The Watering Hole, Monday, October 7th, 2013: All the Crazy That Fits

It’s been a while since I put on my hip waders and stepped into Newsmax, so here’s a few gems:

From “Rev. Billy Graham Prepares ‘Perhaps … My Last Message’” by David A. Patton:

“In an exclusive interview, the Rev. Billy Graham tells Newsmax that President Obama’s “hope and change” mantra is nothing more than a cliché and warns that the nation faces increasing threats to civil and religious liberties from its government.

Graham, who is preparing for possibly his last crusade, this time via video, said America is drenched in a “sea of immorality” and suggested that the second coming of Christ is “near.”

“Our early fathers led our nation according to biblical principles,” Graham wrote in response. “‘Hope and change’ has become a cliché in our nation, and it is daunting to think that any American could hope for change from what God has blessed,” he stated, an obvious reference to President Obama’s campaign motto.

“Our country is turning away from what has made it so great,” he continued, “but far greater than the government knowing our every move that could lead to losing our freedom to worship God publicly, is to know that God knows our every thought; he knows our hearts need transformation.” ~~~

Many believing Christians believe in a coming Armageddon, a final battle between good and evil prophesied in the book of Revelation.

Graham tells Newsmax it is not wise to “speculate” about the dates of such a battle, but he adds that the Bible says that there “will be signs pointing toward the return of the Lord.”

“I believe all of these signs are evident today,” Graham wrote, adding that “the return of Christ is near.

“Regardless of what society says, we cannot go on much longer in the sea of immorality without judgment coming,” he says.”

Next, from “Rove: Obama Wants to ‘Break the Republicans'” by Amy Woods:

“Republican strategist Karl Rove on Sunday described President Barack Obama’s behavior throughout the budget showdown as “stubborn obstructionism” whose goal is to “get more money and break the Republicans.”

“The stubborn obstructionism of the president … has a purpose, which is to try and get the Congress to agree to the Senate Democrats’ spending number, which is $91 billion bigger than the House, and bust the sequester, and end the 2011 spending agreements,” Rove said on “Fox News Sunday.” “He is attempting to put the responsibility for raising the debt ceiling and, in fact, naming the amount of the debt ceiling on the Congress and not on himself.”

Third, from “Rand Paul: Democrats’ Stubbornness Keeping Government Closed” by Sandy Fitzgerald:

“Paul denied that House Republicans led to the shutdown by refusing to fund the government.

“The House Republicans said they would fund all of government, and they did,” Paul said. “They funded all of government short of one program. So they really were never wanting to shut down government over this, they were wanting to fund government, and then have a debate.”

He further blamed Obama for his refusal to negotiate for the shutdown.

“When you say the president wants 100 percent of Obamacare or he will shut down the government, that’s exactly what happened,” said Paul. “If he [Obama] doesn’t get 100 percent of his way – his way or the highway – then they won’t do any spending bills that don’t include everything that he wants. That’s him unwilling to negotiate, that’s him being unwilling to compromise.”

Had enough? How about one more? From “Rep. Graves: Obama To Blame if Country Defaults” by Amy Woods:

“Georgia Republican Rep. Tom Graves said Sunday the party is “united” in its belief the government should re-open and negotiations with Democrats should continue to avoid a possible economic default over the debt ceiling.

“We have had a tremendous fight over keeping the government open and protecting Americans from Obamacare,” Graves said on “Fox News Sunday.” “There’s no reason to default. The president’s the only one demanding default right now.”

Sorry, but I have to throw this last link in, just for laughs: Another one by Bill Hoffman, “From Senate to Center Stage: Fred Thompson Makes Broadway Debut”. The author of the piece completely omits any mention of Thompson’s disastrous run for the Presidency, or the fact that Thompson’s most recent “acting” gig has been on ‘Reverse-Mortgage’ commercials.

This is our Open Thread. Have at it!

61 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, October 7th, 2013: All the Crazy That Fits

  1. I always enjoyed Fred Dalton Thompson’s acting in movies. He was always a better actor than politician, unlike Ahnold who sucks at both.

  2. The irony embedded in Karl Rove’s idiotic accusations struck me. Seems I can well remember when he spoke loudly and regularly of what he called a “Permanent Republican Majority”; Rove was what I always referred to as Bush’s ‘Big Pink Thing’ that worked diligently to guide Dumbya in turning America away from genuine ‘We the people’ democracy into a greed and power-driven right-wing racist, effectively neo-fascist, state. He came ‘that close’ to succeeding, and today we still suffer from the Rovian Bullshit, still teeter on the brink of democracy’s final collapse.

    And of course, it’s all Obama’s fault.

    As for Billy Graham, well, suffice to say that he’s all the proof anyone should ever need that god didn’t create humans, that humans created god . . . to serve their own embedded ‘Pasture Bull’ desires to butt heads, to screw every cow in the herd. Billy Graham defined.

  3. Damn, I just didn’t get it before. Republicans want to fund the entire federal government, except for just one program. Obama wants it all funded, 100%, and he’s unwilling to compromise!

