The Watering Hole: April 23 — Babushkas on the Beach

Photo by Zooey

What else can I say — other than, once again, begging forgiveness for being so late with the open thread?

I’m loving the lady with the coat and flip flops.  🙂

This is our daily open thread — Go for it.

118 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: April 23 — Babushkas on the Beach

  1. …begging forgiveness for being so late with the open thread?

    I think it’s a plot to get ‘free hits’ as we repeatedly refresh looking for it. I bet I hit this place fifty times since 6:30 this morning. 😀

  2. Montana Democrat Max Baucus to Retire

    Baucus’ retirement leaves an opening for Montana’s former Democratic Gov. Brian Schweitzer to run. Schweitzer is also opposed to gun control but is more popular in Montana.

    Schweitzer is the best we can hope for in a state like Montana. He’d be better than Baucus.

  3. Finally found harnesses that make it possible to walk bot dogs at the same time. Made my commitment to walk them every day. Today it’s raining again. The gods conspire against me.

  4. Weather. Grrr. Sucks.

    Yesterday it was sunny and 70. Today, 25 and snowing.

    I suspect that in a month I’ll be bitching about the heat. I’m like that: complain, complain, complain about human-induced climate change. Extinction, unfortunately, takes longer than it really should. So . . .

    Yeah, ok, so I get irritable when it’s too shitty outside for me to do my morning six mile walk! What of it!!

    Grrr. At least it’s not like LAST WEEK when we got a foot of snow and I had to shovel the fucking driveway . . . 😯

    • “Fox News ‘Liberal’ Calls For Banning Muslim Students From Entering The Country”

      I have another possibly better idea: that we ban CHRISTIAN students from staying here.

      Ah, if only such a beautiful law had been in effect fifty years ago, I could maybe have ESCAPED today’s absolutely STUPID reality? I mean, really: God, where the fuck ARE you???

      • do you suppose he would react that way if a Muslim student bombed abortion clinics and killed providers inside?

        and given that mindset, does he want to stop sales of pressure cookers?

        • LOL — Your hypothetical would be a real conundrum for them wouldn’t it?

          BTW — Williams-Sonoma took their pressure cookers off the shelves.

          • Pressure cookers off the shelves? What about my second amendment rights?

            “While the pressure-regulated cooking of carrots and potatoes in under 10 minutes being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep pressure cookers, shall not be infringed.”

          • And when is the black helicopter coming for mine? And the cornelius keg in my garage I use for beer? My god, Wayne La Pierre – help me!

          • Maybe the thing to do is take a right wing christian fundamentalist and use it to terrorize other right wing fundies. That way, we can ban right wing fundies!

        • No. And No.

          Sanity is not a virtue in some quarters.

          Well, otoh, on pressure cookers, seems to me the limp one said something . . .

          Ah, never mind that old ‘Rush’ to judgment bullshit.

          • Why is a bombing where 3 are dead a terrorist attack. And a school shooting where 26 mostly children not a terrorist attack. Is the difference the non-muslim shooter or the fact that a gun was used instead of a pressure cooker. Perhaps we need to found a National Pressure Cooker Association.

    • Religion is indeed the source of much of the worst in the world.
      Read “The Source” by Michener years ago and about how religion developed from the caveman, later through superstition and power control and “turf” wars.
      Although it is a novel, Michener’s research was meticulous — and it is easier to grasp history of some subjects outside of a text book.

  5. All you religion bashers better watch your collective asses…
    Crom is watching…and listening. And he’s not one to have pissed off at you…

    • A bill like that would have helped my over-the-counter sales.
      In 1995.
      Most of the DIY Porsche owners came to me for parts and advice until they got the internet. Then they started dodging our 8% sales tax by buying out of state.

      • Well that sucks. We guarantee all parts we provide for a year but there is no warranty if the client brings in their own parts. Mostly because they bring in crappy parts but also it’s hard to make a living if you can’t mark up parts a little bit.

        • I never had any customers bring their own parts. Once in a while this one Rocketdyne engineer would get parts from me, then a day or two later I’d get a phone call: “I’ve reached a new level of incompetence” he would start out.
          It’s one of my favorite sayings, next to the ones I got from my dad.

    • Nah, they’ll let this through – reason – it doesn’t impact the 1%. Sales tax is the most regressive of all taxes, it hits the bottom 99% harder as a proportion of income increasing in pain all the way down. Same as they were happy to let the payroll tax holiday expire – salaries are for the little people.

      They are against tax rises until they are for them.

  6. Ricin Suspect Freed, Marshals Say

    The Mississippi man accused of sending ricin-tainted letters to President Barack Obama and other officials has been released from federal custody, a spokesman for the U.S. Marshal’s Service said Tuesday.

    Glenn Beck is going to have a conniption fit.

  7. Meanwhile, on the other side of the ‘electronic Berlin Wall’ that is the US media, who only wnat you to see what the corporations want you to see….. if you are held without charge in a foriegn land, beaten, tortured, sensory-deprived and then after 10 years told that you are never going to be charged with anything and still you are not considered a threat to Amurka but are never going to be free again – you too might starve yourself to death – what else do you have to lose?

    • We are such a compassionate nation///

      This reminds me of the government force-feeding suffragists to show them who was ‘boss’ and get women to act like women.

