58 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: May 5th – I could use a laugh!

  1. Love both Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie, together or separately. And while Laurie has been seen recently on the series “House”, you may remember Fry’s recent appearance on a clip on The Rachel Maddow Show, known affectionately as “Shagged By a Rare Parrot.” It’s great how Rachel loses it at the end. Not that I blame her. I would not have been able to keep a straight face while showing this clip, either.

    • You have to love the first comment (from a right-wing troll):

      AnonymousMay 4, 2013 at 1:19 AM
      you MUST be fawking chit from hell,
      that’s the FOUR HONORABLE AMERICAN DIPLOMAS you are talking/joking about, APOLOGY!!!

      Perhaps if he got his diploma he’d know that the word isn’t diploma.

  2. Ted Nugent soils his shorts yet again, militarily speaking:

    Ted Nugent: Military Service Members Are Committing Suicide Because Obama Is “Violating” The Constitution

    In an appearance on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ radio show, NRA board member Ted Nugent blamed the epidemic of suicides among veterans and active duty military on frustration with President Obama for supposedly “violating” the Constitution.

    Nugent, who has appeared on Jones’ show several times, told the host that the military is frustrated with Obama for “violating the oath that they’re dying for,” which is leading to an unprecedented increase in suicides.

    Nugent went on to describe the Obama administration as “treasonous” and also characterized the president as a “groomed America hater.”

    Or, as Ted said to Alex Jones, There is a heartbreak in the warrior community. . . . which explains why HIS heart is (unfortunately) not broken.

    • It’s long past time that some real warriors call Ted Nugent out for the pants-hitting draft dodger he is. “Warriors” don’t brag about shooting helpless (and trapped) animals that can’t fight back.

    • In zero gravity, the surface tension of water keeps it ‘stuck’ to whatever it is in contact with, unless you sling it to separate it from the item.

      Are you waiting out the red flag? They may still race some more, they could go two hours from now.

  3. Six-Year-Old Critical After Being Shot By Her 13 Year Old Brother

    A six-year-old Florida girl was in critical condition Sunday after being shot by her 13-year-old brother Saturday night in a city just north of Fort Lauderdale.
    Neighbors said the two children were playing a game when the shooting occurred shortly before 7 p.m. Saturday in Oakland Park, a city in Broward Country.

    Arizona 3-Year-Old Fatally Shoots Himself In Face With Meth Grandmaโ€™s Gun

    A judge in Arizona on Thursday order a 35-year-old grandmother held in lieu of $500,000 bond after she was charged in the death of her 3-year-old grandson, who allegedly shot himself in the face with her handgun.

    I guess all the ‘responsible’ gun owners were at the NRA Convention while these happened.

      • Sharks win 5 – 2! (the As won! Giants swept the Dodgers! our sports world is good)

        Downtown was a mess – Cinco de Mayo one end and the Sharks on the other!

        • Wondered where you were during the game. I fell asleep after the 2nd period. Woke up and reversed the DVR to see the score. I need to get back to sleep now.

          Cinco de Mayo is the anniversary of my rotator cuff surgery, done 5-5-05. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Who is the crazier religious zealot?

    “Women who wear revealing clothing and behave immorally are responsible for earthquakes.” — An Iranian cleric said this after Iran was hit by a recent earthquake.

    “I believe that Hurricane Katrina was, in fact, the judgment of God against the city of New Orleans.” — Pastor John Hagee said this in regard to hurricane Katrina and New Orleans allowing a gay pride parade in the city.

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