The Watering Hole, Monday, July 15th: FFS, There is NO Scandal!

While visiting ThinkProgress the other day, I noticed on the sidebar a photo of President Obama, with the following emblazoned over it: ‘OBAMA APPROVAL PLUMMETS – Is the IRS Scandal The Final Straw?

I couldn’t help myself, I had to click on it, and ended up at the following petition, sponsored (somewhat to my surprise) by Citizens United:


“Tell Attorney General Eric Holder To Appoint A Special Counsel To Investigate The IRS
Sign the Petition : 8,045 Signers So Far

Washington is embroiled in scandal and those at Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department cannot be trusted to conduct an independent investigation because there is a conflict of interest.

In a case this inflammatory – the politicization of the IRS – people serving at the pleasure of the President at the Department of Justice cannot be trusted to conduct an independent investigation because there is an inherent conflict of interest. How can you ask someone to fairly investigate their boss or others who work for their boss? The answer is you can’t.

The American people will not and should not stand for a political investigation into the politicization of the IRS. Please sign the below petition to tell Attorney General Eric Holder to appoint a Special Counsel to get to the bottom of the IRS scandal. Make your voice heard!

Thank you for signing this petition, we will keep you informed on the developments related to the fiscal cliff and additional content from Citizens United and the Presidential Coalition.”

[For more on the “Presidential Coalition”, here’s what SourceWatch and OpenSecrets have on the group.]

For your reading pleasure, here’s a selection of some of the dumbass comments posted by signers of the petition:

Lucy B. from Philadelphia, PA writes:
This was implemented to make sure Obama’s reelection would be secure and his opposition (Conservatives) would be denied money to carry on a political fight.

Robert B. from Chesapeake, VA writes:
Enforce the law on these lawleess jerks!!

Shirley H. from Pearland, TX writes:
Mr. Holder you need to appoint a special counsel to investigate the IRS. You have proven yourself unreliable and dishonest. Someone else should have investigated Fast and Furious and Bengahzi. You need to be fired and charged with several crimes.
Take yourself and the DOJ out of IRS investigation.

Herb P. from Boulder City, NV writes:
Repeal the income tax; our economy was better before the income tax.

larry b. from West Palm Beach, FL writes:
Shut Down the irs!!!!
flat tax NOW!!!

Geraldine R. from Milwaukee, WI writes:
Eric Holder needs to be investigated too.

robert w. from Hilliard, FL writes:
for this and bengazzi

Jan M. from Overland Park, KS writes:

Irv P. from Burbank, CA writes:
Your corruption breeds more corruption. It and you are putrid.

Everett S. from Darien, CT writes:
We want a AG that is fair , balanced and Just. Our nation needs and depends on this

[Note: I agree with this, but obviously, for reasons which are probably not the same as Everett’s.]

Laine P. from Austin, TX writes:
There is nothing to say that the “thought police” will not use against anyone with a brain left after these five years of oppression.

Mike H. from Palm Beach Gardens, FL writes:
He won’t do this because it would lead right to the White House.

Dr. Jim C. from Young Harris, GA writes:
bho is anti-American and the most divisive public figure to ever live in this Great Nation.

John T. V. from Tamaqua, PA writes:
These Chicago thugs, are like satan, “MASTER OF ALL LIES AND DECEIT.”

Anne M. from Hyde Park, MA writes:
Dear AG E. Holder: Do your job. Or perhaps it was your idea to pull this off in the first place? In that case, resign, if you have a trace of honor. That being doubtful, then know that you are unacceptable as chief law-enforcement officer of this country, because you have violated the Constitution you swore to uphold. Since you have all my personal information already, I’ll simply sign my self: Anne, A Citizen

Calvin M. from Bristol, VA writes:
The IRS is to Political. It has shown time and time again that it is out of control and cannot be trusted.

Richard B. from Chicago, IL writes:
Impeach Obama and dump his socialist Obamacare witch is a big Federal scam we are all in BIG trouble if its not repealed

christopher S. from Morocco, IN writes:
Holder and Obama are both black racist crooks need to be tried , convicted and sent to prison

Caroline C. from Sioux City, IA writes:
We have a president with blood on his hands
from the babies who survive an abortion and blood on his hands from the Benghai attack. The IRS is another President’s problem with their misuse of taxpayers’ money!!!!

Lucy B. from Philadelphia, PA [again] writes:
ABSOLUTLY! IRS apologized after his reelection was secured by eliminating his feared opposition the Tea Party which he marginalized used sexually divisive terms that great grandmothers didn’t even understand. And he has no respect for the RULE OF LAW.

