88 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread — Hurray! There is no more racism!

  1. Racists do not seem to understand why they are racist. They can blame their attitudes toward people of a different skin color on their parents, their “heritage”, or whatever else they want, but they can’t seem to understand that the mindset they carry, the attitudes they have towards those who look different, are simply unacceptable. They use to justify these beliefs with “junk science” (and still do, as we learned recently), and this made them feel better about having those beliefs. (“I always knew black people weren’t as smart as white people, and now Charles Murray has proven me correct, so I don’t need to change anything about my own thinking.”)

    Whether they want to believe it or not, the Republicans in Congress have a great many racists among them. How else could Trent Lott had risen to his leadership position in the US Senate if his Republicans colleagues didn’t ignore his racist sentiments? That or they thought the same way and probably agreed with him that if Strom Thurmond had been elected president, “We wouldn’t have had all these problems!”

    Republican racism really pisses me off because there is simply no longer any excuse for it. Times changed long ago, yet they refused to change with them.

    • Ignorance based on irrational fear and hate has almost forever defined the limited mental capacity of the majority of the human species, and there’s no star on any horizon to suggest any changes have been ordered.

      Saddens me to say it, but the reality truly seems to be that human extinction is the best choice the universe can make, certainly at least in re this particular cosmic bluish dot so many living species call home.

      We humans are, without doubt, the worst, meanest, nastiest, most fearful life form ever evolved in the known cosmos. That’s my opinion, of course, but for another and probably differing point of view, ask a Wingnut (aka conservative Republican) what he or she “thinks.” Note, then and there, the lack of . . . umm . . . thought?

      Amurka, 2013 — Nottingham revisited? Really?

      Where the hell are Robin Hood and Friar Tuck, now that so many really need them? Instead we get Roberts, Scalia, Scalito, and Thomas? And Ryan, Romney, Cornyn, Sessions, Paul, Cruz, Perry, Bachmann, Palin, Fox . . . well, you know. Makes me think god must be in the process of adding a book or two to his Bibull. Stay tuned . . .

  2. From the Daily Kos article: “Equal “dignity” for the states, a bare majority holds, matters more than equal protection for their voters.”

    As I said yesterday (more or less) FUCK States Rights! Those states that are discriminating against minorities have no dignity. Yet the people and so-called ‘leaders’ of those states are usually the “America First”, “USA! USA! USA!” idiots. I think that they forget that “USA” stands for “UNITED” States of America. Assholes!

  3. Happy Birthday, Eric Arthur Blair!

    In our time political speech and writing are largely the defense of the indefensible.
    George Orwell

  4. Much like “Bowfinger,” Edward Snowden must be shooting a guerrilla-type film. This one is apparently a sequel to Tom Hanks’, “The Terminal.”

  5. sadly the only vehicle to impeach supreme court justices has to originate and pass by a majority of the house of representatives and proceed to the senate

    so the five criminals are surely giddy while enjoying a 3 martini luncheon today….

    • The failing five are a disgrace!

      Today’s showing by Roberts, Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas and Alito don’t make me feel positive for Prop 8 and DOMA having been fairly contemplated.
      We’ll see at 7a (pdt), 10a (edt) tomorrow.

    • Obama: Keystone pipeline must not increase greenhouse gases

      The only way for that to be true is by leaving the oil and gas in the ground. Even the effort to extract it adds to greenhouse gas emission.

      Obama may be playing for time, I’m just not sure which side he’s playing.

      • You gotta be shittin’ me. He SAID THAT? I mean, what the fuck else can the damned thing do OTHER THAN ADD to greenhouse gas emission?????

        One question begs: WHY don’t you just say No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to the goddamned thing, Mr President? Two little letters, one tiny word uttered by YOU, and future carbon emissions might even diminish a little bit? I mean, what the hell’s so tricky about that tee-tiny concept?

        Yeah, ok, so I’m more than a little mad.

        • Barack Obama is going to try and accomplish as many of his campaign promises/goals in his second term. immigration, marriage equality, gitmo….the take a big stinking shit on supporters and the country by signing off on Keystone at the very end of his second term.

          you heard it hear first…

  6. One need only look at the attempts by southern states to impede people of color from voting in the last 3 presidential election cycles to realize that the SCROTUS is full of shit.

    • After the 2000 census, one Virginia county attempted to redistrict so that there were no districts in which there was a minority majority. They were stopped by the preclearance requirement. The county in question, Northampton, was 46.6 % black and hispanic.

      • There is, here in our country, a sickness, a raging contagion of hatred and fear. I don’t think, shy of a ‘miracle’, that we’ll long survive it. If past is indeed prelude, then we’re on our way out, and in the fast lane.

        Ask Hitler. He thought much the same, and finally ‘learned’ his lesson, implicit.

        • On the other hand…

          Most extremist movements end in a quest to maintain “purity” and there are lots of signs that is happening with the far-right loons. It could turn around in a hurry; especially if a couple right-wingers on the SCOTUS die or retire while a Democrat is in office.

          • Extremist movements also seem to very often ‘begin’ in/as “a quest to maintain ‘purity'”. And that seems to be where we are today. When virtually everything on the congressional/state docket is voter suppression, the war on women, the ‘war’ on everyone but the already rich and powerful, alongside the premise that all social programs of whatever kind — from Social Security to Medicare to Medicaide to Obamacare to SNAP to education . . . and beyond . . . are on the GET RID OF IT table, there’s at least a tidbit of a suggestion that something is terribly wrong, that greed and power quest are winning.

