Watering Hole: Tuesday, July 30, 2013 – Mandela

This a man that I greatly admire.  He was brave while he was imprisoned and even braver after he was elected President.  Nelson knew that in order for South Africa to move forward, it could not dwell in its past sins and atrocities.

President Mandela celebrated his 95th birthday on July 18th and he was hospitalized for a lung infection back in June.  Even though he is showing improvement, his situation remains critical.

Just like everyone else, no leader is perfect.  What is important is the legacy that their leadership gives to us.  Here’s to you, Mandiba.

This is our Open Thread.  Speak Up!

86 thoughts on “Watering Hole: Tuesday, July 30, 2013 – Mandela

  1. Blasts Rock Florida Propane Plant

    A series of explosions engulfed a propane plant in flames in Tavares, Fla., late Monday, injuring at least seven people — three of them critically — and forcing evacuations for a half-mile around the scene, authorities said.
    The explosions began as a fire spread through the Blue Rhino plant in Lake County, near Orlando, about 10:30 p.m. ET, Lake County sheriff’s Lt. John Herrell told reporters early Tuesday. Seven people were taken to hospitals, two by helicopter, he said. All of them were in the plant when the fire started.

    Is it just me, or do more things blow up now?

    • I’m looking forward to Part B kicking in. Right now, I only have Part A as I am no longer covered by other insurance. I applied for Part B at the beginning of June, as instructed by a worker at Social Security. When my card arrived, it stated that coverage begins on September 1. What am I suppose to do in the meantime? For the past two weeks, my left knee has been giving me enough trouble that I am experiencing some difficulty walking. I don’t want to get it checked out until I have Part B because I can’t afford to pay for tests especially in Washington as everything is more expensive here.

      • Last time my knee bothered me I started riding a bicycle rather than walking. 1100 miles later and I can safely say it worked like a charm! Of course, I now have ‘cantaloupe calves’ (and my grandfather was an immigrant, too), so don’t mention anything about me to Steve King. 😯

          • Swimming is great way to exercise when joint problems persist and haunt. Done that too, over the years, and it’s never failed. Never been to a chiropractor, and reports from those I know who’ve gone that route are mixed: some good, some ‘nah’. In any case, youngsters like us typically either grow out of or work our way out of ‘minor’ stuff like sore spots, bad joints, etc. ‘Find what works and go for it’ is the best advice anyone ever tossed at me. Plus, the ‘pain’ of a good workout keeps you from worrying about the ‘pain’ implicit in the aging process! Keeps you from worrying about the idiots in DC as well, at least while you’re ‘out there’ doing what’s fun to do. 🙂

    • Same goes for all that expensive real estate in The Hamptons – and all those resort hotels in Florida.

      But, while taxpayers won’t foot the bill to move the Eskimos (apparently) we’ll probably have to bail out the rich homeowners in The Hamptons & the resort hotel industry….


      one way would be through eminent domain through some b.s. excuse – then pay off the property owners at top dollar without taking into account the property will be underwater, literally, in a few years.

      • I would say you are allowing cynicism to cloud your objectivity…. but I can’t think under what circumstances I would do anything other than agree with you …. those poor sods in Alaska will lose their home and have lost their way of life…. the fooks in the Hamptons? They’ll make us all bend over again.

        The revolution can’t come soon enough.

    • I have started substituting the word ‘fork’ for the other 4 letter word but fook works, too. The word ‘turd’ works well as a replacement for ‘tard’ as that can offend some people.

      • TommytheTurtle may have worked out how to find the Zoo and I would like to avoid the charge of ‘parental hypocrisy’ without self-censoring my content and denuding it of some of its comedic and political impact.

      • A long time ago when I still lived in Minnesota, where Scandinavian “humor” is a driving force, there was the story of a Norwegian fighter pilot who landed in England during WWII, having survived aerial combat with some Luftwaffe planes. After he landed and in his debriefing, they asked him about his harrowing journey from Norway to England. He said,

        “Vell, fer da first maybe hunnert miles, no problem. But den dat damned Luftwaffe popped up.”

        “And what did you do?”

        “Vell, dere vas a dogfight, ya know, but ven it vas done I had managed to shoot down tree o’ dem fokkers, and da udder vuns turned and headed back toward France.”

        “You said you shot down three ‘Fokkers’?”

        “Ya, tree o’ dem!”

        “The ‘Fokker’ is an older German plane, since replaced by the Messerschmitt.”

