The Watering Hole, Wednesday, July 17, 2013: GET A JOB!

I once ate at a McDonalds where the placemat doubled as a job application. I kid you not. Made me wonder about the food I was putting into my face – that it had been prepared by someone eminantly qualified for the job because he could connect the dots on Ronald McDonald’s nose. (ok, so the job application was a bit more complicated than that, but you get the point.)

Well, it seems the job creators running the clown outfit really do care about their rank and file line workers. So much so that they produced a booklet “Practical Money Skills Budget Journal.”

Page 4 has a sample budget

Let's start with getting 2 jobs, ok?

Let’s start with getting 2 jobs, ok?

This budget assumes you have 2 jobs. So, let’s do the math. To get a net of $2060 per month you have to gross more than that because of things like social security, and other taxes. But, for the sake of argument, let’s assume you work in a State that has no other taxes, and you don’t have to pay any income tax, just the 6.2% Social Security tax. So, you’re going to have to gross about $2,200 per month.

Two jobs. Minimum wage. $7.25 per hour. You’ll only have to work 303 hours per month. No problem. You’ve got 30 days to work all that in, so that’s just….hmmm 303 hours divided by 30 days….10.1 hours a day, every day of the month.

But wait! You’re working in a fast-food establishment – so the most you can count on from the Clown is a 30 hour work week. So, just put that together with your other minimum wage job and you’ve got a …. 60 hour work week….Still need 10.7 hours more. No problem! Just get another job!

Ok, so we’ve figured out the first couple of lines – we’ve all got three part-time jobs paying minimum wage and putting in 10 hour days, seven days a week. We can now afford to rent a $600/month abode. With the average rent running a bit over $1,000 a month, we’ll have to settle for something a little below average.

And we can budget $150 per month for a new car! We’re quite the shopper, and we got a 5 year car loan at zero interest, meaning we can buy any car we want, up to $9,000! Ok, so that’s somewhat less than the $31,000 average price of a new car these days. In fact, that won’t even get you the cheapest new car, coming in at a bit over $12,000. So, we’re going to have to make payments on a used car, and hope to heck it doesn’t need any repairs, ‘cuz that’s not in the budget. For that matter, neither is gas.

But the clown’s budget does have us saving a whopping $100 a month. And we get $25.00 per day for food, gas and entertainment. As long as we never get sick, never miss a 10-hour shift, never have a major repair on our car, etc. We even have $100 a month to buy appliances, furniture etc. What a great budget!


The only thing the Clown’s budget truly shows is the fallacy of working hard and living the American Dream.

It used to be that part of the American Dream was class mobility – the ability to move up the socio-economic ladder – to be better off than your parents were. We still have class mobility, but now it is in the opposite direction. Many of us are not better off than our parents. Our children most likely won’t be better off than us. And our grandchildren and/or great-grandchildren will face struggles not seen since the industrial revolution.


Bonus: This is a MUST WATCH!</p>

74 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Wednesday, July 17, 2013: GET A JOB!

  1. Health Plan Cost for New Yorkers Set to Fall 50%

    State insurance regulators say they have approved rates for 2014 that are at least 50 percent lower on average than those currently available in New York. Beginning in October, individuals in New York City who now pay $1,000 a month or more for coverage will be able to shop for health insurance for as little as $308 monthly. With federal subsidies, the cost will be even lower.

    My COBRA in 2011 was $450 a month, unsubsidized. In the ARRA program, it was $160 a month while I was covered by it for the first 15 months, so I’ve already seen how this can work for people. Anyone who can get insurance that cheap is a fool for not having it. I may try becoming a self-employed contractor once the ACA gets established if the rates look like they will be low enough. Then an employer can hire me without worrying what having me does to his insurance rates.

    • As an elder dad who’s going to retire with teenage kids, I;m hoping for similar results in Washington state. We’ve got our exchange in the works, haven’t seen rates published yet…Keeping eyes peeled. (10 year old Amber thought that expression was gross…)

      • I asked a valid question in a respectful manner. I only wanted to know if your opinion changes based upon the information cited.

            • “The homeowners association asked him to launch a neighborhood watch, and Zimmerman would begin to carry the Kel-Tec on his regular, dog-walking patrol – a violation of neighborhood watch guidelines but not a crime.”

              Loose cannon. And the not so subtle link between neighborhood robberies and blacks in hoodies.
              Let me ask you a question. Did the hoa ask him in writing to start the watch program? Would they have been OK if he had informed them that he was going to carry a loaded firearm on his ‘dog watch’?

    • Yeah, having been menaced by a pit bull is exactly the reason he stalked Trayvon, got into an altercation and shot him dead. Exactly.

