Sunday Roast: Veruca Salt Award-Jennifer Rubin

Washington Post Blogger Jennifer Rubin has earned herself the Veruca Salt Award. She is notoriously unable to deal with facts she hasn’t invented herself. So small wonder when someone contradicts her introducing such facts she channels Veruca Salt and asks for the person to be muted.

Congratulations Mrs Rubin, this is not really the Pulitzer, but as close to an award on your “journalistic” work you’ll ever get.

This is our Open Thread. Join in.

66 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Veruca Salt Award-Jennifer Rubin

  1. Republicons don’t like it when the ‘strategic interruption’ tactic is used against them, and thwarts them lying, which is what Shuster clearly did at 0:34.

    • And you notice how quickly she resorts to projection by accusing him of being a shill for Media Matters (she seemed to be the real shill and shrill). And of course she uses Media Matters because she and the rest of the right have been conditioned to react to the phrase “Media Matters” with disgust.

      • She should be careful mentioning Media Matters. The less partisan viewers on CNN, (most of those who actually watch Reliable Sources), might actually check the site out, and learn far more than Rubin wants them to know about. 🙂

          • The German National Title, the German Cup Finals yesterday AND the European Champions League Finals last week in Wembley Stadium! (which yours truly had the incredible luck to get tickets for and which made her a lifelong fan of Arjen Robben, who, I swear to God, teleports across the field, no way this is simply running) thats a triple, first ever German football team to win it.

            I am maybe the most reluctant Bayern München fan ever, but the way they play these days you gotta love them.

            • Tony Kanaan won the Indy 500, and that seemed to make the most people happy, so I was for it too.

              I was a little surprised at the results in Monaco. I expected Rosberg to burn up his tires and fade like at Barcelona. At least Webber finished one better than he started.

            • I did not find much time for Monaco this year. Just saw the last few laps after I came back from London. My next project is getting affordable tickets for a F1 race. It’s Canada next week, isn’t it. I hope I can watch, it’s hubby’s birthday and he doesn’t take kindly to me fawning over a race. Wonder why that would be 😎

            • I think you know how to make it so he doesn’t mind the F1. After all, it’s his birthday! 😀

            • I can always NOT make a fuss if he decides to go out hunting in the evening, but meekly tell him I’m going to stay up and wait for his return especially for him. Let’s check the tv timetables if that would work… Ok,ok, I will do nothing of the sort. He’s been away for a week and I actually look forward to ave him back. After all, it’ll be his birthday party. His actual birthday is Friday, but he’ll be on a business trip then. 😦

            • Oh you made the game? Awesome – it was one of the best finals in some time for the skills and enterprise on display. Not a big Bayern and Robben fan (I think he’s a whiner and a diver), but I like the way Schweinsteiger plays and I think Lahm is yet another in long line of excellent German captains from the back line.. But Ok, so Robben scoring was poetic – not as poetic as Drogba’s poetry the previous year.

            • Yes I made it there. And Wembley, too. The ultimate go to place for football. Except maybe for Anfield Road.

              The way Robben moves is a sight for sore eyes, srsly. He was all over the field all at the same time. We had seats quite far up, with the plebeians I couldn’t afford any other, but that’s where the fun is anyway, and could see the whole field. So the whole strategic element of the game was very obvious to see. And this is where I fell for Robben. He’s awesome, really. All over the field, disapparatng from here to there. When it came to the “Man of the Match” award, Weidenfeller was a close competition, however. Some saves were incredible.

              I love Lahm, he always plays for the team, hard working, never self serving, a great captain.

              Ahhhhh, football….

        • I don’t wanna be a too much of a pettifogger, but Bayern München is actually not the first German soccer team to win all three titles in one season (national championship, national cup final and Champions League final). That would be VfL Wolfsburg, and they preceeded München by a few days/weeks. The truth is that FCB is the first German men’s soccer team to win the triple.

  2. Where’s Zooey? Hey! Does Dr Who need to be a man? All the speculation about the next Doctor would be so much more interesting if we threw female actors into the mix. I suppose Jenna-Louise Coleman is out — or is she? Admittedly have not watched the last few episodes but her origins and nature are sufficiently mysterious to somehow be a future Doctor, aren’t they?

    Perhaps it’s inevitable that they will cast a Black male actor.

    • Right here, gummitch!

      I think it would be totally cool to shake up the Whoniverse with a female Doctor, or an older or non-white Doctor. Matt Smith is leaving later this year, so let the speculation begin!!

      I’ve had a hard time getting into the current season of Doctor Who. Clara just isn’t gelling for me yet. I hope they make her more interesting SOON.

    • I seem to think one of the reincarnations he started out thinking, out ‘oh still a man….’ was that Eccelstone to Tennant?

  3. (apologies if this is a repeat)

    Ants ringing doorbell disturb German woman’s sleep

    A 75-year-woman in the southwestern town of Offenburg called police at 3 a.m. Wednesday complaining that she couldn’t sleep because her doorbell was always ringing.

    • In my house there’s this light switch that doesn’t do anything. Every so often
      I would flick it on and off just to check. Yesterday, I got a call from a
      woman in Madagascar. She said, “Cut it out.” — Steven Wright

      • I think Jorgi L took a dive to help his old pal Klinsmann out before he gets sacked.

        Going to crucial US World Cup qualifier v Panama (top of the group) in Seattle next week – 60,000 fans expected!!

        • TtT, I’m jealous.

