Music Night, July 12, 2013 – A Little Class

I played French Horn in high school — well, I flailed at French Horn — and for inspiration my dad gave me two Angel recordings by Dennis Brain. Listen to Brain play one of the most difficult instruments in the orchestra may have been more discouraging than inspiring but both the Strauss and Mozart horn concertos are gorgeous.

50 thoughts on “Music Night, July 12, 2013 – A Little Class

  1. James Pankow of Chicago was my idol back in the 70s. I played trombone in the school band. I used to be able to play the solo from 2:26 to 2:54.

    • I loved their first few albums and in early 1970 they came to Whitman College in the new auditorium with fantastic acoustics. More to the point, Whitman and Walla Walla were absolutely starved for live music and ate CTA up. At one point, one of the band stopped to comment on the incredible reception — “It’s just like being home in Chicago!” So they played a really long set. Still one of the best concerts I ever saw.

    • Wow, that brings back memories from when I was VERY young (like 5). It wasn’t this album but I remember playing Herb Alpert on my Fischer Price record player.

  2. play this song as frickn’ LOUD as you can stand. My favorite; Carlos shreds, then sweetly brings you back, and then Pow again. A master guitar player at his best, and in complete control…

  3. i’ll leave ya with a morning raga. Play this while having your morning coffee or tea, and welcome the day in the right mood… 🙂

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