The Watering Hole, Monday, September 23rd, 2013: Ignorance is…Ignorant

I wasn’t planning to go to the pharmacy counter at our local A&P grocery store the other day, but I needed some Mucinex and, because somehow weird people might make meth out of it, I had to take a card from the shelf hook and bring it to the pharmacist. Despite standing more than the required 4 feet away – for privacy purposes (4 feet = ‘cone of silence’?) – I caught quite a bit of the conversation between a customer and the pharmacist. The beginning of their discussion was about a delay in getting the man’s medication, so the pharmacist offered to give him several pills to tide him over. The man was grumpy about the whole thing, but eventually accepted the pills, and I thought “finally, my turn.” No such luck.

Their conversation then turned to ‘Obamacare’ and, although they lowered their voices a tad, the bits that I overheard were the usual drivel: “it’s just another step toward socialized medicine”, “it’s insane”, “nobody knows what’s in the law”, “socialized medicine is the WORST!” (those last two were from the pharmacist herself), and so on. While I endured about five minutes of waiting for their fear-fest to end, I debated about interrupting to try to inform them; however, since I, along with Wayne and his mother, are regulars at this store, I didn’t really want to start a fight. By this time I had already been joined by another customer waiting outside the cone of silence–luckily it was one of the nice women from my vet’s office, so I turned to her and muttered “I’m going to slap them both soon.”

Just a few days before this, I took advantage of one of the ACA’s rules that had already taken effect: I had my annual physical. No co-pay for the visit; no co-pay for the bloodwork; no co-pay for the colonoscopy that my doctor told me to get; no co-pay for the mammogram that I need to schedule. In addition, several months ago Wayne and I both received checks from United Healthcare because they did not comply with the 20/80 rule about how the insurance companies spend our/our employers’ premiums.

It just pisses me off that neither the angry customer or the pharmacist, in the course of their conversation, ever thought to admit that one of them should actually look into what the law is about. I would have thought that the pharmacy, since it will likely be affected by some of the new rules that go into effect on October 1st, would have studied up on Obamacare, or what New York State is doing to implement the newest regulations. Unfortunately, these two are amongst the millions of people who would rather bitch and moan about what they don’t know instead of trying to find answers. Anyone with a computer can do a search for information, starting with the White House’s website itself.

Ignorance is not bliss…it is a decision to remain uninformed.

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117 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, September 23rd, 2013: Ignorance is…Ignorant

  1. In this rural corner of Colorado (which I have come to refer to as “Pickuppisstan”), ignorance is RAMPANT. Everything from Obama’s coming for your guns to the reason the Post Office is in a financial bind is “Obamacare.” And even as one local woman applauds getting rid of food stamps because they’re only used by “lazy people” (who are mostly blacks and Mexican illegals), she does as little as humanly possible at her ‘job’ — the job she holds only because her retired husband (a native born Pickuppisstanian) isn’t yet old enough for Medicare and she gets family insurance as a fringe benefit at “work.”

    Those few tidbits pretty much define the Republican world these days. Never thought I’d live to see the day, but here we are. Eisenhower and Goldwater would be ‘Socialists’ today, and drummed out of the GOPP — the Grand Old Pickuppisstanian Party.

  2. Green Chile Salsa Meatloaf

    2 pounds ground beef
    1 pound sage sausage
    1 medium onion diced
    12 ounces of roasted, peeled and diced Green Chile
    8 ounces salsa
    3 eggs
    3/4 cup bread crumbs
    4 dashes Worcestershire Sauce
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    Mix and bake @ 325 until done

  3. why does the party who rants to run our country with more christian values eliminates food for the poor and do away with healthcare?

        • How would they know? Seriously, a R-rep from, I think, North Dakota? recently referred to the Soviet Union’s 193? “constitution” as justification for his vote in favor of cutting SNAP funds. His reference was based on Lenin’s concept. I’m not sure if he sees Lenin as Christlike, or maybe as JC’s reincarnation, or (more likely) that he’s never heard of either Lenin or the Soviet Union, only agrees with that “wisdom” required to make poor folks PAY THE FREAKIN’ PRICE FOR BEING POOR!!! Jesus was like that, right?

          The guy’s obviously an ignorant, greedy asshole. A Republican, i.o.w.

  4. The Average American Family Pays $6,000 a Year in Subsidies to Big Business
    That’s more than an insult—it’s an attack.

