The Watering Hole, Monday, October 14th, 2013: More KXL BS

Going through my emails, one from (the $$ division of caught my eye: “Pickens: Keystone Pipeline Would Make OPEC Obsolete” Huh?

But first, in an earlier, related article by John Morgan, titled “Steve Forbes: Build the Keystone Pipeline and Frack, Baby, Frack”, failed Presidential hopeful Steve Forbes lies about the proposed pipeline’s safety:

Forbes magazine editor Steve Forbes, a stalwart defender of the Keystone XL pipeline, says approving the pipeline would actually help prevent oil spills, not cause more environmental damage, and that fracking is a key element of America’s energy future.

“If you don’t approve pipelines, we’re going to be moving more and more oil on trains, which is just begging for accidents,” he told Yahoo.

Forbes maintained the Keystone pipeline would create 20,000 jobs, more than some other estimates. The fate of the proposed pipeline, which would push an estimated 830,000 barrels per day of crude oil from Canada to U.S. refineries on the Gulf Coast, may be decided in a final ruling from the White House by year-end.

Forbes noted that fracking is boosting local economies in some areas. “Because of fracking, Pennsylvania is prospering, towns are moving up — areas that had been depressed before.” By contrast, upstate New York, where fracking is not permitted, “looks more and more like East Germany before the Wall fell,” Forbes said.

Forbes, CEO of Forbes Media and a staunch Republican, said a big problem with U.S. energy policy is that President Barack Obama “does not like oil, gas or coal.” “He seems to like windmills, a nice medieval technology,” Forbes said.

“The inconvenient truth is that we have not had an increase in temperatures in 15 or 16 years even though we are pumping more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.”

Mr. Forbes, you are delusional. An oil corporation with a history of leaks and spills is going to build a pipeline that is so amazingly safe that it will actually “prevent” oil spills? And, while rail transport may not be ideal, one can count on one hand the number of rail accidents involving oil (my apologies to the victims of the accident in Quebec.) How many spills have Keystone and other oil corporations already caused, and are still trying to clean up? And for the record, upstate NY looks pretty much the same as it always has, thankyouverymuch. Nice Gore-bashing at the end, Mr. Forbes, stay classy.

Okay, now fast-forward back to “Pickens: Keystone Pipeline Would Make OPEC Obsolete” ~

From Friday, October 11th, an excerpt from an article by Dan Weil:

The Keystone XL oil pipeline would eliminate the United States’ dependence on OPEC, says energy entrepreneur T. Boone Pickens.

“Canadians say they have 250 billion barrels [of oil]. That’s exactly what the Saudis claim they have,” he tells CNBC. “You’re sitting there with the same amount of oil available to the United States from Canada . . . as [from] Saudi Arabia.”

“You could make them [OPEC] obsolete two or three different ways, and that [Keystone] is one of them.”

The Keystone pipeline would run from Alberta to the Gulf of Mexico. President Obama must decide whether the pipeline can be built.

Pickens would like to see an oil transportation system combining the United States, Canada and Mexico.

As United States energy output, we are on pace to overtake Russia as the world’s biggest producer of oil and natural gas and may already have done so, according to The Wall Street Journal.”

Okay, so (maybe) Canada has the same amount of oil as Saudi Arabia. But both are sold on the world market, so it’s not like the U.S. is getting a discount from Canada (at least not that I’ve heard or read.) But let’s consider the real concrete difference: Saudi oil is NOT being transported straight through the “heartland” of the U.S. The inevitable spill(s) along an almost 1200-mile pipeline would cause an environmental disaster for the local wildlife, ecosystem, and humans. If the Ogallala Aquifer, which supplies the drinking water for millions of American citizens, became contaminated, those millions of people would be at risk. In the article, Mr. Pickens “explains” (maybe ‘complains’ would have been a better word?) that the ‘U.S. Navy protects the Strait of Hormuz so that 17 million barrels of oil travels through it a day.’ Since I’m sure that the U.S. Navy presence in the Strait of Hormuz is for more than just keeping the oil flowing, if his point is that we’re wasting taxpayer money by being there, that dog won’t hunt. The U.S. will always have its fingers in the Middle East pie. What price tag would you put on the lives of millions of citizens? Oh, BTW, Mr. Pickens, what are those other “different ways to make OPEC obsolete”?

Note that neither Mr. Pickens nor Mr. Forbes mentioned renewable energy sources.

Now…for some of the riper turds from the shitstorm of comments after the article:

“The MESSIAH is far too concerned with MAKING ALL OF US HURT, to be bothered with being a LEADER. Like MICHELLE, he wants all of us to suffer and become third-world surfs like she sees us and he wants us to be. Neither will be happy until they see the muslim emblem replace our stars and stripes. Keystone is very possible, but we need to get congress to grow up and start doing what they were elected to do…. the OATH they all took..!!!!!!”

“I know former president Jiminy Carter is in the pocket an Arab emirate, and Slick Willie Clinton is in everyone’s pockets, but how or why does Obama not want to get ahead. The only explanation is that he wants the American middle class to fail first. We are being betrayed by a failing presidency.”

“If the Fed Govt. would open Keystone which is by far safer than Obama’s/Warrens Oil Train that hauls hundreds of thousands of gal. of oil through all the cities and town to the refineries and makes an extra $10.00 a barrel more than the pipeline transportation.Sure you could have a pipeline spill but the technology is much better now and they can turn the valve of.”

