Music Night: It’s Gonna Be A Really Big Show

The film quality is not great in this one, but imagine putting this ensemble together.

43 thoughts on “Music Night: It’s Gonna Be A Really Big Show

  1. My Mom was from Lowell, MA – 30mi. north of Boston. I have cousins who live in Boston and environs…

  2. NBC News reporting suspect is alive and in custody and they are requesting a medic. We may finally learn why he and his brother did this. At present, I’m not buying any religious explanation though I did hear one report saying the older brother had gotten into a radical form of Islam. But I will wait to get the facts.

  3. My speculation: The younger, alive brother, was coerced by the older, dead brother. The older new full well he wasn’t going to be taken alive, and the younger didn’t have a chance with a brother like that. (Not much different then Omar Khadr.)

  4. Because it’s one of the coolest songs ever, and California is definitely on my mind these days; given the never-ending winter we’ve had.

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