          Klinsman is a gasbag all funky ideas, no serious work. He fits well in in California’s celebrity scene. When he was playing in England, he was dubbed, “the diver”. Apt.

          If Löw had had the full team available they’d have eaten the US boys alive. And no insult to the US team, they are playing well. It is just the Germans are on a roll currently.

  4. If anyone needs to be convinced that ms. Rubin is stark, raving, mad; just watch her wild-eyed bit when she realizes her talking points are getting debunked. If looks could kill the entire Eastern Seaboard would have had a brief episode of angina.

    BTW. Jon Keral either reported fabricated information or fabricated it himself. Dan Rather and I still want to know why Mr. Karl is still employed by ABC.

  5. via The Mudflats

    “Racist Dentist” is New GOP Vice Chair

    Any culture that allows such disease will soon disappear and rightfully so,” he wrote. He also urged the end of federal assistance to America’s indigenous peoples, saying that doing so would “allow their integration into American society as dignified citizens.

    • Well, that figures. If we don’t let bullies do their job, where will the next generation of GOP voters come from?

      • The comments are interesting with some (presumably from Americans) blaming Obama for what happened in a Canadian school.

        • I just only saw that. Well, I’d never have known this was Obama’s fault as well if I hadn’t read the comments /snark

  6. Thank you, Everyone, for your kind thoughts words and wishes regarding my mother. Last night was her first night in her new place, and today my sister and I pretty much moved everything else she would need into her new place. The rest can be brought there over time.

    It’s been an exhausting two days (very hot in NY the past two days, but the thunderstorm about to hit us tonight should cool things off), but it was worth it. She’s very happy in her new place, and that’s the important thing.

    Thank you for your support. 🙂

  7. ‘Congressional Delegation Finds Few Boston Attack Clues In Russia’

    Headed up by Rep. Dana Rohrabacher and Rep. Steve King and including faded action movie ‘star’ Steven Segal.

    Imagine Democrats going to North Korea and, bringing Dennis Rodman along in an official capacity.

    • Oh, also in the delegation is Michele Bachmann who has made no public appearances. At least the GOP Trifecta of Lunacy is in play.

  8. Singer Mandawuy Yunupingu dies

    Peter Garrett who worked closely with Mandawuy on many projects over the years describes him as “A path breaker and leader. A shining light for his people.”

    Lyrics …This land was never given up
    This land was never bought and sold
    The planting of the Union Jack
    Never changed our law at all…

  9. Darrell Issa has been true to form the last couple of days. He’s accused the WH complicit in the IRS kerfuffle and called Jay Carney: a “paid liar.” Let’s revisit the past of the chief moral scold and smear artist in Washington. He’s been arrested for being a car thief, suspected of being an arsonist, and exposed as a proven liar. Let’s take the arson first, shall we?

    Issa had a warehouse full of electronics that, one night in 1982, caught fire. Investigators later found “suspicious burn patterns,” Ryan Lizza reported, and found that Issa had done some odd things.

    “A co-worker claimed that before the fire, Issa had put important electronic prototypes in a fireproof box, and that he’d removed the business’s computer and financial files from the building. Investigators also found that less than three weeks before the blaze, Issa had increased the company’s fire insurance from $100,000 to more than $400,000.

    “So you add the more than quadrupling of the insurance along with the taking the computer and putting the other stuff in a fireproof box, and you can see why both the arson investigators and the insurance investigators pointed a finger, you know, at Issa after this fire,” said Lizza.

    Issa said he had nothing to do with the fire, but the insurance company refused to pay the claim. The two later settled out of court…

    The insurance company, meanwhile, had found something peculiar about Issa, unrelated to the arson: there was no indication of where his initial capital came from. After interviewing a family member, an investigator reported, “She was unable to advise us as to his financial banking [sic] to become an officer in Quantum Inc.” A second report noted, “We were unable to find the source of his financing for the business ventures he is engaged in at the present time.”

    Classy guy. Now the car thefts. Ryan Lizza again:

    “A member of Issa’s Army unit, Jay Bergey, told Williams that his most vivid recollection of the young Issa was that in December, 1971, Issa stole his car, a yellow Dodge Charger. “I confronted Issa,” Bergey said in 1998. “I got in his face and threatened to kill him, and magically my car reappeared the next day, abandoned on the turnpike.”

    On March 15, 1972, three months after Issa allegedly stole Jay Bergey’s car and one month after he left the Army for the first time, Ohio police arrested Issa and his older brother, William, and charged them with stealing a red Maserati from a Cleveland showroom.

    The brothers were indicted for grand theft. Darrell argued that he had no knowledge of William’s activities; William claimed that his brother had authorized him to sell the car, and he produced a document dated a few weeks before the robbery that gave him power of attorney over his brother’s affairs. On February 15th, with the investigation ongoing, Darrell returned to the San Jose dealership and repurchased his car, for seventeen thousand dollars. In August, 1980, the prosecution dropped the case. Darrell insisted that he was a victim, not a criminal. William had produced evidence that he had the legal authority to sell the car, and the injured party was reimbursed.”

    Issa has attacked Obama with pure innuendo, speculation and smears – so by his own standard you can fairly say that Issa was a likely car thief, con-man, and arsonist. By the way, know how Issa made his fortune? Having figured out how to steal cars, he then repurposed his expertise to set up a company to prevent car theft.

    • Issa is proof that Repugnants can murder, cheat, lie, roll in manure and stand up smelling like lilacs.
      I despise Issa. (he truly wants to be relevant and it just isn’t happening)

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