Music Night: Big Music

With many mouths to feed, big (and sometimes orchestral) music is hard to pull off. Pink Martini and Big Voodoo Daddy are a couple that come to mind. Have at it.

56 thoughts on “Music Night: Big Music

  1. Love me some flapper music Nonewhere…. still can’t SNZ out of my car.

    But did someone mention Godzilla!!!??? (includes the classic movie clips!!!)

    • Great one Terry. Thought that version of the film was excellent. Forget that Eurthymics did music for it. (For some reason I recall some controversy along those lines.)

      • I think the director didn’t like and use the music Eurythmics wrote for it – so the whole album went out instead of being applied to the film.

        • That sounds about like what I was recalling. Been a long time since I’ve heard the Eurthymics album. Will be listening to the whole thing this weekend for sure.

  2. With many mouths to feed, big (and sometimes orchestral) music is hard to pull off.

    That made me remember I saw this earlier today.

    Jon Bon Jovi Fires Richie Sambora From Tour, Report Says

    The celebrity news website cited sources close to the band as saying Sambora wanted more money and front man Jon Bon Jovi declined.

    Sambora, a Bon Jovi musician for 30 years, was making $2 million a month and 20 percent of the profits of each concert. In a massive drop in payments, his replacement, Philip “Phil X” Xenidis, is making $10,000 a month.

  3. Dialling it in from Alexa’s happy hour – three of us here – me, Mac & Jack (‘s African Amber Ale). Here’s what’s playing….

  4. Going back to big orchestral sounds….. ELO made a lot of ground with 3 strings players on top of guitars and keys…. by the time they released Out of the Blue, they used Berlin Philharmonic I think to record the strings…… this one’s for Sheriff Joe Arpaio ….. NOT

  5. Oh get this – Alexa’s is playing the very same Kinks song and very same version I posted up above on the Chelsea Manning post… :). Just had some Tom Petty and Jimi…

    • Sure hope it was the cool season during the filming, otherwise heavy elephant costumes, in So. Africa, could be quite uncomfortable.

  6. back to big band combining with rock to produce great music – sometimes….

    Scorpions and then Berlin Phil and his Harmonica….

    • Wow, we had so much hope for the winds of change….. so much was done…. but we lost so much again….. more to do… 🙂

    • It is heavy blow for such a beautiful voice (and person).
      Thank the stars/FSM for the hundreds of recordings so that we may continue to hear her voice.
      Parkinson’s is cruel.

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