Jo Ann C. from Jacksonville, FL writes:
For years, honest folks were afraid of the IRS…most with good reason as an audit by them put anyone in fear…even when they had done nothing wrong! Now it is our President who puts fear in us by all the things he has done and plans to do. He acts more like a Dictator than a President! I pray to God daily for the safety and security of our USA. I hope he is impeached and removed from office in order to save the America we know and love. I am an 80 year old woman and hope and pray for our Country…whomever reads this, please forward if you are like minded. Thanks

LEONARD C. from Glendale, AZ writes:
guilty as charged.this is a no brainer for a blind man.hang them for treason. god bless america.sent them all to kenya.

Now, I’m no fan of Eric Holder and his so-called “Department of ‘Justice'”, but this IRS “scandal” bullshit is just that, BULLSHIT. Yet Citizens United (spit) is still using it to incite and bilk the ignorant.

Well, since I can’t put all of the ignorant comments that I found into this post, I’ll leave you with this final winner:

susan D. from Latrobe, PA writes:
I have never seen so much corruption ever ;they just keep doing IT and getting away with everything ;that is so not right come on Gongress do your job ;fire holden @ Obama ;and Hiliray Clinton to . .there are many corruped people in the white house it is shocking .And they are trying so hard to make Balck and White such a bad rachal thing it is terbble ;i have no probelm with black people at all ;there all the same colour is not an issue it is the GOVERNMENT THAT IS THE ISSUE .

This is our Open Thread. Have at it!

133 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, July 15th: FFS, There is NO Scandal!

  1. They’ve had their own attack dog in the House in power since January 2010.

    The Charade of Darrell Issa

    Issa made his governing intentions clear three years ago, when he told Rush Limbaugh that President Obama “has been one of the most corrupt presidents in modern times.” He later took back the comment, but his motive was exposed for the method that would follow: he would exercise all of his official power to prove a sinister narrative. He would do exactly what he accused Obama of doing, using government muscle to harass his political enemies. Anything that disproves his narrative — e.g. I.R.S. targeting of liberals — is swept aside. He starts with a conclusion and works his way back.

  2. What tickles me most about commenters on baloney/wingnut sites is the little tidbit that offers extremely vibrant evidence in re either their lack of education or their lack of sufficient intelligence to even become educated: their atrocious spelling! It’s always and invariably worth a laugh, even as it dismisses any veracity in anything they try to say. 😆

  3. I’m enjoying the scandal involving transvaginal governor Bob and his grifter wife way too much.

    • Likewise. Mystifying, though. I would NEVER have thought — or in my worst dreams even IMAGINED — that hyper-evangelicals could EVER turn out to be . . . ummm . . . thieves? Beggars? Bandits? Crooks? Liars?

      Oh well, I suppose there’s a first time for everything. 😯

        • Let us not leave 2000 lb leg pressing fraud Pat What’sHisName out of the conversation…

  4. The Rude Pundit
    A Brief Note Regarding the Zimmerman Verdict: At Long Last, the Most Perfect Crime:
    Mystery novels are filled with criminals who attempt to commit the perfect crime. That is, a murder, usually, that they get away with. Most of the time, there is some cat-and-mouse game between the detective trying to solve the case and the killer. The perfect crime is the one that the killer never even gets arrested for, the one where, perhaps, as in the case of Roald Dahl’s “Lamb to the Slaughter,” the cops unwittingly eat the murder weapon.

    But the verdict in the case of George Zimmerman, accused of murdering Trayvon Martin, proves that everyone from Agatha Christie to James Patterson has been thinking small. The perfect crime is not just the one you get away with. The perfect crime is the one for which you are acquitted in a court of law. In fact, the most perfect crime of all is the one where, no matter what your true intent, the law supports and sanctions your right to murder in cold blood.”

    • Just read that and re-read the other links he added to earlier commentaries. Especially the compare and contrast between two white dudes killing someone and getting away with a black woman shooting in the air to warn her estranged husband – only one of these people is in jail…

      …RudePundit is on holiday this week and has guest writers writing on the War On Women this week.

  5. One idiot called Obama the most divisive president in history….He is divisive because he is a black man. Its not Obama who is divisive, its those on the right who are filled with hate and racism who are divisive, including Fox, Rush, etc, etc,,,,of course the pea brain who wrote the comment wouldn’t get this.

