The new Cricket rifle for kids, now with an extended clip.

All cartoons are posted with the artists’ express permission to TPZoo.
Paul Jamiol
Jamiol’s World



85 thoughts on “The new Cricket rifle for kids, now with an extended clip.

  1. I get regular fundraising emails from Al Franken. Today’s offers a contest to have lunch with him and Frannie and…. Elizabeth Warren. I can’t think of anyone who would be interested, can you?

    • I don’t watch much c-span but when I see Al speaking as a senator I still can’t quite comprehend what I am seeing! I fully expect something incredibly funny so be said. He never disappoints though, and is clearly an intelligent man. Elizabeth Warren will be president one day and to be able to say “I had lunch with Elizabeth Warren” would be very awesome.

  2. Very well put PJ!

    I made a rare avatar change so’s y’all could see the work in progress on my ex’s room rebuild we’ve been working on.

      • That’s correct!

        The opening in the middle will be a window when we have the rest of the roof and wall put on. The door into the house is covered with the old siding with ‘blue board’ behind it, for what insulation that provides, and the room must be secure from the outside before we can unblock that for access.

  3. Next door neighbor kid seen yesterday playing with his bug catching fungun.
    Sucks bugs up so they can be studied, tortured and killed.
    More insensitization training for kids.


  4. Chris Christie may have pissed off the “Republicans” yet one more time:

    At a press conference this afternoon, Republican Gov. Chris Christie announced that a special election to fill the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg’s Senate seat would take place on Oct. 16 (a Wednesday), with a primary to be held on Aug. 13. This move will undoubtedly please Democrats, who will have the chance to replace Lautenberg quickly. And Christie, who is up for re-election this November, gets to avoid sharing a ballot with a popular Democrat such as Newark Mayor Cory Booker, who has long had his eye on the Senate.

    Republican partisans will probably be upset, though, since an interim pick (which Christie did not yet announce) could have conceivably served through at least November 2014, giving the GOP one extra vote on the Senate floor for almost 18 months. And the advantages of quasi-incumbency might have given that temporary Republican senator a fighting chance of winning an election for a full term. Instead, the GOP will have just a few months to gear up for special election in a blue state, and even if the appointee were to run, Democrats would still be strongly favored.

    Christie’s decision also avoids a legal battle, as Democrats had been insisting that a special take place this year; now, they’ve gotten what they wanted. However, New Jersey law remains unclear on when exactly vacancies should be filled by special elections, so this issue could well come up again another day. In the meantime, ambitious Democrats will have to decide whether they want to make a go of this race, or whether they’ll defer to the well-funded Booker, who is furthest along in his preparations to run.

    • Shit damn hell. I’m doomed. I’ve ridden my bike close to 200 miles in just the last two weeks. Now, I KNOW I’m causing global warming by breathing out CO2 (and surely by my heating up from just the exercise), and I KNOW that by doing allathat I piss off Republicans everywhere (and ESP. pickup drivers here in Colorado). Which is one really good reason for doing it. The other reason, that I’m soon to be 71 and have decided to ride my ‘age’ each week till the snow falls . . . well, ok, so I screw up the planet in the process. Oh well, at my age . . . etc.

      BTW: Since Jan 1 2013, we’ve put just short of 400 miles on the old van, and my walk/bike combo is over 800.

      I’d hate to see the planet die, but human extinction would be ok, and apparently I’m doing my part (according to Republicans, at least).

      • T’would appear that the concept of biking and bodily fat reduction struck a nerve with a particular WSJ hack.

      • All along I knew it was you causing the global climate troubles//

        Dorothy’s ‘reality’ is not of this world, poor woman.

        • Yep, it’s me. sigh. Am about two weeks short of hitting the 3000 mile walk/bike ‘milestone’ (over 18 months, so, well, I’m apparently only PARTLY to blame . . . to everyone ‘cept pickup drivers), but still I remain really very certain that I, alone, am the reason for today’s absence of snow atop the Sierra Mojada some ten miles to the west; I accept full blame. ‘Twas me, indeed all my fault, as the sum of my unnecessarily generated body heat + CO2 outgassing have, in effect and without doubt, doomed the human race.

