Watering Hole: September 24, 2013 – Salmon – UPDATED

Chinook at the fish ladder, Seattle, WA

I took this picture with my cell phone at the fish ladder in Seattle, WA back in the middle of July.  The Coho Chinook (King) salmon had just begun their migration from the ocean to the stream.  This is quite the challenge as these very large fish make their way from the ocean, through Puget Sound, up the fish ladders into Lake Washington and then into the feeder streams.  Some of these fish will spawn and die while others will make their way back to the sea.

It was amazing to see these large fish swimming outside the fish ladder and then taking turns climbing these ladders.  They lined up like cars waiting to pay at a toll booth.

Coho in Stream

That’s all I got.

UPDATE:  Chinook/King spawning.Lx382   Chinook or King Salmon

My apologies for the mix up.  I am going to blame the error on Lyme Disease which can mess with one’s mind  😦


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107 thoughts on “Watering Hole: September 24, 2013 – Salmon – UPDATED

  1. I’ll spare the world my rant about clear cut logging and its effect on fisheries along with hydroelectric dams, diverting water to Los Angeles and radioactive fish in the Columbia river.
    Also, the collapse of salmon fishing in California.

  2. My friend works in the fisheries regulation/monitoring industry in CA. Sticking RFID tags in the juvenile salmon on the way out and counting them on the way back, monitoring the water and so on.

  3. Rand Paul is going to start pushing a constitutional amendment outlawing any special exemptions of health care coverage for government employees — that would mean all federal workers would have to purchase health insurance on the new Obamacare exchanges instead of getting taxpayer-funded subsidies. Congress, the SCOTUS, everyone.

    Populist Paul.

  4. Cats, we have several fish hatcheries/fish ladders on the Clearwater, and it just occurred to me that I take the fact that they such amazing places for granted.

    I used to take my men to the fish hatcheries when they were younger, and we could spend hours watching the monstrously huge Steelhead leaping up the ladder one by one. Then we’d go look at the series of ponds that held the baby fishes of various ages, which were protected by netting over our heads, to keep the osprey from feasting on the young fishies.

    We were introduced early to the nasty racist attitude of some White men in the area, when they’d piss and moan out loud about the “filthy Indians” being allowed to fish right next to the fish ladder at the Ahsahka fishery, while they weren’t allowed to do so. Nevermind the fact that most of Clearwater county, including Ahsahka and Orofino and their fisheries are on the Nez Perce Reservation. Assholes.

    • I take those “98-0” votes with a grain of salt. It usually means is that someone proposed a unanimous consent request that they be confirmed and nobody present objected. And if some douchebag (Sens Rand and Cruz, I’m looking in your direction) decides to object and force the chamber into a recorded vote, I bet it would be closer to along party lines.

      But if this were an actual recorded vote and the judge was confirmed 98-0, then I’m both impressed and puzzled. Why does anybody object to any judge?

      Either that or the Republicans didn’t realize for whom they were voting.

  5. QOTD:

    “I actually don’t really get the point of paparazzi anymore. It’s not like back in the day where they sold pictures to magazines. Now they just put them online. I don’t really know how they make money.” — Miley Cyrus, making a pretty good point .

  6. While defunding Obamacare is getting all the press, the House GOP bill to raise the debt ceiling is chock full o’ crazy: means testing medicare, gutting EPA rules, repealing Dodd-Frank, building Keystone XL, and of course, tax cuts.

    Bonus: “Job-rich Keystone XL pipeline” phrase in GOP bill. Are they high?


  7. QOTD II:

    “So I’m at the Patrons Ball tonight and Lynne Cheney, the mother of Liz, comes up to my father-in-law [Alan Simpson] and tells him to … I believe the direct quote was “Shut your mouth” regarding his support of Mike Enzi,” – Deb Oakley Simpson, on her Facebook page.

  8. Hi, gang.

    I’m still having waaaay too much fun flying to hang around much. I’m slowly working the bugs out of the new glider but I’m close enough that I have started adding trim colors. The next step will be to cover the rudder in blue and orange to match the wing tips. I really have to find a competent camera operator so you can all see how pretty it looks and sounds in the air. All gliders “sing” but something in the combination of cooling holes I’ve added has given this one a very rousing “song”.


  9. It is amazing how they line up in an orderly manner and wait patiently for their turn to climb the ladder.
    Unlike boorish humans who cut in line, then pretend to be outraged when you call them out.
    Or idiot drivers who pass a line of a hundred cars, then jam their way into the line, thus causing the line. Kindergarten was lost on those morons.
    And, as an extra added bonus, Chinook salmon, and their cousins the Silvers, Pinks and Humpies, do not carry guns and shoot each other.

  10. A question to those running Chrome: I just restarted my computer, and a new thingy appeared on the left end of my bookmarks bar. It says ‘Apps’, but when I click on it, it just opens a Chrome window that says ‘chrome://apps/’ in the URL, with two icons, ‘Store’ and ‘Google Search’ in the page.
    Does anybody else see this, is it as new to you as it is to me, and do you have any use for it?

      • Broker Certification Training through CMS, Broker Certification for each carrier selling on and off the exchange. Annual Medicare Certification. Continuing Education Hours and tests.

        pass the Glenlivet….


    Truth be told, I’m more worried about all the laws allowing guns at the local mall than I am foreign terrorists. They don’t need to attack us. We’re attacking each other while they just sit back and laugh at us.

    US malls focus on security upgrades following deadly Kenya siege | Fox News

    Shopping malls and other soft targets in the United States should increase security measures and update emergency response plans in the aftermath of the Kenyan mall massacre that killed at least 72 people, experts told FoxNews.com.

  12. Cruz, totally exposed:

    Ezra Klein dissects Cruz’s claim that he is speaking for the American people:

    “Cruz opposes raising taxes on the wealthy. The public supports it. Cruz opposes gun control. The public supports it. Cruz supports sharply cutting spending on Medicare and Social Security. The public opposes it. If Cruz actually believed his job was directly representing the will of the people, his voting record would be extremely different than it is.

    Which is why it’s so odd Cruz has chosen this argument. He could just be up there arguing against Obamacare. Instead he’s arguing that we need to #MakeDCListen. He’s making a broad, quasi-philosophical argument that senators should more fully reflect public opinion. But even he doesn’t believe it. Cruz’s filibuster is self-refuting.”

    • Rafael is one, self righteous son of bitch, isn’t he? He really is impressed with himself. I’ll bet he smiles at himself every time he passes a mirror. There has to be a sex scandal someplace involving this conceited man.

    • Watched him for 15 seconds or so demagoguing to Joe Camel … she didn’t even try to ask a question of substance. Not like Candy Crowley’s round of ‘Have you stopped beating your husband’ interview with Nancy P at the weekend.

      • I don’t know, I’m always a little bit convinced that a conman smiles a bit if he’s in the middle of what he considers a clever con. It does get hard to tell with these folks though, some of them do seem to be stupid enough to sincerely believe in themselves.

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