Music Night – Summertime

In the past week, the daytime high temps have fluctuated from the 90’s to the mid 50’s, back to the 90’s. But I think the 90’s are here to stay. It’s summertime.

60 thoughts on “Music Night – Summertime

    • But I think the 90′s are here to stay.

      It got to 89 Wednesday. That’s the closest it’s been to 90 yet here. The highest predicted temp on the ten-day is 87 too.

  1. Heading camping again soon – up near that I-5 surfboard we’ve got now over the Skagit River…. but first….here’s a little collection dedicated to Batshit Bachmann:

    Take the Money and Run (before the FBI indicts your campaign) – Steve Miller Band

    Spin Doctors – Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong – (Howard Stern – WTF?) – (‘Hope you heard this song and it pissed you off’ – great lyric)

    Marcus, sweetpea, it’s OK, you Don’t Have to Leave us This Way, you can tell us

    Simple Minds (no really) – and Don’t You Forget About Me

    Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye

    Well that was fun Batshit … you have to say it was fun.

    And so I suppose it’s back to the next big thing (sorry Gov Christie) at the GOP

  2. Belinda Carlisle new music! (Pardon the Vevo, it’s the only one on Youtube)

  3. I went ahead and put a title in for this post. I hope nonewhere doesn;t mind. I’m sure it was an innocent oversight, which has happened to many of us before. 🙂

    • That’s one off an album I don’t have. The picture throughout the video is from the cover of Simple Dreams, but the song was on Get Closer.

  4. It’s nine below zero, and the night begins…play that fuckin’ harp Sonny Boy…

  5. KZOO Portland signing off. I’ll leave you with my favorite Musselwhite song…

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