The Best Government Money Can Buy

I recall a time in the not-to-distant past when anyone who dared vote against the President was a traitor.

The more interesting question is, can a group of persons, elected on the promise to destroy the federal government, who then act on their campaign promise, be traitors? I don’t think so. I think that’s part of representative democracy & the right to change our government – even write a totally new Constitution, if we so choose.

Remember, these tea-party representatives would get nowhere if not for the support of some 200 other Republicans in the House.

These Republicans are quite willing and able to destroy the country to get their way – They’ve been using the budget and debt ceiling limits to their “advantage” for years now, passing authorizations only enough to keep the government and the economy limping along for a few weeks at a time.

Matters have now come to a head. If any Republican breaks ranks. s/he will be branded a loser & will be “primaried” by a tea party candidate. The divide will get worse before it gets better.

Now, some 8 million mothers and babies have lost minimal nutrition support. Millions of fathers are directly feeling the results of the government “slimdown” as Fox puts it. Odds are good that some of these millions are avid gun owners.

Nearly 1 million government and private workers are on an unpaid vacation. Odds are good that most live paycheck to paycheck. They are directly impacted by this “slimdown” (and yes, I use that term precicely because its use is like fingernails on a chalkboard). Their creditors will be impacted soon, as they won’t be paying their credit cards, rent, home and/or car payments.

Point being, an extended “slimdown” will lead to gun violence and people getting killed. This is on top of the looming global market crash. Michelle Bachmann cheered the shutdown, and she was joined by the rank and file tea party members.

But it’s all Obama’s fault. He won’t negotiate with them. But what’s there to negotiate? They haven’t come up with a better health care solution. Negotiations with the Tea Party means give them everything they want, when they want it, or they will shut the government down.

It used to be majority rule, so long as it does not trample the rights of the minority. But now the minority is an intransient sect, hell-bent on imposing their will, and religious beliefs, on the majority.

We have the best government money can buy. And now, it appears, no government is the best government for the aristocracy.

9 thoughts on “The Best Government Money Can Buy

  1. Who needs a government army when you can afford your own? Eventually you and your army become the government. That’s the third world way.

    I still am convinced this is all about the high earner tax increases in the ACA. Follow the money.

      • I wish Obama would give a national speech, spending an hour detailing why drinking anti-freeze is bad for your health….

        GOP: “If that there black democrat is for it, we’re against it. “

    • They won’t be satisfied until ALL the money, every last cent of it, is in the hands of maybe 2 or 3 hundred fat cats and none of it in the hands of ‘them lazy bums,’ or ‘them brown-skinned buggers.’ Only then will all be well.

  2. oh my! the Bureau of Land Management is shut down, and permits for the oil and gas industries are on hold until further notice.

    so sad

  3. Crusade – a bunch of heavily-armed religious fanatics, who show up unexpectedly from less-enlightended lands and proceed to slash up, rape and burn down everything they because their God told them to.

    Cruzade – a bunch of heavily-financed religious fanatics, who who show up unexpectedly from less-enlightended lands and proceed to blow up their own government they because their God told them to.

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