          Oh well, glad I could be of help! 😆

            • Well, umm, ok, so I fart every time I see a pickup with a Republican bumper sticker. Which is basically all of them . . . hmm. There are a LOT of pickups in these parts, and I ride at least an hour per day. Lots of farts, lots of methane. That could explain the early snow melt, I suppose.

              Damn. I am SO MUCH to blame for SO MUCH bad shit. Does that mean that maybe it was ME that caused Romney to lose? Wow!

              I did, several times, fart in his general direction . . . IT COULD BE ME! 😯

      • Not really nice. This is pathetic, sad and very scary. What type of asswipe parents does this wickedly sick shit?

        • This is not an attack but i don’t recognize your name and want to be certain we are on the same page. Do you mean “wickedly sick shit” like giving children, who can barely tie their shoes, their own guns?

          • Absofuckinlutely thats what I mean. Parents who do this moronic shit should be arrested and prosecuted as endangering a child and child neglect as well as other charges.

            This is beyond the realm of dumbstupididiotic behavior.

            • In that case…

              Hello and welcome! It’s good to know that we are talking about the same thing. Here’s the kinda weird part.

              I got my first .22 rifle for my 11th birthday. It was kept, along with Dad’s guns, in the gun safe and it was nearly a year before I was allowed to actually load it myself. Dad would load it, set it on the shooting bench, and then I would shoot. I think that might be one reason why I think that parents who allow children unfettered access to a firearm should never be allowed to own a firearm and, if anyone is hurt or killed due to their negligence, there are cases where said parents should lose unfettered access to their surviving children.

            • Amen. I too was raised around guns in a safe, protected and monitored environment, just like a car. I was taught driving under strict adult supervision.

  5. GOOD NEWS!! (??)
    Republicans prepare to re-defund non-existent ACORN. Again.

    Is this another one of these bills House Republicans want to pass just because the new guys need more tin-foil gibberish to bring the folks back home?

    House Republicans are scheduled to vote on two separate budget bills this week, each of which would reject funding for the poverty activism group ACORN, despite the fact that ACORN disbanded three years ago.

    Yeah, it doesn’t exist anymore. In a monument to the now-total devotion of the Republican Party to conspiracy theories and fraudulent “reporting,” it folded after the same set of Republicans currently piddling their undies over the thought of government targeting people targeted the group of conservative organizers via explicit legislation, as well as all of their individual employees, as well as anyone who was associated with anyone who worked there. The initial crime was some guys putting names like “Mickey Mouse” on voter registration forms in order to cheat ACORN out of a few bucks per collected signature, but then there was a guy in a pimp costume, which should tell you right the hell there that you have gone off the rails, and another guy said that he was pretty sure that ACORN had slashed his tires, and from those days until these days there’s a certain set of people in America who honestly believe that ACORN is not only still around, but was and still is a secret army operated by Barack Obama in partnership with the United Nations in order to implement Agenda 21 and something something manatees. Republicans call these people “the base.”

    Yeah, well, ok, whatever it takes to save Amurka from . . . from . . . well, you know. 😯

      • That could be part of it but I think his problem, in this case, is that he desperately wants to see the “atheist monument” defaced and/or destroyed but doesn’t have the balls to go and do it himself.

        • He should wrap his arms around himself and tell himself that because it’s a bench, peoples asses are going to be touching it all day. That should make him feel all warm and pissy.

    • ‘Atheist monument’? Well, ok, but where they should have really gone with that notion is to a NON-theist monument. An Atheist, see, professes to not believe in ‘God’; a NON-theist, meanwhile, points out for all to see that there is not and never has been any god or gods — or even the barest shred of evidence to even SUGGEST — that there has ever existed, anywhere, even a god to NOT believe in.

      Have to wonder what a Nontheistic Monument might wind up looking like, but so far nothing pops into mind. But I know it’s out there, somewhere! Hopefully. Etc.