      • I don’t know whether the HOA put the request in writing. I only know what was in the article. Nor do I know how they would have felt about the gun. I assume they would have been concerned about liability issues, but would probably have had mixed opinions about people carrying legal weapons, just as in the general population. Why do you ridicule his efforts to keep his neighborhood safe? That’s part of what I don’t understand. You don’t know him, do you? Do you have any knowledge of him other than what’s been in the media? His neighbors, including his black neighbors, appear to agree that he is a good man who was trying to help. And even if the only threat in his neighborhood had been a pit bull, why would you ridicule his fear of a threatening dog that has the ability to kill people. Pit bulls do kill people. I don’t understand the hostility to Zimmerman from people who don’t know him and who appear to totally discount the views of those who do know him. His neighbors have no reason to defend him if they think he is in the wrong.

        • “Do you have any knowledge of him other than what’s been in the media? ”

          That’s it in a nutshell. Trial by media.

          Zimmerman, as an armed “neighborhood watch” sees himself as part of the solution. I see him as part of the problem.

          Do we need armed vigilantes to keep our neighborhoods safe? If so, what does that say about our society?

          If Martin had been armed and was quicker to the draw than Zimmerman, would he have been exhonorated under the “stand your ground law”? Statistics show that to be far less likely. But the NRA solution is to arm everybody and return to the days of the Wild West, where a 6-gun wrote the law.

          • If Martin legally had a gun, drew quicker and Zimmerman had attacked him first, then he should be acquitted. And I understand your opposition to the concealed carry law. But, my question was whether the article has any effect on your opinion of Zimmerman as a racist, if that is your opinion.

            Regarding the issue of whether Zimmerman had reason to be concerned about a black teen: Again, my only knowledge is what I have read. My understanding is that he said the teen concerned him because he was walking in the rain with no appearance of hurrying to get home, yet had his hood pulled up against the rain. I also understand that he said the teen was looking around at houses, as had happened previously prior to a robbery. Also there is this from the article:

            “Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. I’m black, OK?” the woman said, declining to be identified because she anticipated backlash due to her race. She leaned in to look a reporter directly in the eyes. “There were black boys robbing houses in this neighborhood,” she said. “That’s why George was suspicious of Trayvon Martin.”

            I didn’t hear Zimmerman’s attorney didn’t indicate that that he followed Martin because he was black, but because he appeared suspicious in a neighborhood that had been hit by repeated teen robberies.

            Regarding Zimmerman’s past infractions: Do past mistakes mean he is guilty in this instance? Doesn’t it appear that he has had more of a history of being a law abiding, productive citizen than he has of breaking the law? According to the article, his troubles with the law followed the loss of his business, in which he had a black partner. And those troubles appeared to be short lived. There is no mention of any more trouble between 2005 and the shooting in 2012.

            • Actually, your question was not about opinion of Zimmerman as a racist:

              “Have any of you read this, and does it have any effect on your opinion of Zimmerman or the incident?”

              The law at issue, as I understand it, is not a concealed weapon law, but a “stand your ground” law that is inequitably applied, and allows someone to get away with murder if they claim they felt threatened, especially if the only other witness is dead.

            • “My understanding is that he said the teen concerned him because he was walking in the rain with no appearance of hurrying to get home, yet had his hood pulled up against the rain.”

              Why would this be of concern to Zimmerman? Walking in the rain with his hood up seems pretty normal to me. Not in a hurry to get home? That’s no one’s business but Trayvon’s, since it’s not against the law to slowly walk in rain. Yet.

              You know what’s concerning? An adult man relentlessly following a kid in the dark, in his car and then on foot. With a gun, bullet in the chamber and safety off. After having said, “These punks, they always get away.”

              Well, Trayvon didn’t get away, did he?

              Why don’t you spend as much time researching the short life of Trayvon Martin?

    • I read it. It doesn’t have any effect on my opinion of Zimmerman or the incident. It remains to be seen if you are a regular visitor here who has just now decided to post, or if this is a drive-by posting & you’ll never be heard from again.

      Reasoned discourse is welcome. Hit & run posts are not.

      • I have been reading this blog off and on for a couple of years. I posted once recently. I’m trying to understand why people are unaffected by evidence that George Zimmerman isn’t a racist. I understand the feeling that Martin might be alive today had Zimmerman never gotten out of his vehicle. I don’t understand the insistence that he is a racist when there appears to be evidence to the contrary.

        • ~” I’m trying to understand why people are unaffected by evidence that George Zimmerman isn’t a racist”~

          he just uses terms like nigger, coon and fucking mexicans in sunday school.

          • In 2005 Zimmerman is arrested for “resisting officer with violence” and “battery of law enforcement officer.” But he wrote in his application to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office Citizens Law Enforcement Academy that “the officer assaulted me first”.