    • Obama is divisive by default because he’s Black. Racists have to make up their idiotic shit to convince themselves they’re not racist — it’s HIM.

    • Any President who does not do everything the Teabaggers demand is the most divisive president in history.

      That, simply put, is how they view the world. They are right. Only losers compromise, thus they refuse to compromise. And Jesus is on their side.

  6. It’s difficult to argue with the brilliant analysis in those comments. Obviously we have been suffering the oppression of the dictator and his white house filled with corrupt Chicago thugs. (What is it with these people and Chicago, anyway? Would they be happy with the black guy if he was from Louisville?)

    That “divisive” canard is been going around for several years, but Invictus Corruptus points the finger in the correct direction.

  7. Melissa Harris-Perry’s “footnote” in response to this tragic George Zimmerman not guilty verdict: How does it feel to be a problem, black America?:

    In his turn of the century treatise, The Souls of Black Folk, W.E.B. Du Bois wrote,

    “Between me and the other world there is ever an unasked question: unasked by some through feelings of delicacy; by others through the difficulty of rightly framing it. All, nevertheless, flutter round it. How does it feel to be a problem?”

    Everyone has problems. It is the human condition. No amount of wealth. No racial privilege. No righteousness of purpose and action leads to a life without problems. Everyone has them.

    But Du Bois was pointing to something different. Not just having problems, but being a problem. How does it feel to be a problem? To have your very body and the bodies of your children to be assume to be criminal, violent, malignant.

    How does it feel to be trapped on the roof of your home as the flood waters rise and be called a refugee?

    • That’s the heart of the matter, fatherbob. The mere fact that one’s outer covering is less than lily white, makes them a problem. It makes them them. The other.

      How does our society move forward when this attitude exists?

      Shamefully, my White Privilege guarantees that I will never have to think twice about it — unless I want to. And I do.

  8. Head shots, people:

    “O’Mara, who led Zimmerman’s defense, said that his client plans to continue carrying the weapon and now wears a protective vest when he appears in public, ABC News also notes.”

    • How about a bullet-proof helmet of some sort? There are, out there, some good shooters, at least according to various cop shows on the tube.

    • He should probably not eat in public restaurants or buy ‘take out’. There are mushrooms that can cause a death that looks like a heart attack. Maybe Zimmerman should hire a food taster while he is at it.

  9. “susan D. from Latrobe, PA writes: etc…”
    Latrobe, PA lies within ‘Pennsyltucky’. It is a coal mining region and her comment shows what happens to people that are under-educated. When children from this part of Pennsylvania grow up, they have few choices; either work in the coal mines, or at Walmart, or join the military. If they manage to get a college education, they don’t return to Latrobe, PA.

    • Every once in a while a young person from that area will visit a relative in another state and meets an unsuspecting jerk like me. Then the unsuspecting jerk marries the pretty coal miner’s daughter and screws up his life like I did. :sad:.

        • To be fair, PA is host to plenty of good breweries, including the oldest American brewery, Yuengling, which is privately owned and has remained in the family since the 19th Century. And, of course, Victory Brewing which is on my Top Five list for the US.

      • Wayne are you near the area in New York once known as the Burned-Over District?

        In my St. Augustine research I ran across a reference to that area, an area where both Henry Flagler and John D, Rockefeller were born and spent their formative years. Both men supposedly had moral convictions that didn’t seem to interfere with their screwing others when it came to making money. Standard Oil may never have become what it did had it not been for money made from selling whiskey.

  10. via LGF:

    There is hope for the future. These kids know what’s important!

    Kids React to Controversial Cheerios Commercial

  11. New Law Would Allow First Graders To Take NRA-Sponsored Gun Class
    The NRA claims that the course, which features colorful cartoon character named Eddie Eagle, teaches children about gun safety.

  12. Up until now, Glenn Greenwald has been within bounds as a journalist. But Snowden’s Saturday message, delivered through Greenwald, is criminal extortion, pure and simple:

    “Snowden has enough information to cause more damage to the U.S. government in a minute alone than anyone else has ever had in the history of the United States,” Greenwald told the Argentinian newspaper La Nacion. Asked if he was afraid that Snowden might be killed, Greenwald said: “If something were to happen, those documents would be made public. This is your insurance policy.”

    “The U.S. government should be on your knees every day praying that nothing happens to Snowden, because if something happens, all information will be revealed and that would be their worst nightmare,” Greenwald added.’