And my personal favorite:
“This muslim Islamic puke doesn’t want the pipeline because right now we are supporting the Arabs with our money to buy oil at a premium price, and then we go to the gas station and buy the gas from them again and they make more money off of us. This Hitler pig just wants us to support them and the hell with us here. We need millions of good jobs here and this pig gives everything back to them and our country goes down in flames just like the demoncrap pigs have done with Detroit, they will do with our entire country and then the Islamic murdering pigs come in and take us over and anyone that does not fall to islam, well they will be beheaded, that’s how that cult of pigs deal with what they call infedels. Well, I say….screw them, I am a Christian and been that way all my life and I’ll stay that way.
so go screw you Hitler moron!!!!!!!!!!!”

I’d put a pretty picture up to cleanse your visual palate, but this is already too long. Sorry!

Open Thread – so, what else is new?

52 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, October 14th, 2013: More KXL BS

  1. Humans aren’t the only ones putting on weight:

    “The National Pet Obesity Survey recently reported that more than 50 percent of cats and dogs –that’s more thanStanding Tall 80 million pets – are overweight or obese. Pets have gotten so plump that there’s now a National Pet Obesity Awareness Day. (It was Wednesday.) Lap dogs and comatose cats aren’t alone in the fat animal kingdom. Animals in strictly controlled research laboratories that have enforced the same diet and lifestyle for decades are also ballooning.

    In 2010, an international team of scientists published findings that two dozen animal populations—all cared for by or living near humans – had been rapidly fattening in recent decades. “Canaries in the Coal Mine,” they titled the paper, and the “canaries” most closely genetically related to humans – chimps – showed the most troubling trend. Between 1985 and 2005, the male and female chimps studied experienced 33.2 and 37.2 percent weight gains, respectively. Their odds of obesity increased more than 10-fold.”

    • I am aware that most dried food and canned food for cats contains a high amount of carbohydrates. Cats are true carnivores and need more protein and less carbs. The more carbs that are fed to cats, the more they want to eat. There is an increase in cat diabetes as a result of the high carb diet.

    • The level of political discourse has sunken below bottom. Sad day in America, when morons ask their president to put down a book he hasn’t ever read.

      • But but but . . . his middle name’s Hussein AND he’s a ni99er so he’s GOTTA be a Muslim!

        The right wing has truly descended to a level that lies somewhere near the floor of the basement of an outhouse, a position which is, in their demented view, just one rapture short of heaven. Turds stick together, apparently, not that that’s much of a surprise.

    • I read that yesterday and wanted to smash my screen. It is beyond their understanding that Obama was re-elected handily, or that he commands far more support than the Tea Party. Klayman accuses the president of treason in his speech, of deliberately pursuing policies to kill members of the armed services, because he is an Islamist, and allegedly “bows to Allah.” What he is saying is the president is a deliberate mole of foreign agents determined to destroy the American way of life. And there is no pushback from the crowd and no pushback from GOP leaders.

      This is yet another declaration of cold civil war – a call for a nonviolent refusal to be governed by a re-elected president because he is pursuing policies with which an electorally defeated minority disagree. There is no other word for what they advocate: sedition.

      And this:

      Of course, Queen Esther’s never heard of John Locke, but the person who made the flag above her sure did. “Appeal to heaven” is not a random phrase, but one from the history of political thought that clearly means revolution or rebellion – and one the people take into their own hands when the usual, political channels – earthly channels – are exhausted.

      The religious fanaticism engulfing this planet has made strong, deep inroads into the US.

    • Working my way through a book called the Oil Road, about the BTC pipeline from Baku to the Black Sea. It fooks up everything and everyone on the way, enriching a few at the expense of the many.

  2. These people are not conservative in any way at all. Yelling at police doing their job maintaining security at the White House, calling them “brownshirts,” “stasi” and saying that one unit “looks like something out of Kenya.” We can dispense with any illusions that these are patriotic political actors, respecting those who serve our country in the military or police force. They are delusional, racist fanatics.

    Also too, the composure and restraint of these public servants in the face of these jagoffs and morons is remarkable.

  3. This IS your father’s radical right:

    I’ve been doing some reading about John Kennedy, and what I find startling, and even surprising, is how absolutely unchanged the ideology of the extreme American right has been over the past fifty years, from father to son and now, presumably, on to son from father again. The real analogue to today’s unhinged right wing in America is yesterday’s unhinged right wing in America. This really is your grandfather’s right, if not, to be sure, your grandfather’s Republican Party. …

    If you’ve never seen this, it’s the famous handbill circulated on November 21, 1963 In Dallas, Texas. One day before the assassination of John F. Kennedy:

    • And they call *him* a traitor – while they wave the flag of the country that almost destroyed this country and killed more Americans than any other in all the wars the USA has fought since put together – and Obama is the traitor???

  4. This is how “the end” begins:

    ‘Upset with Washington’s fiscal stalemate, China urges a ‘de-Americanized world,’ with a replacement for the U.S. dollar as the international reserve currency.’

  5. That cold must have knocked Zooey for a loop – she’s not opined in several days.
    If it’s your health, Z, wishing you a most speedy recovery!

  6. I’M BAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCKKKKKK!!! *cough* Fair warning. Just sayin’.

    Herbert crashed on Friday, and I just got him out of the computer hospital. He’s all better now, but all of my bookmarks are gone. *sniff*

  7. “Do the Republican and Democratic parties do an adequate job of representing the American people, or do they do such a poor job that a third major party is required?”

    According to Gallup, a record 60% of Americans now say yes.

  8. I predict, and I’m bookmarking this on QZ’s “Herbert” computer, that by the end of the first week in November 2016, baggers will proclaim that “see we got rid of the muslin, kenyan, commie, tennis shoe wearing usurper, ni!!g++rderp, now send us some more money, $25 or more, to continue the fight against this socialist, and keep the purity of our white jeans pure!” Bet on it.

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