        “Ya. Dem Fokkers vas flyin’ Messerschmitts!”

    • We should forcibly relocate all the climate denier scientists, and their families to this island, and leave them there.
      OK, well, maybe not their families, but those phony assholes should be required to stay there until they are up to their armpits in salt water.

  2. meanwhile, back at the Bob residence….

    mrs Bob implied she was putting me on a diet since vacation is OVER!…

    i’m getting a fresh keg for my kegerator, and back-up keg delivered this morning..i hope she’s busy when they get here, else sparks could fly

  3. Bradley Manning is not guilty of aiding the enemy.

    Guilty of illegally releasing classified docs, knowing they would be accessible by the enemy.

    Not that he’ll ever see the light of day again, either way.

    • He’s not guilty of much of anything at all, far as I’m concerned. This country has become a judicial travesty of late: Zimmerman is walking around loose after murdering an unarmed boy, and Manning will be in the slammer for a long time for doing nothing seriously wrong, other than embarrassing a bevy of assholes.

      I don’t like it here very much anymore. Wish my grandfather had never left Sweden, frankly.

  4. Limbaugh Plans Hourlong Fox News Visit

    With Cumulus Media saying publicly that it plans to drop Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity at the end of the year, the pair of talkers are calmly making their pitch public. Both Hannity and Limbaugh downplayed the report on their radio programs yesterday, reassuring listeners that regardless of what happens they will be able to listen to them.

    Tomorrow, the last day of July, both Hannity and Limbaugh will have an hour each in primetime on Fox News to make their case to viewers. Hannity has his daily 9 PM program, while Limbaugh will be interviewed by Greta Van Susteren on “On the Record” for the entire 10 PM hour.

    What will be interesting is whether what Hannity and Limbought tell ‘their listeners’ turns out to have a grain of truth in it when the dust finally settles.

    • The lying wingnut duo of Limbaugh and Hannity will continue to spout their bullshit in open forum even as Bradley Manning will likely spend the rest of his life in the can . . . for revealing the truth.

      America. R.I.P.

  5. So is it just me or is anyone noting the two guards for Bradley Manning are scruffy, unshaven, t-shirt wearing yahoos while Manning is at least doing his part to honour the service with his #1s? They couldn’t even offer him that respect?

  6. Obama to GOP 1-e4, your move…. Obama offers new ‘grand bargain’ to GOP ahead of budget fights

    “But if we’re going to give businesses a better deal, then we’re also going to have to give workers a better deal, too,” he added, explaining that the new money from corporate tax reform could be used for infrastructure spending, or boost high-tech manufacturing hubs, or help grow the community college system. “All of these things would benefit the middle class right now and in the years to come.”
    To which Republican leaders quickly replied “Hell, the workers aren’t the ones funding our danged campaigns, screw them..wait…is the mic still on?”

  7. HuffPo headline goodness, strikes again:

    Sydney Leathers: Anthony Weiner ‘Too Busy Jacking Off’ To Be Mayor (VIDEO)

      • And Aqua Buddha slaps back!

        “This is the king of bacon talking about bacon,” Paul said about Christie. Both are considered potential 2016 contenders for the Republican presidential nomination.

        This caught my eye:

        “It’s not helping the party for him to pick a war with me. It’s a big mistake. It’s not very smart. And it’s not a good way to grow the party,” Paul said, adding that the Republican Party is “shrinking” in the Northeast. “Why would he want to pick a fight with the one guy who has a chance to grow the party by appealing to the youth and appealing to people who would like to see a more moderate and less aggressive foreign policy?”

        Maybe it’s just me, but it seems highly delusional to think Rand will be pulling young people into the GOP, merely because some of them love his lunatic father.– especially since this particular spat is about cutting money in order to spend it on “defense.”

        • Bacon, shrinking, growing ….. go on make a Sumo wrestling gag too Rand…. go on… John Oliver is waiting and watching….

  8. The nonpartisan Congressional Research Service issued a report today stating that Obamacare would still be in effect even if lawmakers shut down the federal government.

    The GOP Klown Kar probably figures they can end Obamacare if they shut down the government 38 more times.

    • The consistency of stupidity does not surprise me!

      Look at who represents the state:

      Governor Bill Haslam (R)
      Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey (R)

      U.S. Senators Lamar Alexander (R)
      Bob Corker (R)

      Enough said!

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