The Watering Hole, Friday August 9, 2013; Nagasaki

In Memory of All Who Suffered, and of The Murdered Dead.

Following are some excerpts from “The Pacific War” by John Costello (1981; Atlantic Communications, Inc.; ISBN 089-89256-206-4); detailing various events beginning on August 6, 1945 and culminating 68 years ago today, on August 9, 1945

“This is the greatest thing in history,” Truman exclaimed when he was brought the message, “HIROSHIMA BOMBED,” while lunching with sailors aboard the Augusta in mid-Atlantic.

“It is an atomic bomb,” announced the prepared White House release. “It is harnessing the fundamental power of the universe. The force from which the sun draws its power has been loosed against those who brought war to the Far East.” The Japanese had been given a shocking example of American power in a detonation estimated at 20 million tons of TNT, and a terrible warning: “If they do not now accept our terms, they may expect a rain of ruin from the air, the like of which has never been seen on this earth.”

In re Hiroshima itself: the detonated uranium bomb’s first moments, and the immediate aftermath . . .

“My God!” was the startled reaction of one of the Enola Gay crew members . . .

“Suddenly a glaring whitish pink light appeared in the sky accompanied by an unnatural tremor that was followed almost immediately by a wave of suffocating heat and wind that swept everything away in its path,” was how one observer recorded that moment of detonation. . . .

“Within a few seconds the thousands of people in the streets and the gardens of the center of town were scorched by a wave of searing heat. Many were killed instantly, others lay writhing on the ground, screaming in agony from the intolerable pains of their burns. . . .”

Half an hour after the explosion, through a clear, cloudless sky, a mysterious drizzle began to fall on the survivors. Those not dying or in agony from their terrible burns began to fear that the black drops of rain contained some more deadly poison. Ten square miles of Hiroshima had been obliterated and more than 130,000 people had perished in those few interminable minutes of hell, which also cost the lives of American prisoners of war held in Hiroshima Castle.

There was no response from Tokyo to the American ultimatum, so therefore episode two in the promised  “rain of ruin from the air, the like of which has never been seen on this earth” was shortly underway.

Major Charles W. Sweeny took off from Tinian piloting the Superfortress named Bock’s Car after its usual pilot, Captain Frederick C. Bock . . . Slung in the B-29’s hull was the second of America’s nuclear weapons, the “Fat Man” plutonium bomb which scientists expected might prove more powerful than the uranium bomb dropped three days earlier. His mission was not to run so smoothly. There were technical snags in getting the device armed, and the weather reports were bad that night as Bock’s Car thundered toward its primary target at Kokura, the site of a huge army arsenal. Thick clouds blanketed the city at dawn, and Sweeny determined to try his alternative dropping zone over Nagasaki. With his reserve tanks not functioning by the time he arrived over the city shortly before 11 A.M., he decided to ignore orders and bomb by radar. Then his bombardier sighted a hole in the overcast.

The detonation of the “Fat Man” plutonium bomb generated a fireball of destruction that annihilated 35,000 people and flattened the center of the city, but the extent of the damage was contained because of the shielding effect of the surrounding hills.

Hours later, Japanese Emperor Hirohito, in a piping, almost expressionless voice denounced the futility of “prolongation of bloodshed and cruelty.” The terms of Potsdam, calling for the disarming of the services and the punishment of the war leaders, were “unbearable,” he agreed. “Nevertheless the time has come when we must bear the unbearable.”

The Second World War was thus over, and the final Japanese (unconditional) surrender took place some three weeks hence — on September 2, 1945 — aboard the decks of Battleship Missouri, at anchor in Tokyo Bay.

From Emeralds and Ashes, my summation:


germany surrendered
may 7 1945
anno domini
five years
eight months
seven days
beyond day one
and flow of european brimstone ceased
though well beyond the gates of hell
the maniacal
thousand year reich
died a fitting death
at age twelve years
four months
eight days


of this
the latest
 war to end all wars
september 2 1945
anno domini
as japan capitulated
on quarter-deck of dreadnought
uss missouri
at anchor in tokyo bay
these final words were spoken
by douglas macarthur
army general of the victors

let us pray that peace be now restored to the world
and that god will preserve it always


in global conflagration
fifty millions dead or missing
cities and nations now become
smoking rubble
through cause unjustifiable
by any measure of
or insanity

left behind a lexicon
of Horror
auschwitz birkenau buchenwald treblinka bergen-belsen majdanek babi-yar
pearl harbor bataan guadalcanal saipan iwo jima okinawa hiroshima nagasaki
to those who perished
by fetid hand of satan’s fetid soul


aftermath prophesied in
bhagavad gita

“If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst
at once into the sky
that would be like the Splendor of
The Mighty One . . .
‘I am become Death, Shatterer of Worlds.’”