    $1,231 for Revenue Losses from Corporate Tax Havens

    U.S. PIRG recently reported that the average 2012 taxpayer paid an extra $1,026 in taxes to make up for the revenue lost from offshore tax havens by corporations and wealthy individuals. With 138 million taxpayers (1.2 per household), that comes to $1,231 per household.

    Much More Than an Insult

    Overall, American families are paying an annual $6,000 subsidy to corporations that have doubled their profits and cut their taxes in half in ten years while cutting 2.9 million jobs in the U.S. and adding almost as many jobs overseas.

    This is more than an insult. It’s a devastating attack on the livelihoods of tens of millions of American families. And Congress just lets it happen.

      • Should be a revolutionary development. If they tried this shit anywhere in Europe they’d be marching in the streets. People in this country are too apathetic to do anything. Oh sure the teabaggers showed up because they were being furnished buses and stipends no doubt. And the gun nuts think the answer is buying more guns. But regular Americans mostly don’t pay attention. And the OWS people were basically clueless thinking both parties are exactly the same.

    • Somebody in the comments asked if the guy always watched baseball with the closed captioning on. In truth, that’s often the best way to watch it precisely because the transcribing is often humorously wrong. Years ago we were watching a Mets game and every time they mentioned their then-shortstop, Rey Ordonez (tilde over ‘n’; I can’t do that yet), the captioning would read “RAY OR-DON’T-YES”. It gets really fun when the announcers start talking faster than the CC can keep up.

  5. Palin on Cruz Control

    Former Alaska governor and GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin further stoked Republican turmoil over the weekend by writing on Breitbart News that, “It’s time for the Senate to put itself on Cruz Control” and hinting she may endorse the primary opponents of those who defy her.

    “A little reminder to Republican senators up for re-election in 2014: Moose season ends soon, allowing more time on one’s hands. So, we’ll be watching your votes very carefully this week,” Palin wrote.

  6. Jane I have been saving money since the ACA was voted in and my premiums started going down. Now I’ve save all kinds of money on mammograms and such. People are just too stupid to realize they’re saving money.

    • Yes Jane, excellent post. Being that I live in Dumfukistan, I’m treated to overhearing such conversations all the time — usually between people haven’t got insurance or a pot to piss in.

      I think we can look forward to a whole lot of silence on the Obamacare issue, once it’s fully implemented, because these idiots will certainly enjoy the benefits of Obamacare, but absolutely will not admit it.

      • Personally, I can’t wait for Obamacare to kick in, and plan to bombard the health care system with business. 🙂

        Obamacare isn’t what we’d hoped it would be, but it’s far better than what we had before — which meant no affordable health care for me and far too many other Americans. It’s my hope that Obamacare puts us on the slippery slope to filthy commie single payer.

        • Me, I’m waiting for step two: the Public Option, followed by step three, UNIVERSAL SINGLE PAYER (and the disassembling of each and all of the big corporate “health” insurance “providers.”


          I know, I know. Optimism is a sin. But what the hell, on the eve of b’day 71, what’s left?

        • I think I’ll have a better chance of getting a job when I can offer myself as an independent contractor, because I’ll no longer need company benefits. I can take what I normally make per hour, add the other half of the FICA amount, and a little for health insurance, but it’ll be a fixed amount, that won’t go up every year at the whim of the insurance company.

  7. Neo-Nazis Try to Take Over Leith, ND; Hundreds Protest

    By mid-afternoon on Sunday, September 22, Last Real Indians, reported on its Facebook page, “White supremacists have raised their flag over the town of Leith, ND.”

    The news came as hundreds of Native Americans and others flocked to the tiny North Dakota town of Leith, population 24, to protest a group of American neo-Nazis who plan to take over the town and make it “an all-white enclave,” according to Political Blindspot.

    • Damn Injuns. Dint we kick there buts a coupel hunderd year ago? This here’s AMURKA, AN IT’S A WHITE CUNTRY!

      **Special note: just to *write* the above was painful; to understand that it represents a widespread reality makes me more than a little sick.

      Truth can, sometimes, hurt. Why is that???

    • The website displays the group’s motto – “Putting Family, Race and Nation First while Fighting to Secure American Jobs, Manufacturing & Innovation” – and describes itself as “America’s Premier White Civil Rights Organization – Fighting for White Civil Rights.”

      Just out of curiosity, what foolproof plan do they have to “secure…manufacturing” in this country, when you have the US Chamber of Commerce (that’s US as in “us”, not US as in “U.S.”, short for United States; they’re about them, not our country) openly telling businesses they’re fools if they don’t outsource as much manufacturing as possible? Do they really think raising tariffs will bring manufacturing back to the U.S.? How do they plan to do that? (Not that I think they have anything resembling an intelligent answer.)

