Christmas came early for hundreds of thousands of federal workers as the Tea Party Caucus successfully shut down the Federal Government. This, to be sure, is a White Christmas. Except for Father Christmas, John Boehner. He’s orange.

The Speaker of the House used the power of his position to prevent a clean funding bill from coming up for a vote. He is dedicated to spending any amount, incurring any hardship, just to see that millions of Americans don’t have health insurance. Except that he’s spending taxpayers’ money, and he’s not having to get by without a paycheck. The same goes for the Tea Party Caucus. They know, thanks to gerrymandering, they’ll get re-elected.

The Republican Party has long run on the mantra of a smaller federal government and now, they’ve succeeded in their goal. Only functions deemed “essential” are operating. Everything else is shut down, or shutting down. Everything else, we can get by without, on a permanent basis. National Parks? nope. Government regulators? Who needs them. Research grants? Let the free market take care of it.

If the Tea Party wants to, they can make sure that a total economic collapse, worse than the Great Depression, starts on Obama’s watch. All they have to do is…nothing. And they’ll still get their full paychecks.

Merry Christmas.

5 thoughts on “CLOSED FOR BUSINESS

  1. QOTD:

    ~”The whackado Teabaggers will not give up until the Affordable Care Act is repealed, Obama resigns and is jailed for being black, abortion is banned, slavery is reinstated and it’s legal to hunt Mexicans.”~

  2. No, this is not The Onion:

    Republicans did not want the government to shut down. They knew they would get the blame. They were blaming themselves before the government shut down.

    Now, suddenly, they are blaming Harry Reid.

    If truth be told, it is Reid’s fault, but then he wanted the government shut down knowing the GOP would get the blame.

    House Republicans should hold the line. They should demand that ObamaCare be defunded. They are going to get the blame for a shutdown. They might as well own it and keep it shut down until they get their way.”

  3. Fly the deadly skies.

    By now I’m sure you have heard news reports concerning the possibility of the U.S. government shutting down effective October 1st if Congress fails to pass legislation which authorizes funding for government operations. Our current appropriation authorization will expire Monday, September 30, 2013; without an appropriation bill or continuing resolution to temporarily fund the government, all Orlando FSDO work functions will cease effective Tuesday.

    This emergency government shutdown will force the FAA to furlough most of its employees resulting in a shutdown of oversight activities. As a certificate holder or designee overseen by the Orlando FSDO, this means your assigned principal inspector will be furloughed and cannot conduct government business until the furlough ends. All certifications, surveillance, inspections, and investigations will cease on Tuesday without Congressional action to prevent it. Even though we will not be able to conduct government business, you are still responsible to comply with regulatory requirements and follow appropriate FAA policy.

    As soon as funding is restored, we will be recalling all Orlando FSDO employees to return to work at a specified date and time. While we understand this may result in significant delays in completing any work product the principal inspector may have on hand, we have few options to prevent a delay in approving, accepting, or reviewing your submissions. Please be flexible during this unsettling time and allow the inspectors a chance to catch up once we are authorized to return to work. I thank you, in advance, for your patience.

    Manager, ORL FSDO

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