Praise be to . . .


Open Thread.

44 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Friday August 9, 2013; Nagasaki

    • There was a hashtag game going around Twitter last night, but I can’t remember the exact wording of it – something like #otherjobsforseanhannity, or something like that.

      From what I heard, Fox News reported this change citing Drudge as the source who, in turn, cited anonymous sources at Fox News. Fox News is such a shitty journalism venue that they can’t even get a story from themselves right.

      I also heard they may bump Hannity to 10 PM and leave Greta hanging. Or they may give her Shep Smith’s second hour at 7 PM. (I’m not sure of their lineup because I don’t usually watch their network.)

      Last point, Murdoch and Ailes always defended their non-news network saying the prime time people were opinion people, and the news shows were the news shows. But Jane and I sat through a couple of programs once (I think they were Shep and Bret Baire?), and while the first half hour was news in the familiar news format, the second half hour of each show was the host talking with guests who opined about the news. Go figure.

    • Holy shit, he’s a fucking piss-soaked troll — with the power of law enforcement behind him. 😯

      No one in that town who believes differently from that asshole — about anything — is safe. The town must be led by complete morons, since they have merely suspended him. Wow.

    • Thanks Wayne. Took me a minute to spot it, but finally did and fixed it. Stuff like that can happen when you try to write a post when your cat’s sitting on your lap is my only excuse!

  1. Rand Paul: “You know, the thing is, people want to say [my budget is] extreme. But what I would say is extreme is a trillion-dollar deficit every year. I mean, that’s an extremely bad situation.”

    Oh, BURN:

    “Actually, according to the latest Congressional Budget Office (CBO) figures, the deficit for 2013 will be $642 billion. That’s a lot of money to you and me, but it isn’t a trillion dollars, and it’s the lowest deficit since 2008. The CBO is also projecting that in 2014 the deficit will fall to $560 billion, and in 2015 it will fall further, to $378 billion.

    Those projections will inevitably be revised over time. Maybe the deficit will actually be larger, or maybe it will be smaller. One thing we can say for sure though, is that for the moment at least, there are no more “trillion-dollar deficits,” not every year, and not any year. In fact, the reduction of the deficit over Barack Obama’s term has been nothing short of stunning.”

    Jonathan Chait is unsurprised by Paul’s ignorance:

    “For Rand (and Ron) Paul, the dread specter of fiscal collapse and hyperinflation is more of a generalized fact of life than something that depends on particular “numbers.” The whole political rise of the Pauls since 2008 owes a great deal to the economic crisis and the resulting spike in the deficit, which drove large numbers of people to join the freak-out bunker where the Pauls have resided all along. Of course Rand Paul isn’t going to notice the apocalypse is receding — its imminent appearance is a fixed piece of his worldview.”

  2. “I want [House Speaker John] Boehner up there defying this guy and saying, ‘We’re going to impeachment with you’ if you do not start obeying the laws,” GOP town hall meeting attendee Ed Hunter.

    Yeah, that sounds just right.

  3. Whining about a 3-4 billion loss on a constitutionally mandated agency, while not a peep about the nearly 700 billion annual defense budget.

    Postal Service had $740 million third-quarter loss – Yahoo! News

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Postal Service has trimmed its losses to $740 million over the last three months by consolidating processing facilities, cutting hours for workers and post offices and reducing workers’ compensation costs, the agency said Friday.Still, year-to-date, the Postal Service had losses totaling $3.9 billion, and the agency said that without help from Congress its financial woes will worsen.The report for the financial quarter ending June 30 comes as Congress considers proposals to fix the agency’s finances. The agency lost $16 billion last year and is trying to restructure its retail, delivery and mail-processing operations.

    • ‘course the “losses” are only because Repukelicans are forcing the Postal Service to fully fund, now, the next 75 years of pension liabilities. The GOP wants to destroy the Postal Service & privatize it. bucking fasterds.

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