    In other words, Congress can approve whatever budget it wants, then make selective cuts in the debt ceiling vote process. THAT’S true democracy in action. Hell, why go through any debate on approving programs? Just pick and choose which programs you want to fund later, and, if the President doesn’t agree, HE’S the one responsible for the country defaulting on the debts Republicans voted to incur!

    It’s so simple! Any simple-minded idiot can follow it.

  4. Yoho, R-FL, says the global markets will actually stabilize if the U.S. debt ceiling is not raised.

    I guess so. Once the U.S. bankruptcy is factored into the markets, wiping out trillions in debt and interest payments, the markets will stabilize.

    Of course, Republicans will be hollering and screaming that interest payments must be made before anything else gets paid. Gotta protect those investors, you know.

      • until middle class americans have decent jobs and money to spend, the economy will stumble on like it has been. WE are the people who drive the economic health of the country. when we have money, we spend money.

      • Actually, it will take but a few months, if that. Let’s face it, rock-bottem is stable. It will take decades to rebuild, however, especially for the U.S.

      • Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld killed American “Exceptionalism”.

        Doing what’s right, compassion, dignity, humility, lending helping hands, feeding and aiding the poor, standing for truth and integrity, all died with the 2000 election.

      • Okay, yeah, we’ve got a tornado watch through 5:00pm – luckily, I don’t usually leave here until around 6-6:30, so hopefully anything that happens will be over by then.

        Unfortunately, yesterday we just noticed a small leak coming through the ceiling in our living room. It stopped after the downpour that was occurring stopped, but, jeez, we don’t need a tornado or high winds right now! 😦

    • We’ve now been downgraded to a Severe Thunderstorm Warning until 4:15 eastern. I’m getting so good at gauging the time frame on the Weather in Motion that, when someone just asked me when we were going to get hit, I checked the map and said “right about now” – and we looked out and there it was! Luckily I had just come in from my break.

    • To me, it exemplifies typical RW thinking – that if a lot of people believe something, it must be true. Never mind that no evidence of its veracity exists, just a belief that it;s true. Yet that’s enough for them.

      And he doesn’t see The Devil in the mirror each morning, he sees him in the duck blind with him when he goes hunting.

      • IF there really is a Devil . . . a “Satan” . . . I know only one thing: the bugger is, most definitely and without any cogent argument from any quarter, a Republican. Probably a Wingnut, but, well, definitely a Republican. By any other name. Period.

        Scalia fits the mold, yep. But then so does Cheney, Bush, Rove, Romney, Billy the Graham and his offshoot(s), Kooch, Any(sp?) Rand, plus most anyone with an IQ less than, say, that of Dumbya Bush, i.e. what, 80?

        IF there really is a Devil . . . well, give him credit. He’s working the problem with dispatch. Thanks to Republicans . . . ummm, hmmm.

        Somebody should maybe tell god that now would be a good time to zap old Clootie once and for all and for good. Proceeding right now to hold my breath in divine anticipation!!!! (not really, but shhhh, don’t tip me hand!)

        Monty Python, donde esta? . . . ah, there you are!

  5. This is from a right winger:

    And yes, he’s talking to you, Tailgunner Ted.

  6. The rightwhiners have a new toy. is a project by David Horowitz and Ben Shapiro and is billed as an “anti Media Matters”. Taking that literally I guess we can expect them to feature unsourced and inaccurate rants about alleged “leftists” who call out said rightwhiners for their lies with a smattering of deceptive editing,character assassination, and guilt by association thrown in. Hmmm. I guess it’s nothing new.

  7. I commented about this story on 60 minutes on yesterday’s thread after it aired.

    60 Minutes Report Denounced For Disability Misinformation

    National disability organizations have criticized a misleading CBS News 60 Minutes report on Social Security disability which relied on anecdotal evidence to deceptively portray the vital program as wasteful and unsustainable, despite the fact that award rates fell during the recession and that fraud is less than one percent of the program.

    On October 6, 60 Minutes stoked fears that the Social Security Disability Insurance program is “ravaged by waste and fraud,” relying on Senator Tom Coburn’s (R-OK) partisan investigation and anecdotal evidence to hype growth in the program while misleadingly claiming that it “could become the first government benefits program to run out of money.”

  8. Fox News airs fake story claiming Obama is funding Muslim museum (with his own money!)

    A fake news story from a parody website found its way on a “Fox & Friends Saturday” segment telling its viewers that during the government shutdown President Barack Obama is using his own money to keep a museum dedicated to Muslim culture open.
    Media watchdog, Media Matters, reported that the moment occurred on October 5 when the co-hosts of “Fox & Friends Saturday” were discussing the closure of the World War II Memorial which resulted from the Republican-led shutdown.

  9. The GOP shutdown of the U.S. government has been called a “hostage crisis”. Here’s how rightwhiners would deal with hostage negotiation.

    Terrorist: “We’re going to shoot a hostage”.
    RW Negotiator: “Not if we shoot him first”.
    Terrorist: “What the fuck do you mean by that”?
    RW Negotiator: “See? Now you have one less hostage”.
    Terrorist: “Damn! That’s hard core. We are moving all the hostages to the basement”.

    • Health care was more affordable when our mothers were younger, even if they didn’t have health insurance. Now, we’re forced to skip doctor visits until things are really quite bad.

      Thank goodness for Obamacare.

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