    This sentence from Greenwald is despicable:

    “Snowden has enough information to cause more damage to the U.S. government in a minute alone than anyone else has ever had in the history of the United States.”

    And bragging about their capacity to blackmail or terrify their own government in a foreign newspaper sounds treasonous to me.

    • Before I start I need to make two things clear:
      1) I am not a fan of Snowden, nor do I think what he did was “heroic”. If he wants to be considered a hero, then he should face the consequences of his actions.
      2) I am not a fan of Glenn Greenwald

      That said, Treason is defined in the Constitution. There has to be an overt act and there have to be at least two witnesses to that same overt act. I don’t think what Greenwald said or did meets that standard.

      One thing I learned in my Air Force days was that something could only be classified if it related to the security of the nation. Not the reputation of the nation, not the self esteem of the nation, but the actual security of the nation. I also learned that over-classifying something unnecessarily is a crime. (Things may, at first, be classified very high but then lowered later.) I also learned that you cannot classify something just to keep it out of the public’s knowledge.

      I am of the firm belief that much of the information Snowden took is merely information that was classified because we didn’t want people to know about it, but not because it related to national security. He also has information that would be embarrassing if it got out simply because we have been publicly telling the world the exact opposite. That’s our government’s problem, not Snowden’s.

      Besides, it appears, based on what everybody is saying, that there wasn’t anything revealed that wasn’t already known, except for the code names of the operations the government promised us they wouldn’t begin.

      If our government is doing something unconstitutional, I don’t care what the reason is, I want it stopped and I want it exposed. Because otherwise our Constitution means literally nothing. And I didn’t take an oath and agree to put my life on the line for nothing.

      That’s simply my own humble opinion.

      • Greenwald addresses the latest:

        “That Reuters article wildly distorted what I said in that interview, and you’re now helping to spread it. My point was exactly the opposite: his lack of intent to harm the US is demonstrated by how responsible he’s been with the documents he had to take to prove what he was saying: documents which, had he not been responsible, would do serious harm to the US government (though not national security).”

      • While I do admit to not being aware of the scope of info Snowden has, or to either the implicit veracity thereof OR to its ultimate impact, I have to say I applaud him for finding the means to make it public . . . mainly because I have no time for authoritarian government in the US, whether severe right wing, or left wing, or in the middle. Where Snowden and/or Greenwald flopped bigtime was in NOT releasing the whole pile all at once, instead holding back in slow release for profit and/or protection from authority. Hell with that shit. Either rely on principle or shut the fuck up. Both of ‘you’ (Snowden and Greenwald). I cheer for principle and for those willing to sacrifice all to support it. But . . . these two dudes seem to have other less honorable goals in mind.

        Remember Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers . . . he was NOT in it for either profit or glory, simply to reveal truth. My ass tells me that neither Snowden nor Greenwald are anywhere near the equivalent of Daniel Ellsberg, and that little factual tidbit allows neither of them to claim a whole lot of credit, if any at all.

      • Our Constitution means only what those in power will let it mean. Your Constitutional Rights ceased to be your with the passage of the Patriot Act, if not sooner.

        • Your Constitutional Rights ceased to be your with the passage of the Patriot Act, if not sooner.

          Needs repeating.
          Many forget the little tidbit…giving up rights to ‘make us safer’. We are a frightened lot.

    • I know a little bit about how well government contractors document their processes and systems. I suspect he’s got nothing.

    • They got Doocy from a local DC station where his stupidity was already on display.

    • Until horseshit like this starts appearing on real news networks (if there is such a thing), I’m not too concerned. The idiots who get their information from Faux are the only individuals who won’t laugh or gag.

    • Kate Middleton. Spouse, afaik, of one of Prince Charles’ boys? (I don’t keep up with English “Royalty” any more than if/when shit happens). And she’s pregnant, sounds like.

      So? Another m/f will fall somewhere into the royal succession thingee.


      I mean, hey, I was six yrs old when Charles was born, and he’s still ‘waiting’ for his moment. And I’m old. So is he.

      Good grief. Royalty. Should be “Royalty.” If not less than . . .

    • when you have anti-government, education bashing,survivalist bigots in congress, and state governments, they give voice to anti-government, education bashing, survivalist bigots..

      that seems to be the state of the union since Milquetoast Harry and the rest of the spineless democrats can’t seem to do a fucking thing to counter

      • I’ve been trying to figure it all out: where are Harry’s balls? Or was he born without? Was he ‘steerified’ way back when?

