Sunday Roast: Tomato Season


I’m getting some lovely red tomatoes the size of my fist, and delicious little yellow pear tomatoes from my vines.

How about you?

This is our daily open thread — Discuss!

43 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Tomato Season

  1. I’m only just starting to get a few tomatoes and fighting bugs and groundhogs for them. Damn stinkbugs and strange weather. Income is down.

    • OIMF, one would think you would have no trouble selling your piggies to Virginia’s republiscum politicians’ friends, they seem to love providing pork to the politicos. It looks like the Governor even married a sow.

      • I’ve got sows with better ethics.
        Actually, pork and beef sales are good. I will soon run out of meat until the next slaughter. I just can’t seem to get the tomato and pepper crops to take off.

  2. The two young foxes that are in the back yard most mornings did the strangest thing this morning: they started gingerly nibbling the blackberries off the blackberry bush! And they were having a grand old time of it, jumping around to different sides of the bush to pick out the best berries. I didn’t know that foxes ate berries.

    While the foxes are not begrudged the berries, it IS the first year berries have come in…. (sigh)….

      • …let’s see… ye olde paperback dictionary … “pastoral or rural” –ish.

        Ah. Well the yard is quite the sanctuary, and the outside critters are something like the 3 foxes, two cats and a new litter of 4, a family of 3 raccoons, a goldfish, several squirrels, flocks of birds who often like to re-enact scenes from Hitchcock’s “The Birds”, a couple of snakes, a groundhog, one opossum, and we had some of those loud little frogs (I like their singing at night…) but we believe the frogs have been eaten by the cats.

        But we do live in the county of St. Louis. So, its more wildlife than I ever expected to see all at once around here.

        We have discovered that foxes like dog biscuits and rawhide chews.

  3. We’ve been enjoying home-grown corn, tomatoes, some kind of purple long thin bean, mini watermellons, apricots, peaches, more peaches, more tomatoes, peas, etc.

    The Mrs. has greatly reduced the amount of lawn to mow in the back yard!

  4. I caught a poster at Media Matters lying a week or two ago and when he shows up I tell him he’s a liar. Today he replied to one of my irreverent comments about god and I agreed with him!

      • There’s one “Guest” poster that shows up there that I suspect was Pokey from a while back. Pokey used to post his name over and over in ever increasing font sizes. The one now shows up after MM’s moderator is gone and post vile comments in caps, over and over and over.

    • I have no doubt that some day in the future people will dig up our landfills to make use of what has been buried as trash over the last 50 years.

      • *Disposable* diapers will leave them in a quandary. One of the worst, for the environment, inventions of modern times.

    • That is the truth!
      I live in a recycle everything city. ( thank the stars) No plastic bags at the stores. This has helped tremendously – very few flying around landing in trees, on fences or someones windshield.
      Wondering how many of our city streets were named I went browsing through old (1870s – 1890s) city directories for prominent names of that age.
      There was so much local manufacturing, even a reata (lariat) maker listed!

    • He is certifiable. [if he has any] Friends and/or relatives need to think about seeking psychological assistance for him. Bekc is truly a sick __.

    • I think Larry Summers is a joke. I could overlook the misogyny perhaps, if he’d displayed any insight into how to handle the financial crisis without rewarding bad behavior without thought as to whom would be damaged by not investing in public works.

  5. My neighbor, Peckerhead Pete, really surprised me last Thursday when he showed sympathy for Obama due to the opposition to him from Republicans. I recalled Pete talking about Dr. King’s visit to St. Augustine in 1963 and the people he knew or knew of who had plotted to kill King. Pete would have been about 12 years old then.

    I suspect Pete has realized that the unemployment he relied on until it ran out, the food stamp benefits he’s used for several years (currently $16/month) and now a disability SS check are good things for people in need. There are times when his upbringing in a racist world comes out and he’s still “cheating” the system with his unreported income but he surprises me with a willingness to assist people in need, whether it’s giving $5 to a girl walking by his house to buy her baby some formula or borrowing my air pump to help a woman who had a flat tire in front of his house, all the way to giving me, the Yankee bastard, a beer if I want one. There may be hope yet if other people start realizing how detrimental Republicans have been to the middle and lower classes in America.

    • Cumulus Media will be replacing Limbought and Hannity with Mike Huckabee, Mark Levin, or Michael Savage. Limbought and Hannity will move to Clear Channel stations in the same markets. This will only mean more idiot voices on more channels. Reich-wing radio isn’t going anywhere, this is just a realignment because Clear Channel wants them on their own stations. We’ll have to hope that the greed of Bain Capital brings down Clear Channel into bankruptcy, and maybe the pieces get broken up eventually.

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