            We dig our national grave one shovelful at a time, and it gets deeper and deeper every day, and with every SCOTUS decision, and with every move Congress makes or tries to make. And once it’s dug, and what we once were is tossed into the hole, the Republican bulldozer is waiting in the wings, ready to push the dirt back in quickly.

            Wingnuts like to quote the Bible. Here’s one that they may well have missed:

            And where is now my hope?
            As for my hope, who shall see it?
            They shall go down to the bars of the pit,
            When our rest together is in the dust.
            (Job 17:15-16)

  7. “[Alito’s] treatment of the 80-year-old Ginsburg, 17 years his elder and with 13 years more seniority, was a curious display of judicial temperament or, more accurately, judicial intemperance. Typically, justices state their differences in words โ€” and Alito, as it happens, had just spoken several hundred of his own from the bench. But he frequently supplements words with middle-school gestures.”


  8. Thank you, Wendy:

    Live Video: Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis Filibusters Anti-Abortion Bill

    Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth) is conducting a filibuster of SB 5, which would shut down all but five abortion clinics in the state and ban abortion after 20 weeks. Davis, who is not allowed to eat, drink, lean on anything, or use the restroom during the filibuster, intends to stall the legislation until midnight tonight, when the special session of the Texas legislature ends. Live video stream via Texas Tribune.

    • Damn – why did he have to stoop so low and give ammunition to the RWNJs?

      p.s. Thomas is despicable and if he believes in such a place, when it is his time may his soul descend.

      • the criminal known as “Clarence the Pube” deserves a lot of shit but “uncle Thomas” is despicable and an apology should be in order.

    • It’s been a long time since I was first exposed to “Uncle Tom,” but even so: what the hell’s to apologize for about calling Clarence Thomas an Uncle Tom? What’s the difference between saying that and something like, oh, I dunno, saying that snow is white? Or water is wet?

  9. Something is happening in the TexLege. There were a number of parliamentary inquiries, and it looks like half the Senate is up at the presiding officer’s desk discussing something. Wendy is still standing in her place, stretching, waiting for whatever is happening to end. I don’t know if they’re trying to trip her up on the rules or what. Texas Senate filibuster rules are not the same as the US Senate. They’re much, much harder.

    • If she were on the pill and enlisted it in a Militia, would her vagina have the right to bear arms? ba-da-bing!

      If so, would there be a run on Uzi’s?

  10. From what I understand about the Voting Rights Act and the SCOTUS decision, I tend to agree with the majority.

    Yes, certain States did bad things to restrict voting 40+ years ago. As a result the Federal Government said, I’m going to take away your ability to do those bad things. And it did, and it worked. What, then, is the justification for the Federal Government to continue its oversight? You can’t find justification in 40 year-old date to impose restrictions now.

    Are bad things going on now? Certainly. But the current version of the Voting Rights Act doesn’t address those. Congress knows it; the Supreme Court told them so the last time around. But Congress ducked the issue by voting nearly unanimously to renew an antiquated law.

    In this case, the fault lies with Congress, not the SCOTUS. In my opinion. Heck, aren’t some of the more eggregious efforts at voter restrictions coming in States not touched at all by the Voting Rights Act? Let’s look at today’s data, today’s numbers, today’s efforts to repress the vote and pass appropriate measures to correct today’s problems.

      • That’s the problem. They could draw a new map to reflect where problems continue or have arisen, but this congress couldn’t agree on whether or not to draw water from a well on a hot day.

          • Now, Attorneys General in repiggie states are announcing that their voter ID laws will be implemented immediately. Those laws waiting in the wings will go into effect ASAP.

            Another nail into the coffin bearing the great idea of the United States of America.

            • Or another step in the evolution/tug-of-war that is participatory democracy.

            • For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This law applies in physics and in human relations.

              The more Republicans seek to suppress minority voters, the more minorities become motivated to vote.

    • In other words, the SCOTUS would have had less to complain about if the criteria was applied equally to all 50 states?

      • That would have certainly presented a different argument. I mean, what is it, Pennsylvania and Ohio are trying to restrict voting, and I don’t think they’re covered by the Voting Rights Act.

        The Voting Rights Act needs to be updated. And it looks like Texas is leading the way to take advantage of the deregulation of voter restrictions & redistricting to disenfranchise minorities. This kind of Republican behavior is quite predictable, & other Red States will follow suit. That, in turn, will lead to a backlash & become a massive motivation for minorities to get registered, get involved and get out the vote.

        In other words, Republicans, by their very actions, are dooming their party – & they’re incapable of seeing the inevitable results of their actions.

        The only real question is: Will the coming Revolution be violent, or non-violent?

        • Last bitter gasp of a group that knows they are doomed to lose power. They’ll fight to the end, but the end is certain. I doubt it will be violent, more a slow dying of those who cannot change. Evolution, not revolution. The corporate powers that control them will also adapt, and pander to the new majority.
          On a positive note, the best response to this is to work to ensure that every eligible voter has an appropriate ID and is fully aware of any requirements they must meet well in advance of the next election. If necessary, we need to pay the fees required to obtain those documents for anyone who cannot.

          • Is there a group in this country that helps people get the required ID, that pays the fees when needed?

            Seems like this is something we need.

      • It is easier to pass Constitutional muster if a law is applied equally, as opposed to one that singles out a certain class or group.

  11. By the way, I am glad I could post my thoughts on a controversial SCOTUS decision here, even if they are not what some/many here would not necessarily agree with. Once again, I am grateful for this refuge of reasoned discourse on the web.

    And with that, I bid you all a good night, or Good Knight, as the case may be. I hope you enjoy tomorrow’s Open Thread, as I had to pull in some favors to get the inside scoop on how the SCOTUS will rule on the gay marriage cases.

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