      • . . . The website displays the group’s motto – “Putting Family, Race and Nation First while Fighting to . . .

        Why does that bring to mind Nazi Germany? Oh. Wait. ‘Neo-Nazis.’ Never mind.

        Bet they vote Republican. I know I would . . . IF I hated everyone not like me, IF I hated, say, Jews, or Muslims, or Atheists, or Gays, or ‘Negroes,’ or ‘Latinos,’ or ‘Asians,’ or ‘Wimmin,’ or ‘Socialists,’ or . . . etc. etc. etc.

        I am, really, happy to be an old bastard, one whose days are numbered. I do, really, feel SO SORRY for all those younger than I, esp. for my children and those of their generation, not to mention those not yet born. I mean, really, what the hell are we — what have we LEFT to them . . . other than something really terrible waiting to happen?

  8. Jason Zengerle’s Cruz profile is both hilarious and horrifying. My favorite douchey detail from the alleged populist:

    “As a law student at Harvard, he refused to study with anyone who hadn’t been an undergrad at Harvard, Princeton, or Yale. Says Damon Watson, one of Cruz’s law-school roommates: “He said he didn’t want anybody from ‘minor Ivies’ like Penn or Brown.”

    Get your popcorn ready for Cruz’s gambit. This is gonna break bad.

  9. Chicken Helps Protest Gun Laws

    A few carried guns. Mark Scheffler carried a calm, brown hen named Winchester.

    Scheffler was the lone among them asked to leave the Downtown Appleton Farm Market, and it was precisely the point he wanted to make at the popular Saturday gathering.

    Chickens are far safer than firearms and laws allowing for open carry need to change, said Scheffler of Appleton.

    “Carrying a loaded assault weapon in downtown Appleton, the fine is zero dollars,” he said. “The fine for carrying a loaded chicken — and she is loaded — is $263.50.”

    Can’t bring a chicken to a farmer’s market? When did chickens become a non-farm product?

  10. Kevin Drum surveys the austerity damage:

    “So what has austerity cost us in the United States? The full price is hard to calculate, but the Congressional Budget Office figures that sequestration alone has cut GDP growth by about 0.8 percentage points. Since sequestration accounts for less than half of total belt-tightening over the past couple of years, a rough guess suggests that our austerity binge has cut economic growth by something like 2 percentage points—about half the total growth we might normally expect following a recession.”

    In normal government during recoveries:

    “Government spending at all levels is far below the level of any other recent recovery. Sixteen quarters after the end of the recession, spending during past recoveries has been 7-15 percent higher than it was at the start. This time it’s 7 percent lower, despite the fact that the 2008-09 recession was the deepest of the bunch. Reagan, Clinton, and Bush all benefited from rising spending during the economic recoveries on their watches. Only Obama has been forced to manage a recovery while government spending has plummeted.”

    This context is critical to understanding the anemic recovery. They just hate Obama much more than they love their country.

  11. Florida professor charged with ‘video voyeurism’ for filming up his students’ skirts

    When questioned during a search of his office, Samuelson admitted the pen belonged to him, but said that he was only filming up the skirt of a female student in order to prove that she wasn’t wearing any “undergarments.” The “pen” was found among several other USB drives, all of which contained pornography.

    Yes, because not wearing panties is inappropriate, unlike filming down blouses and up skirts.

    • Three of the gunmen in Kenya are from the US — shall we expect Kenyan retribution (invasion, bombing) of the US?
      We were “harboring” terrorists.

  12. 23 Hawaiian goats stolen, with duct tape used to keep them quiet

    HONOLULU — More than 20 purebred goats– most of them pregnant — were stolen from a Hawaii farm on a full moonlit night, with duct tape used to keep the animals from making noise, their owner said.

  13. Chris Hayes is deliberately sabotaging his ratings again. Tonight he’s got Michael Steele on instead of the National Review guy.

      • Well, he hasn’t stooped to using David Selig or Peter Ferrara like Thom Hartmann does. Or Horace Cooper, who is the worst person Thom has ever had on his RT show.

        I’ve noticed Steele is starting to sound more like Steve Schmidt lately, but I still can’t put up with him.

  14. PolitiFact (in all its forms) is really bad at fact-checking, aren’t they? They claim an ad that says Koochy’s bill would have been bad for women is “mostly false” because it would have been equally bad (in theory) for men.

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