            Later that year, his fiance accuses him of domestic violence and takes out a restraining order on him. But he responded by taking out his own restraining order to protect himself against her. Finally we have this case, where Zimmerman claims that a kid who is running away suddenly, for no apparent reason, changes his mind and attacks Zimmerman.

            The poor guy can’t catch a break! People keep attacking him, and then they (or the liberal media) claim that he attacked them! Quick, call the WAAAHMBULANCE!!!

        • I’m sorry, but just because there is evidence to the contrary of Zimmerman’s racism, doesn’t mean he didn’t racially profile Trayvon Martin that night, which directly led to his death. His own words from that night show that Zimmerman had racist tendencies toward Black men.

    • Not really. The system that allowed this to happen exactly as it was designed. Just another violent, unncessary, unpunished death in America. That Mark O’Mara thinks that had Zimmerman been black he’d never even have been arrested is a disgusting indictment of the obvious racial angle to why Martin is dead.

      Strange fruit indeed.

    • Trayvon had a history as well, but his was much shorter, because of George Zimmerman’s actions.

      George Zimmerman should have stayed in his car and waited for the police to arrive.

    • Hey, it worked for Rand Paul. Can’t pass your opthomology board?
      Start your own board! Your daddy’s a Congressguy, no prollem.

  2. A Rough Guide to Life in the United States of Zimmerman, the US of Z

    In the US of Z the law allows people to hunt each other.

    In the US of Z you can be a self-appointed volunteer vigilante, and you have permission to decide a person is up to no good based solely on the color of his skin, and maybe the time of day and your own bigotry.

    In the US of Z you may racial profile to your heart’s content and the judge won’t let it be used against you in court.

    In the US of Z, you don’t have to feel remorse if you kill someone, even if that person did nothing wrong, even if you went out of your way to get to kill him. You can just believe it was God’s plan.

    In the US of Z, there is confusion about whether Trayvon Martin is another Medgar Evers or Emmett Till. He might have grown up to be a Medgar Evers. He died an Emmett Till.

    More on the US of Z

  3. That McDammit’s budget…. what a joke. Seriously, you expect anyone to think you can make a living wage off of a McDonald’s job – or two McDonald’s jobs? Or three?

    If the serfs were not so tired working their three jobs just to stay alive, then I’m sure they’d be all over that budget….

  4. “Keith Olbermann Returning To ESPN, But Barred From Talking Politics”

    I give him two weeks, and I’m being generous.

    • Ummm, yeaaaaaah, I’m gonna have to disagree with you there, Rand.

      That’s what’s known as an example too far.

    • The Founding Fathers didn’t put anything at all like a filibuster in the Constitution, and if Rand Paul thinks they did he should be kicked out of the Senate by his colleagues for not reading the document he has several times sworn to uphold. The Founders said each House of Congress could make its own rules.

      I’m betting Paul, even if he knew the truth, which is doubtful, thought his target audience would believe him, including whichever idiot Fox News host (is that Eric Bolling?) he was talking to.

      Two other things: If he’s so worried about extremists, does he think HE would be eligible for any Supreme Court or AG position? And, why does he think the point of the filibuster is to get the president to do something totally unrelated to the nomination being blocked? What does Comey have to do with drones?

  5. Alex MacGillis partially blames Trayvon Martin’s death on Florida’s lax gun laws:

    “There is a reason why there are so many concealed-carry permits in Florida—the state makes it awfully easy to get one. Florida is a “shall-issue” state, meaning that there is little if no discretion left up to the authorities to withhold a permit if the applicant meets the minimum requirements. That the state leaves the awarding of permits up to its Department of Agriculture, and not to law enforcement, speaks volumes. There are some limits on the permits—you can’t be a fugitive from justice!—but nothing that kept George Zimmerman, who was arrested in 2005 for “resisting an officer with violence” and that same year had a restraining order taken out against him by his ex-fiance—from having the right to carry that night in 2012.”

    • That’s sad. These were great jobs for kids and retirees who just wanted to supplement social security, others, not so much.

    • “The burst, in a distant galaxy, was some 3.9 billion light-years away. Each light-year is about 6 trillion miles.”

      I try and comprehend the vastness of time and facts such as this, and besides utterly frustrating, it reminds me how completely small and insignificant life really is.

    • I just tuned in when he was trashing Liz Cheney, so I must have missed what the problem is with Ray Kelly. I don’t think I know who that is.

      • Ray Kelly is the NYPD Commissioner who refuses to let up on the Stop-Question-and-Frisk policy, which has resulted in hundreds of young black men getting arrested for reasons having nothing to do with carrying a weapon (which is the point of the policy.) He has turned NYC into a police state with his unconstitutional surveillance. As Commissioner, he commands the seventh largest army in the world.

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