The Watering Hole, Saturday, August 31, 2013: The Naked Greenland

Just when you thought you knew what your planet looked like, along comes a surprise – there’s another canyon on our planet that rivals our own Grand Canyon. It’s in Greenland, and it was discovered by scientists using ice-penetrating radar and decades of data.

The canyon has the characteristics of a winding river channel and is at least 460 miles (750 kilometers) long, making it longer than the Grand Canyon. In some places, it is as deep as 2,600 feet (800 meters), on scale with segments of the Grand Canyon. This immense feature is thought to predate the ice sheet that has covered Greenland for the last few million years.

The scientists used thousands of miles of airborne radar data, collected by NASA and researchers from the United Kingdom and Germany over several decades, to piece together the landscape lying beneath the Greenland ice sheet.

As beautiful as I’m sure it looks, my fear is that we’ll be able to see what the canyon looks like, with the naked eye, in our lifetimes. Well, not the people living on the Eastern coast.

This is our daily open thread. Feel free to discuss canyons are any other topic you wish. And if you’re currently enjoying a three-day holiday weekend, you can thank Unions for that.

53 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Saturday, August 31, 2013: The Naked Greenland

  1. Somebody at MSNBC must have heard me. Instead of repeating the Hardball show that subbed for Rachel last night, at least they reran All In With Chris Hayes.

  2. nice find, Wayne.

    I’ve thought it would make a good premise for a sci-fi story if the melting ice on Greenland revealed an ancient space-port/Atlantis.

    Anybody hazard a wager that the taxpayers are gonna pick up the tab for destroyed beach-front mansions in the Hamptons & resort hotels in Florida? I wouldn’t be surprised if insurance companies are already dropping coverage for flood/wind/saltwater damage.

  3. Where is everybody, on vacation or still in bed?

    I’m really enjoying my research…

    The tree known as the Upas, Antiaris toxicaris has a sap that has been used as a poison on arrows and darts.

    When Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon church left New York in 1831 he went to Kirtland .

    In his lecture to the Firelands Historical Society quarterly meeting at Bellevue, Ohio in 1866, a Rev. John Stafford said of the town of Kirkland:

    “…Kirkland, where the Mormon upas once struck root and flourished for a time, and which, when it was removed, left a soil prepared for a succession of follies and vices as bad and false in nature as Mormonism.”

    One hundred fifty years later another cultist was in Kirtland.

    The only thing new in life is the history we haven’t learned!

  4. I’m pretty sure this Congressman’s “gut feeling” is nothing but the memory the anti-Saddamists who said the ONLY reason we found no WMD in Iraq is because he moved them all to Syria.

    They like to claim that he declared he had the WMDs and then they weren’t there. They forget he admitted he lied when he said he had the WMDs because he wanted Iran to believe he had them. Or is my memory wrong about that?

      • Let the show begin!

        Republicans – O! Republicans,
        Where will you stand?
        Will you instinctively oppose,
        Obama’s demand?

        But this time it’s WAR
        Bombs! Death! and Destruction!
        The one thing you’ve never
        Raised an obstruction!

        But what of the budget?
        With money so tight,
        Can you really afford
        To join in the fight?

        Republicans – O Republicans!
        The quandry you’re in!
        The ball’s in your court,
        In a game you can’t win!

          • But the defict-hawks will refuse to vote for it unless we first privatize Social Security, and the Teabaggers won’t vote for anything Obama wants.

            As for me, I would want to see UN support &/or support from the Arab League of Nations.

            I also read a recent report that says it wasn’t a chemical attack, it was a mishandling of chemical warheads – by the rebels themselves.

  5. Jerome Corsi, sooper geenious:

    Our founding fathers knew that if we went this direction [gay marriage], there was no more moral compass and you wonโ€™t be able to explain to your children โ€” youโ€™ll have to face the fact that we lost holding the line on one of the most principle issues in the Bible, and that is sex is not about fun.

    He’s doing it wrong.

  6. (obviously from a bygone era)

    TRIMZ DDT Children’s Room Wallpaper
    Non-Hazardous to children or adults, to pets or clothes.
    Certified to be absolutely safe for home use. Tested and commended by Parents‘ Magazine

    No Sprays! No Liquids! No powders!
    So convenient, so safe because the DDT is fixed to the paper. It can’t rub off!

    Beautiful! “Jack and Jill” or ” Disney Favorites” – gay new patterns that protect as they beautify a child’s room.

    DDT Ceiling Papers, Too!

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