:

    “Conservative bloggers immediately seized on portions of the bill funding expanded cell phone access along the border as evidence Rubio was supplying free phones to undocumented immigrants. Some commentators connected it to the “Obama phone,” a popular meme on the right last year about a program that provides discounts on phone service to the poor. Despite the moniker, it predated the current administration by decades and rose to prominence last year mostly due to a viral video of a female black Obama supporter talking about the program.

    Rubio himself was confronted with the claim on Wednesday in an interview with conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham, who quoted from a blog post that read “Move over Obama phone, this is the amnesty phone.”


    Rubio can try and explain all he wants but Paul Waldman bets that the truth won’t matter much. The Wingnut playbook in a nutshell:

    “What folks like Ingraham understand is that when you’re trying to gin up outrage about a big, complex piece of legislation, the way to do it is to find some component of the bill that is weighted with symbolic value and will hit directly on your target audience’s resentments and fears. It doesn’t matter how minor the provision is, or how much you need to distort its actual function and intent. All that matters is that it’ll get people pissed off.”


    • I’ve been looking at those images over at LGF. Most of the comments suggest that these guys are too white to be Middle Eastern but given the crap resolution and the fact that there is no “Middle Eastern” complexion I say it’s impossible to determine anything about who they are. They are apparently male, yes, and apparently young (20s?). My own personal profiler thinks they don’t look much like Bubba and seem young for RWNJ bombers. On the other hand, these bombers clearly had no desire to get on the early flight to Paradise. So?

      So, nothing to see, IMO.

      • I thought the guy in the white hat looked a lot like Michael Imperioli from The Sopranos. Is that Middle Eastern looking? Pffffft, I’m half Italian and I could have passed for white hat guy 30 years ago.

        • My half Italian husband has the same nose. I couldn’t began to guess their ethnicity from the pictures. I didn’t try download the high res images.

  6. Gov (p)Rick Perry declares blast area a disaster, asks for federal aid.

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry declared a disaster and asked for an emergency declaration from the federal government as officials said the devastation made it difficult to pinpoint the number of dead in the blast, which occurred just before 8 p.m. (9 p.m. ET) Wednesday in the farming town of West a few miles north of Waco.

    I imagine he did so with a straight face, not being gifted with a sense of irony or shame.

    • So much for states’ rights. Someone should ask Ron Paul about this. This is obviously a local issue and the Federal government has no cause to be involved. Right? If Texas eliminated public school funding entirely and only funded prep schools, they could easily pay for this.

    • Yeah, as I said earlier, oh to be a fly on the wall to hear that conversation.
      Obama: “So Rick, how’s that secession movement going?”

    • He’s brilliant. Started reading his “Space Chronicles Facing The Ultimate Frontier”. Neil has a great sense of humor and thought-provoking way of writing!

  7. Update: Texas mayor: At least 35 dead, including 10 first responders

    …Muska told the LA Times the number might be as high as 40 dead and said he got that number because all other residents and first-responders were identified.

  8. “While Ms. Giffords certainly has my sympathy for the violence she suffered, it should be noted that being shot in the head by a lunatic does not give one any special grace to pronounce upon public-policy questions, nor does it give one moral license to call people “cowards” for holding public-policy views at variance with one’s own. Her childish display in the New York Times is an embarrassment,” – Kevin Williamson, NRO.

    Childish? Indeed.

  9. MIT Shooter: Gunman At Large After Police Officer Shot

    MIT University is on lockdown, after gunshots were reported near Building 32 (Stata) on the campus in Boston.

    CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – An MIT Police officer has died after he was shot near the Stata Center on campus Thursday night.

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