8 thoughts on “No Justice, No Peace

  1. I am so disgusted today. The filth has crawled out from under their rocks to gloat about a dead child’s murderer getting off. Sometimes I hate the internet.

    • Hi, sabyen – I’m with you, I’m disgusted, angry and full of loathing for those who think that somehow George Zimmerman is vindicated as a hero.

      On a good day, I hate stupid people. On a day like this, I just feel like screaming “What the fuck is wrong with you?!” at everyone.

      Paul, I’m sorry that circumstances required you to draw this toon, but as always, you’ve made us proud.

  2. Thanks guys…appreciate…This issue and this sort of injustice makes these the most painful ‘toons to do. The Right’s celebrating and braying about a wannabe cop getting away with killing a young unarmed black kid is beyond pathetic.

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