        Harry’s a looser, a zipper. Wrong time, wrong place, but there he sits. Why is that?????

  13. Minor earthquake: 3.4 jolt at 12.02p – about four miles from my abode. It caught the attention of the cat who raised his head looking for the source!

  14. Entirely off any topic… we’re in the midst of a huge (and controversial) construction project, building another light rail line from Portland to Milwaukie. In order for it to work, we have to build a new bridge across the Willamette; when completed it will carry the light rail line, the Portland Streetcar, buses, pedestrians and bicycles (no cars except emergency vehicles). The Project posted some gorgeous photos taken last month–well, I think they’re gorgeous.

    It wasn’t that long ago that I was looking down into the coffer dams keeping the river out of the space now occupied by towers.

      • I worked with the Mayor of Milwaukie for several years and he assures me (with a straight face) that the name was misspelled on purpose. Ha!

        The city is home to Dark Horse Comics and the Bing cherry, so I no longer snicker at the “city” part.

        • Mmmm Bing Cherries….and this is the time of the year to gorge oneself on them!

  15. Gingrich: Pro-Trayvon Protesters Prepared to be a ‘Lynch Mob’

    NOOOOOT and his dog whistle sound bytes…..what a typical wingnut bigot..he calls Zimmerman a “white hispanic”. NOOOOOT love to get every dig in he can to anyone he can who isn’t white and of European descent.

    i recall him referring to Juan Williams at a republican primary debate as “WHAAAAANN”….

    what a pompous ass

  16. Zimmerman Verdict Declares Open Season on Black Boys

    Calls for calm after George Zimmerman was acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin are empty words for black families.

  17. Trayvon/Zimmerman is immensely sad. So is this. Atrocity = Atrocity, esp. when idiots are standing in the shadows, guns cocked and loaded.

    Tragedy Strikes Mexican Gray Wolves Again

    Recently released breeding female killed, no chance for pup survival

    ALBUQUERQUE, NM (July 12, 2013) – Tragically, the killing continues. In the wake of a new proposed rule from the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) that would continue to hinder Mexican gray wolf recovery (the subspecies would remain listed, but with limited opportunity for necessary dispersal essential to recovery), Defenders of Wildlife has received news that another of the world’s most endangered wolves has been shot and killed. The incident is under investigation, but the victim, alpha female 1108 (F1108), had been mothering a den of young pups so her pups are also assumed to be dead.

    The following is a statement from Nancy Gloman, Vice President of Field Conservation for Defenders of Wildlife:

    “This is a true tragedy. The Mexican gray wolf population cannot afford the loss of another individual, let alone a breeding female with pups. With an extremely small population of 75 individuals and only two breeding pairs among them, this wolf and her pups were another critical step towards the promise of recovery. We had high hopes for the release of F1108 and her mate in May, but after the male was quickly recaptured and with this latest news of the female’s killing, there have been zero successful releases in years.

    “If the Mexican gray wolf is to have any chance at survival, the Fish and Wildlife Service must ramp up recovery efforts with a comprehensive plan that includes the release of many more wolves into the wild, and affords those that are released with protection outside of arbitrary lines on a map. Without being allowed to disperse, the wolves cannot establish the numbers and new populations necessary to win the fight against extinction.

    “These wolves are a critical and iconic part of the Western landscape, and for them to remain as such, you need many more wolves across a broader area. If any good can come from this news, let it be a call to action for the Fish and Wildlife Service – give the Mexican gray wolf a real chance for recovery by releasing more breeding pairs and allowing them broader access to additional land.”

    Trayvon Martin; 30,000 people per year. Mexican Gray wolf . . . and her pups. Dead. Each and all because of idiots with guns.

    Repeal the insane and race-based Second Amendment. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  18. DreamWorks is set to reboot “Lassie.”

    I’m guessing Johnny Depp will play Timmy and wear a stuffed cat on his head.

    • According to Peckerhead Pete, after David defeated Goliath, his Triumph was heard throughout the land.

      Confucius says, if a man makes love to a woman on the ground he will have piece on Earth.

      Those gems have been the best things in my life today.

      And Florida sucks.

        • You’re welcome and thank you for yesterday’s dragonfly post.

          Now if only DreamWorks would make a picture about the dragonfly that flew away with the butterfly….