  8. The Christianists may soon change Maher’s point. In case you missed Maher dismembering Brian Levin on Friday’s show:

  9. Hmmmmm. I wonder if we will ever know what part, if any, watching the right-wing American media had in radicalizing the bombers? I mean; it would just make sense that watching the freaks cheering on the slaughter of Muslims and calling for it to expand to ALL Muslims might have just played as much of a part as any on line Muslim communities that are, probably, telling the truth about a lot of their grievances against our once great country.

      • Exactly. The fact is that countries, societies, cultures, and religions don’t generally hate others because they are different. They hate others because of some wrong done to them. The problem is that the mists of history generally conceal the first cause so, eventually, everyone on both sides is to blame.

        I recall the exact moment when I realized exactly how horrible our country is. It was when Baby Bush was looking under his podium “looking for WMD” and playing it for laughs. It was also the exact moment that I realized that innocent Americans, yet unborn, will pay for our crimes with their blood.

        • And the whole room laughed along with the joke pete, it wasn’t just Bush and his cronies …. the whole Beltway fascist elite laughed along, while the first birth defects in Fallujah from the real WMD which came on the tips of American tank shells were blighting the new mothers and fathers of Iraq.

          • Yep. It was bad enough that our “beloved leader” made the joke but the fact that everyone laughed, instead of throwing him in a fuckin’ dungeon, was even worse. That was the moment when I realized that bastard had made ME a war criminal. I do what I can to help people and get back on the right side of Karma but it’s a guilt that I will carry to the grave.

            • I realize that they committed horrible crimes but I would still go with…

              Huey, Dewey, Poopy, and Loopy.

              Seriously. The only one of the bunch who has ever seemed even half smart needs a remote control to make his effing heart beat and I don’t even want to think about what heroic measures are needed to remove excrement from his foul corpse.

  10. Spencer Ackerman notices the instant emergence of claims of the Tsarnaevs’ innocence and a cover-up in Boston:

    ‘The #freejahar hashtag on Twitter is about what you’d expect after the most highly publicized manhunt in the country. It’s a mix of conspiracy theories, sympathy for Tsarnaev and skepticism of the official narrative surrounding the 19-year old’s arrest. Much of it is consumed with an effort to crowdsource Tsarnaev’s exoneration, pointing to photos from the scene and speculating about them — similar to what took place on 4Chan and Reddit to hunt the bombing perpetrators.

    “He’s fucking innocent. If he were “guilty”, it wouldn’t take this long to fucking prove it, and there would actually be evidence,” says one supporter, although the government has yet to charge the incapacitated, hospitalized Tsarnaev with a crime.’

    — That last comment is all too indicative of the rampant ignorance in this country.

    • One week from bombing to charging one of the bombers in court. Yeah, if the government knew what it was doing, they would have had this thing wrapped up the day after, and that ignorant supporter would have been his lawyer. Investigation and due process are for “loosers.”

      • Ah, the virtues of Hitler, of Stalin. They never had to worry.

        BLAM BOOM.

        Like that. Problem over.

        Here in Amurka things are different . . . our only hope is that torture will reveal . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  11. Here’s just one of the forgotten men of Guantanamo and one of sixty on hunger strike.

    “Shaker Aamer, 46, has been in the Cuban detention centre for more than 11 years without charge or trial, and has been cleared for release since 2007.”

    ….. since 2007 – he’s been cleared to be released for FIVE years.

    Oh he appears to have been tortured and has evidence that might point to intelligence services complicity in using evidence gained in torture to link Saddam to Al Qaeda – well that’s it then he’d better go ahead and starve /Tony Blair off–devastating-secret-MI6-Iraq-invasion-means-freed.html

  12. If you’re an undocumented worker, covered for medical under your employer’s insurance and…
    you’re in a serious accident, and in a coma and…
    your employers insurance and the hospital aren’t in a charitable mood…
    you may wind up here

    • This must be the *day of shame* for our country..

      Nevada Accused Of Abandoning Hundreds Of Mentally Ill Patients In Other States

      In a shocking discovery that has come to light just this month, the state of Nevada’s primary psychiatric hospital has been accused of gross negligence in its handling of mentally ill patients. Apparently, Nevada has been unloading its responsibilities on all the other states.”Assuming the reports are true, Nevada’s practice of psychiatric patient dumping is shockingly inhumane and illegal,” San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera said.

      By ‘patient dumping’, Herrera is referring to Nevada’s practice of sending their patients on a bus, usually headed for California, and often times giving them little to no food, medication, or financial assistance for their arrival. It is estimated that over 1500 patients of the Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital in Las Vegas have been discharged in this manner since 2008.

  13. Items of 100-year-old time capsule revealed

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahomans got a blast from the past Monday morning.
    Members of Oklahoma City’s First Lutheran Church opened a time capsule that had been buried in the church basement 100 years ago.

    • “Members of Oklahoma City’s First Lutheran Church opened a time capsule that had been buried in the church basement 100 years ago.”

      Probably some aged lutefisk in there.

      • I was married to a Swede, and her family for 21 years. I tried lutefisk once, and spent 2 decades to try to convince them that there are cultural things one should let go of; there are other choices available. But my sales techniques went for naught. I’m sure 100 year old lutefisk is as fresh as the day they buried that shit. It has been proven that lutefisk has a half-life of 500,000 years.

    • I saw this story earlier. I wonder if all the folks who wail and screech about “teh gays” raising happy and healthy children, usually their own biological children, will express their outrage over a couple Buybull thumpers allowing their children to die in the name of Jebus.

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