Music Night, June 21 2013

Still working on that theme. 1968 was a fantastic year for rock music and blues, continuing the tidal wave from 1967. One of my favorite albums of the year, and forever after, was the first record from Mother Earth, Living with the Animals. Featuring another pint-sized singer with a huge voice, Tracy Nelson, it was a strange blend of folk, country and rock that never really took off commercially but was soulful and well-loved by some of us. (It also featured some work by a fellow named Mikail Blumfeld, IIRC, whose contract elsewhere prevented him from receiving clear credit).

The album was followed the next year by Make a Joyful Noise which, if anything, was better than the first. This video is from that period and I think it gives a great look into the heart of the band. Tracy Nelson is still working and still belting it out.

The Watering Hole, Friday June 21, 2013: Butterflies

No politics today, but since a picture is said to be worth a thousand words, here comes a 5000 word essay on butterflies . . . in the form of five photos taken by my old college buddy, Denny Green, of Tempe Arizona. The photos were taken in a place called “Butterfly Wonderland,” apparently located somewhere in the Phoenix AZ metro area. It’s new since I left the area some five years ago, but is obviously well worth the time it must take to wander through.

BTW, I have no idea as to the specific identities of any of the attached gallery, so if there are any well-informed butterfly aficionados out there, feel free to speak out!

Butterfly 1

Butterfly 2

Butterfly 3

Butterfly 4

Butterfly 5

Ah, summertime. Today’s day one, right? May we all enjoy it in the manner suitable to the critters pictured above. Special thanks to photographer Denny Green, one of the most gifted nature lovers around today on this, or on any other cosmic particle!

Open Thread. Enjoy the Beauty of this Cosmic Speck we call Earth!