The Watering Hole, Friday May 31 2013; Atooi, The Newly Emergent Polynesian Kingdom

I  recently ran across and re-read an old book that I had purchased a few decades back whilst visiting the Hawaiian Islands. It’s titled, “An Account of the Sandwich Islands; The Hawaiian Journal of John B. Whitman, 1813-1815.” In the Foreward, John Dominis Holt writes,

These “notes” of an unknown early visitor to Hawaii who we know as John B. Whitman are unique and certainly they contain observations both incisive and authentic which create an unmistakable atmosphere of old Hawaii perhaps still to be found in some of the untouched places of these Islands. . . . If you can ignore Whitman’s irksome and fanatical views common to American Calvinists of the time, the “notes” or “Journal” . . . presents a unique view of Hawaii . . . a few years before the death of Kamehameha. (highlight mine)

What actually caught my eye as I reread the book were the place names cited by Whitman. He spoke of islands named Owhyhee,” and “Mowee,” also “Woahu, Morokie and Attooi,” and he noted that on Woahu stood “the busy little village of Hanoruru.”  Whitman also noted that “Woahu is situated between Morokie and Attooi about thirty miles from the former and seventy miles from the latter.” He was, of course, using the phonetic spelling of the various islands (and place names) in the Hawaiian group. The American missionaries hadn’t yet arrived, and since the Polynesians had no alphabet and no written language, phonic spelling was the tool the westerners used on their maps and in their writings.

In later years, after the (American-Calvinist) missionaries who were assigned to the Hawaiian Islands had managed to construct the means of writing the local Polynesian lingua, the alphabet they collectively devised contained only thirteen letters: the five vowels, plus consonants h, k, l, m, n, p, and w, plus the “uina”, where the embedded () indicates a glottal stop. After the alphabet was devised and assigned, Whitman’s Island and place names became (resp.) Hawai’i, Maui, Molokai, Kauai, and Honolulu; i.o.w., both the letters “T” and “K” became “K” only, and the letters “R” and “L” became “L” only. It was a matter of phonics, of trying to accommodate/insert the implicit (and variant) local pronunciation(s) into the English alphabet. So, in the Hawaiian corner of Polynesia, the word ‘Tahiti’ became ‘Kahiki’, and ‘Attooi’ (variously spelled, by others, as Atooi, or Atoui) became ‘Kauai’ (what happened to the ‘A’ on the front end, I have no clue).

Anyway, enough of that. Suffice to say that today’s island of Kauai was once known as Atooi, and was apparently considered to be a very sacred spot in the Hawaiian Islands as well as definitive of the northern apex of the so-called ‘Polynesian triangle’. Today, ‘Atooi’ is the name of a new and fresh Polynesian Kingdom. This Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi is a United Nations recognized indigenous sovereign nation that is headquartered on the Island we call Kauai, and led by a descendant of ancient royalty, the Ali’i Nui (king) Aleka Aipoalani who currently reigns over the Kingdom from on the west side of Kauai, which is one of the most sacred and royal areas of the Hawaiian islands. The PKOA [Polynesian Kingdom  of Atooi] is composed of peoples from diverse cultures whose relationships share the mission of ho’opono aina (to make right with the land).

I have to wonder: is this newly-emergent Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi possibly the forefront of that above-referenced unmistakable atmosphere of old Hawaii perhaps still to be found in some of the untouched places of these Islands ?? If so, I wanna go there! Again! Maybe stay this time!

Ah, well, ok then, and speaking of ‘untouched places’, following are a handful of photos, shot circa 1978 on my first visit to what has now become the Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi. There were still, way back then, some ‘untouched places’ on those islands . . . well, barely touched at least. But then, beauty remains forever embedded . . . in the beautiful — right? (see below!)

Hanakapiai, Atooi                                     Makapu'u, WoahuHanakapiai (Atooi)                                  Makapu’u (Woahu)


Owhyhee 4Hanalei Bay, Atooi                                   Sunset, Mowee

Hanalei Bay (Atooi)                                     Ka’anapali Sunset (Mowee)


Owhyhee 9Windward Shores (Owhyhee)


Owhyhee 7Halawa Valley and North Shore (Morotai)


Owhyhee 8Kalalau Overlook (Atooi)                              Petroglyph (Mowee)


Owhyhee 6Tiki carvings at Pu’uhonua O Honaunau (City of Refuge), Kona (Owhyhee)


Owhyhee 5Kalihiwai Falls (Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi)


Owhyhee 3Waterfall in Waimea Canyon (Atooi)     The Painted Church at Kona (Owhyhee)


So there you have it, the northern tip of the Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi. As of today, it consists of:

Not a bad combo! And (just guessing), NO REPUBLICANS OR OTHER WINGNUTS ANYWHERE TO BE SEEN!!