  6. The death of Frank Lautenberg yesterday at age 89, is poignant and represents a historical rubicon because he was the Senate’s last World War II vet.

    • I didn’t know he was a co-founder of ADP. and was Chairman and CEO, from 1952 to 1982, when he was first elected to the Senate. ADP is so big now, they can get a pretty good idea of the employment changes from their payroll totals.

  7. QOTD:

    “I believe that the Obama administration is conducting psychological warfare on conservative Americans. Not only that but it is also waging this war on all Americans who previously viewed themselves, their country, their Constitution and their overwhelming belief in God as a force for good in the world … Seen through the lens of psychological warfare, the failure to defend our embassy in Benghazi need not be understood simply as a screw-up. It could reflect an actual strategy on the part of the administration to reinforce the notion that homicidal violence born of hatred toward America is understandable—even condonable—because we have generated it ourselves and are reaping the harvest of ill will we have sown. In other words, we should take our punishment,” – Dr Keith Ablow, Fox News.

    Dr Ablow is a psychiatrist. Yes, you read that right.

  8. And, in not so shocking news:
    The Republican governor of Mississippi told a symposium on Tuesday that America’s education troubles began when women left their homemaker’s role and entered the workplace in large numbers.
    Keep it up, Republican’ts. Shout out that message from every helltop, er hilltop…
    The article concludes:
    “According to the national Science and Engineering Readiness Index, released last year, Mississippi ranked dead last among the 50 states in preparing its students in mathematics and science. The scores of Mississippi students, in math and science proficiency, have trailed the 49 other states as well.”

    • To a republiscum that just shows if women knew their place in society they wouldn’t even need to go to school after they’ve learned to sew and bake and make beds and wash clothes and clean and…

      • Without the financial burden of educating girls past the 6th grade the money saved would be used to:

        A) Reduce the number of boys in each class.

        B) Increasing teachers pay.

        C) Reducing taxes on wealthy people and corporations.

    • Mann Coulter shares a lot of commonality with WWE characters.
      On stage she rants and gets headlines, privately she may actually demonstrate human traits.

    • The real question is, why is ANYONE asking this dumbass his opinion on anything but one way airline tickets to Den Hague.

  9. Did I just hear Claire McCaskill correctly? Did she just say: “Are you fucking kidding me?”

    It was on All In, about two minutes into the show.

    • It was definitely ‘frickin’ – I had my head turned away from the TV, but when I heard it I glanced up, and Kirsten Gillibrand was on the screen, so for a second I thought it was Kirsten. Wayne told me that it had been McCaskill.

    • “”sit in a hole in the Midwest and wait for nothing.”

      “A dead-end job”

      Cold War’s over there Dr Strangelove…. come out of the hole and find a proper job…. like flipping burgers…. or greeting customers and collecting carts…. welcome to Amurka.

  10. Hey, Wayne. I have an idea for a song parody but I got stuck. I think the “Bill” I’m talking about is obvious. Have at it with the tune of Puff the Magic Dragon.

    Bill, the stupid bully
    Works at Fox News
    He proudly wears his ignorance
    And nasty attitude

  11. Oh, dear. I went out to join a friend for a beer and met “Right-wing guy”. According to him…

    Spanish will be the official language within 50 years.
    Everyone who goes outside will be observed by a drone within 20 years.
    Inflation is running at 50% so new technology can never go down in price.
    Everything is going to Hell since the “libruls” took over.
    FAUX”News” is the only organization reporting all of this scary stuff.

  12. Welcome to all the visitors who ‘liked’ today’s daily thread: europasicewolf, Eda, Jueseppi B., hanspostcard, bluesage63, eleganzabello.

      • nwog, go all the way up to the very first comment, on the page.
        Above that is the ‘About Briseadh na Faire’ (the author of the post).
        And above that you’ll see: “Like this:”, next to that you’ll see a star and the word like within a rectangle. Click on that and it turns to ‘liked’ and your gravatar will appear to the right.

        [I’m uncertain if this feature shows up on hand held computers]

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