  19. I rode with Peckerhead Pete today to a local organization that provides limited assistance to families in need of housing. The woman who runs the office is a font of information about all sorts of public and private programs to assist people in need. (Peckerhead is trying to find help to remodel his bathroom to be handicapped accessible.) I could see the frustration in her as she dealt with some of the less fortunate of St. Augustine who were lined up out the door to her office. I couldn’t help but laugh at a sign posted on a wall in her office:

    Don’t come in here with an attitude. I already have one of my own!

  20. We’re finding out more from Juror B37:

    “[Anderson] Cooper asked the juror if Zimmerman was the kind of person she’d like on a neighborhood watch in her community. She hesitantly responded, “If he didn’t go too far. … He just didn’t stop at the limitations he should have stopped at.” Cooper continued to push for a yes or no answer until the juror finally concluded that because “he’s learned a good lesson,” she “would feel comfortable having George” on her neighborhood watch.”


  21. Following Zimmerman Verdict, Miami Heat Leave Florida Citing Safety Concerns

    A slew of professional sports teams – including the Miami Heat, Orlando Magic, Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars have announced they are leaving Florida following the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the death of Trayvon Martin.

    Yes, it’s a parody site, but what if you were a black, college-bound athlete, considering offers from a number of schools. Would you feel comfortable going to a Florida university? If enough athletes turn down offers from Florida schools, rendering their programs less competitive, would the best players choose schools in other states, knowing their talents would be more likely to be overlooked at a losing school? It may take a few years to bear the results, but if the teams start to lose collectively, this could be pointed to as a factor.

    • But doesn’t that good old american exceptionalism mean I don’t have to wash clothes in a river, scavenge recyclables from trash heaps, and watch 2 of my 5 children die before the age of 3?

    • The most amazing thing about this story is that it took MSN four days to post it after HuffPo did.

  22. Ya know, if you read enough comments on the Zimmerman trial on the WaPo’s website. even a committed non-violent christian will start to want to hit someone upside the head with a rock,

  23. What the hell is up with people who contact me on the Etsy shop, ask me loads of specific questions about soap, shipping, etc., that I spend a lot of time answering, and then they just drop off the face of the Earth and never fucking order anything!? Why would they waste their own time doing that, let alone mine?

    I’ve had SO many of these lately. It’s very frustrating.

    • This will also happen to you at market. Many questions about your process etc. from folks that do not buy. You have to tell yourself that people have a right to decide how they wish to spend their money, and if they make stupid ill-informed decisions it is not a refection on you or the quality of your product.

      • That is SO true, Outstanding. On Saturday, I spent so much time talking to people about my soaps that my throat got sore — and those were the people who didn’t buy anything! Arrggghhhh1!!

        • Maybe the people who ask a lot of questions but don’t buy are thinking about doing their own. Are they “pumping” you for info about how you do what you do or where you get your supplies?

          • I’m not sure they’re doing that, Pachy. They aren’t asking about suppliers, just asking what I make the soap with. It’s interesting that they’re surprised olive oil is a large part of my soaps! One person asked me to give her a lesson, and she’d buy all the supplies. I said sure, since she lives in Spokane. 😀

            My movie awaits! See all y’all tomorrow!

        • Ahhhh mon amie, the retail customer is so fickled, oblivious to the creative process, and that your time has a value. What I learned from 33+years of selling at the retail level of commerce is this…do NOT take their lack of civility and imagination PERSONALLY! It’s their problem, not yours. Keep on, keeping on. Our Queen, in the end, will burnish her throne with the soap of her own making…

      • I get the folks who worry that my animals may have eaten GMO feed. I buy from the local coop, and cannot guarantee they have not. I doubt that GMO issues pass through the animal to affect the person that eats. I think GMO may be bad for biological diversity reasons, but no, I don’t think the science indicates that it will make your child behave badly in school.

        • And if one more person suggests that I’m abusing my child by not feeding him an autism preventing gluten free diet I really will consider whacking that person in the head with a rock.

          • I believe the current fashion is to shoot them dead and claim you were just standing your ground. Just tell the police they were assaulting your sensibilities.

          • OMG, I don’t know how you restrain yourself. I got so sick of that kind of crap when my son was younger.

        • People really tend to over-generalize things. People ask if my soap is “gluten free,” as if it matters! 😆 Another lady asked if I put sugar in my soap, because she’s a diabetic. WTF? 😆

          Anyhoo, it’s time for me to watch a movie and then try to get some sleep. I hope your markets are going well for you!

          • Well I reckon it matters to folk that eat soap! My markets go well, but Wednesday will see a heat index of 110. I’ll probably wish I was dead.

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