Paradise, anyone?

Closing tidbit: Membership in the Kingdom of Atooi is open to anyone. We recognize the potential of all mankind.

Works for me!

And last but not least: Old map(s), but interesting:

Owhyhee Map

Owhyhee Atooi MapThis is Today’s Open Thread. Aloha!

62 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Friday May 31 2013; Atooi, The Newly Emergent Polynesian Kingdom

  1. Today I will drive my neighbor, Peckerhead Pete, home after his colonoscopy. His brother and I have colluded to start calling him Peckerbutt Pete and occasionally by the name of his gay neighbor.

    I find it interesting that the Medicare benefits and Medicaid assistance he has been making use of probably wouldn’t be there had Obama not been elected in 2008, yet he still thinks the country would be better off had Obama not been elected.

    • I think there’s still time to take out Skynet…. all we need is Ahnold and a leather jacket…. just don’t let him near the housekeeper…

  2. 18 obsolete words, which never should have gone out of style | Death and Taxes

    Just like facts and flies, English words have life-spans. Some are thousands of years old, from before English officially existed, others change, or are replaced or get ditched entirely.Here are 18 uncommon or obsolete words that we think may have died early. We found them in two places: a book called “The Word Museum: The Most Remarkable English Words Ever Forgotten” by Jeffrey Kacirk, and on a blog called Obsolete Word of The Day that’s been out of service since 2010. Both are fantastic— you should check them out.Snoutfair: A person with a handsome countenance — “The Word Museum: The Most Remarkable English Words Ever Forgotten” by Jeffrey Kacirk

  3. So the people who smoke, are often poor, and can’t afford higher insurance premiums.

    It seems the win-win for these folks is to stop smoking (which saves them the money they spend on the smokes) and then keeps their premiums low.

    Sounds like a personal responsibility issue to me.

    Smoke? Overweight? New regulations could raise your insurance rates | Fox News

    Ed Haislmeier of the Heritage Foundation says “on the one hand they’re trying to ban discrimination based on health status, but on the other hand they’re trying to say that some discrimination based on health status is good discrimination.”

    Goodman adds that “it is definitely the nanny state trying to tell us what we’re going to do, and unleashing the employers to be the agent of the government in telling us what we’re going to do.”

    Smokers, of course, run up more health care bills than non-smokers. But that habit and some other unhealthy conditions are associated with lower incomes, so higher rates would hit those the administration was aiming to help.

    “Allowing premium differentials based on these factors will push premiums higher primarily on people that will be struggling to pay the premiums in the first place,” says Jim Capretta of the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

    • Voting Republican should raise your rates too. The things you have to believe to be able to vote GOP clearly demonstrate that you are danger to yourself and also anyone nearby.

  4. So Fru, I thought that Kauai was crawling with dinosaurs…? After Sam Neill and crew escaped in the helicopter?

    Aotearoa – “Land of the Long White Cloud” – New Zealand…… love that name…. loved my trip there…. done Fiji, Hawaii and Aotearoa……. would go back tomorrow.

    • Don’t know about the dinosaurs, but I think it might well be the domain of ‘Puff the Magic Dragon who frolicked in the autumn mists in a land called Hanalee’.

      Spent lots of time in Hanalei on Kauai’s north shore; didn’t see any dragons, but there were, back then, lots of Hippies and lots of ‘puffing’ going on.

      Never been to New Zealand (or anywhere else in the Pacific, for that matter, than Hawaii), but wouldn’t hesitate to go should the moment ever present itself.

      • Take a gun to NZ, place is crawling with Orcs these days. Seek out Xena, not only is she hot, she’s handy in a rumble with Saruman’s Boot Boys.

  5. QOTD:

    Martin Bashir: How can a committed Christian say such utterly false and untruthful things, almost as a matter of fact each day?

