40 thoughts on “Sunday Roast – uiuiuiuiuiui, sorry!

    • I’ve just been over there, mocking this wuss. Cavuto gets a massive case of hives when he’s anywhere near a fact, and it makes him whimper like Bildo.

      • Yeah, Smokey got a little tipsy and got into a commenting mood at Politico and Raw Story earlier.

        I got a call from up North today…. I have a new grand nephew as of 11:52 this morning. Big boy @ 8lbs. 2 ozs.

      • I think Bill is smart enough to know the truth, and just ignores it to suit his agenda.

        Cavuto, on the other hand, isn’t really that smart.

  1. Hah! Danica was the first car one lap down and she gets the “Lucky Dog” pass back onto the lead lap. Her times were matching the leader’s just before the caution came out!
    Boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse was the last car on the lead lap and he helped her by fighting off the leader and then the caution happened.

    • 32 laps to go. Another caution. Danica still on the lead lap in 23rd. Just a little more laps than one tank of fuel will go.

    • Danica finished 29th. I think somebody bumped into her with a couple laps to go and it let about three cars past her when she had to check up.

  2. And Happy Birthday Mr. EV, I’ll use hisr natal anniversary as my excuse for celebrating (drinking) all day. And since he’s at least 5 hours ahead of me I might be late!

  3. Fun with people.

    I took a cheese grater into the bathroom to shave off a bit of soap from a bar of Honey Bumps bay rum shaving soap so it would fit into my mug better.
    I forgot the cheese grater on the counter top near the toilet.
    I can only imagine what the guests thought.

  4. Went to the bigger Target, closer to the city. At a time that would be considered “after church.” And apparently it’s national “Bring Your Whining Child To Target” day.

    • I try to stay off the roads entirely any time that can be considered ‘after church’. I don’t even go anywhere on Wednesday nights.

  5. QOTD:

    “We live in the most interesting times in human history. These are the days spoken of in Scripture, the days of fulfillment. This is therefore an era of unprecedented spiritual activity on both sides as the conflict races to a head. Those who are in Christ are on the winning side. Part of what must happen during this period of great harvest for the kingdom of God is a massive wealth transfer. It is not going to happen by theft or governmental policy. It is going to happen supernaturally. Those invested in God’s market are going to reap a windfall. Make up your mind now to buy in,” – E.W. Jackson, Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor in Virginia.

    Notice that Jesus favors the rich and the prosperous and that believing in him will make you rich. The GOP wants theocratic nutjobs who believe the end is nigh, but will be making decisions for the generations to come? WTF?

      • Ooh, ooh (waving hand in the air) I can answer that:

        The everlasting eternal God, creator of the heavens and earth, went on a short vacation about 15,000 years ago. She should be back soon though.

    • “Buy in?” Why? Might just as well toss a fart into a hurricane, same outcome guaranteed.

      Honestly, I care less what others believe, and I respect their right to believe in anything that tweaks their respective imaginations, or whatever they have that might be tweak-able. All I ask is that they allow me and every other living being the same privilege no matter how ‘foreign’ such context might seem to . . . umm . . . ‘them.’ What the hell is so tricky about that little tidbit of simplicity to so many? Why are so many fundie-Christers so goddamned closed minded?

      EW Jackson; all I can say about that asshole (and ALL who ‘think’ like him) is EWWWWWW!

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