The Watering Hole, Friday August 16, 2013; “Some Days are Diamonds”

As John Denver once sang it, “Some Days Are Diamonds, Some Days Are Stones.” Yesterday, when I should have been writing and scheduling-for-post yet one more ‘something’ incredibly profound in concept . . . well, I was busy because  “Some Days Are Diamonds” you know — definable as days wherein, after a 20 mile morning bike ride in the shadow of the Rocky Mountain Front Range, the singly most important thing left to do is to snap a random photo of Shadow (the most fab cat that’s ever been!) and Tootsie (a next-door cat-world Newbie . . . not immediately related to Shadow, but . . . well, you know)!

Anyway, here’s yesterday’s most glowing moment, digitally expressed:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAImagine it: a cats-only world! A world governed only with cool intelligences, a world with no REPUBLICANS! ! — a world in which even a little three-month-old kitty named Tootsie OBVIOUSLY has more upstairs than any dozen Mitch McConnell black holes could ever have — a world in which, were it to ever accept and employ any sense of genuine and eternal JUSTICE, Shadow would be our POTUS!).


Open Thread.

41 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Friday August 16, 2013; “Some Days are Diamonds”

  1. Your highness, it’s din-dins! Would widdle wuler want some belly-belly, tum-tums? Belly-belly tum-tums for the fuzzy highness! ooohhh… peasant’s got the belly! Got the…OW!… o.k…. soft paws, soft paws….

    Yep, better with cats.

      • There is no such thing as a “cat owner.” Cats are the owners, and they know it. As someone once pointed out, the ancient Egyptians considered cats to be gods . . . a thesis cats to this day accept, relish, and put to extremely vibrant practical application.

      • Frugal is right — cats are not “owned”.

        And we have a couple that like their belly rubs, a couple that like to drink from the faucett, one that likes to join you in the shower (literally IN the shower… with a nice drying witht he hiar dryer after — she’s the one currently displayed on my gravitar), we have two ‘alarm clock kitties’ (mind you, they can’t read the clock, so they will wake one or both of us humans up at all sorts of hours), a poet, a ballerina…. and more… some very colorful characters, to say the least.

        And, yes, i will take a few friendly scratches when they happen.

        • Shadow KNOWS when the morning clock strikes five . . . and she makes sure we know it too.

          And she, unlike both rich and poor hominids, has no watch or clock.

          Cats are, indeed, SUPERIOR to humans! (but then, so are cockroaches I guess . . . well, superior to Republicans and Teabaggers, at least).

          Life is tricky. If you’re not a cat.

  2. Shadow is magnificent! Today is a diamond here, woke up to temps in the 50’s, clear air and a fresh sky. I’m off to cut flowers for market.

    • There are two petitions currently circulating in Texas and outside of Texas.
      The petition inside Texas is demanding that they be permitted to secede from the union.
      The petition circulating outside of Texas is demanding that Texas be forced to secede from the union.

    • And Fox (courtesy of the right-wing bloggers) has a ready-made hatchet piece on how the media is so biased.

      You have to read it. The whining is hilarious, given Fox’s unabashed bias.

      Three cheers for Reince Priebus — good riddance to rubbish moderators | Fox News

      The Grand Old Party doesn’t need any more debates where George Stephanopoulos asks six insincere questions about banning contraceptives, or Brian Williams suggests GOP governors shouldn’t be able to go to sleep at night after executing murderers. 

      They don’t need “town meetings” where badly disguised liberal activists stand up posing as “the people” and make leftist speeches designed to embarrass conservatives.
      If liberal media outlets don’t want to air Republican debates without liberal moderators, then so be it. Republican voters don’t need to watch MSNBC or CNN to be able to find these debates and make up their minds.

      • Can I take that projector home this evening, I’d really like to hook it up to my blue ray and show some movies this weekend?

      • Fox Gnus Presents: Tea Baggers and Master Debaters, together, on stage, LIVE at 6 and 9 p.m., 8 central and mountain.

  3. RNC votes to ban CNN, NBC from hosting primary debates.

    Ya know, if you take the vowels out of Reince Priebus you get, RNC PR BS.

  4. Black cats are so beautiful. Friday morning, I was awakened to the sound of two cats expressing their disagreement about something. One cat was white (the older cat) and the other, younger cat was black. It must have been a day for cats.

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