    (Bachmann staffer ) Peter Waldon: Well the knee jerk reaction to your question is, well no one’s perfect Martin. What do you expect?


  6. Joe Klein makes obvious points:

    “A few years ago, McCain made a well-publicized walk through a Baghdad market, didn’t get shot at, and pronounced major progress in Iraq afterward. A few weeks later, I made the same walk but actually spoke to the shopkeepers—all of whom were supporters of Muqtada al-Sadr, the Shi’ite militia leader.

    The point is: We just don’t know these places well enough to go over and draw grand conclusions about policy. In a way, McCain’s trip is a perfect metaphor for the problem of involving ourselves with the Syrian rebels. We may be siding with the greater evil. We may be throwing fuel on a fire that could consume the region. Our track record when it comes to such things is dismal.”

    • Graham Greene – the Quiet American….. made into an excellent film with Michael Caine and the much underrarted Brendan Fraser.

    • Most of my life I’ve wondered why it is that we, the US, seem to so often feel SO obligated to mess with the internal issues of other countries, given that doing so has resulted in the death of tens of thousands of Americans, millions of citizens of other lands, all in consort with immense destruction of land and property . . . and all FOR WHAT exactly? No one has gained a freakin’ thing from any of that nonsense, far as I know. Other than, of course, that small handful of shitheads that make piles of money from ANY war, in ANY place, and at ANY time. Why do we as a nation continue to honor money-grubbing shitheads at the expense of millions, at the expense even of the planet which we call home?

      Is the human species really that STUPID, or is it just that the dudes who pull the strings are that STUPID, or maybe that GREEDY?

      The human species hasn’t demonstrated that it’s worth a whole hell of a lot. It might be worth the powder it would take to blow it to hell, but that’s about it. Not sure John McCain is even worth THAT much, actually.

        • Yeah, that explains some of today’s warmongering idiocy, but it had nothing at all to do with our previous warmongering idiocy in Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, and Panama. Maybe we did some good in Bosnia, but if so it wasn’t for oil. Then came the Persian Gulf and Iraq — oily — but Afghanistan? All they have is a nice poppy crop. If we attack Iran, oil prices will soar, probably. If we intervene in Syria . . . ummm, they don’t have much oil, far as I know. But they are brown skinned Muslims, so . . .

          Maybe we should go fuck with Canada. I hear they have LOTS of tar sands, and hey, there’s money in tar sands, right?

          I dunno. I think it’s all just basically attributable to the mental insufficiency of the human species, especially that of right wingers everywhere.

            • There were a hundred or so Cubans on Grenada helping build an airport runway. If that ain’t a Casus Belli, what is?

              God likes war. Hmmh. I always thought “He” was a peaceful old fart. But then, I was raised as a Lutheran so I suppose that explains my screwy attitude(s).

  7. Employment travails resume: I got let go from this job (BPC) I just started. (The reason? My Surfcam skill wasn’t up to their needs.)
    A guy I had worked with at my old job (TM) hired in and left after a few days. He told me that TM was hiring again, but I didn’t call them until today, and it sounds like they’ll call me back to work in a week or so. They didn’t call me already because I had been seen traveling to this other job (BPC), so they thought I was already working and wouldn’t be interested.
    I’m actually glad it has worked out this way, because the BPC place didn’t have working air conditioning, and while TM’s AC isn’t great, it’s way better. Crossing my fingers and holding the left one! 😀

  8. Peckerhead drove to the doctor’s office for his colonoscopy. I gave my phone number to the the receptionist and left. When I was called I returned to the office and was told Peckerhead would be ready to go in 10 – 15 minutes. While waiting I asked to have the TV channel changed from Fox, which they did for me. I also informed the 3 women behind the desk about the studies that showed Fox viewers knew less about real events than people who do not watch TV at all. One woman said that the doctor wanted the TV on a news channel, not necessarily Fox, and switched to CNN. The best part was the woman with a baby at her breast and 2 preschoolers; the preschoolers immediately became interested in the story about the kid who just won the spelling bee with “knaidel” and settled down. The woman smiled at me and silently lipped “thank you”.

    This being Florida, I began to wonder if the woman with the 3 kids would have requested the channel to be changed had she not been black. Funny that the 2 preschoolers were more interested in an 13 year-old Indian-American kid achieving a win after having lost 4 times before than the legs of white women displayed on Fox!

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