Watering Hole: October 29, 2013 – Conservative Sainthood

Sarah often mentioned him as her inspiration even though her tea bag wearing, fascist, racist fans would never vote for him today.  It goes to show that some people truly live in a fantasy world.

St. Ronnie

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50 thoughts on “Watering Hole: October 29, 2013 – Conservative Sainthood

  1. They forgot how ‘Haint Ronnie’s impatience in the deployment of spy satellites caused an ill-advised launch of Space Shuttle Challenger which resulted in seven astronaut deaths and a nearly two year delay in the launch schedule.

    • Oh, also how Reagan’s US Attorney General Edwin Meese, (I hate Meeses to pieces!) waged a personal war on banning Playboy magazine from Seven Elevens and tried to ban Suzanne Somers’ boobs from jiggling on national TV.

  2. Ronald Reagan Called Union Membership ‘One Of The Most Elemental Human Rights’.
    Himself being a member of the AFL-CIO screen actors guild and six time president of it.
    In turn, he fired the air traffic controllers that were striking.

  3. This cretin began the war on the middle class that we are currently losing. Deregulate, bust the unions, donate our tax dollars to corporate welfare, run huge deficits whislt fellating the MIC.

    • the rich recruited the working poor to fight against unions & the middle class.

      Unions blew it when they didn’t fight free trade agreements with universal strikes.

  4. It’s not all that tricky to expose Reagan for the buttcake he truly was. Here are a few tidbits both in his own words, plus via a retro-view of Reaganomics by the Washington Post’s Glen Kessler:

    “We were told four years ago that 17 million people went to bed hungry each night. Well, that was probably true. They were all on a diet.” ~Ronald Reagan in his now famous 1964 speech (which made him a national political figure) “A Time for Choosing,” in which he mocked JFK’s Food Stamp program

    “The work of the Oakland Police Department was in the finest tradition of California’s law enforcement agencies. The officers displayed exceptional ability and great professional skill. The taking of alleged grievances to the streets cannot and will not be tolerated.” ~California Governor Ronald Reagan, circa 1967, commenting on Berkeley Free Speech ‘riots’ (highlights added for emphasis)

    Reaganomics: “From 1980 to 1986, spending on annually funded domestic programs (besides defense), as a share of the overall economy, fell 29 percent, but in the same period defense spending rose 27 percent. Tax revenue plunged 17 percent while the interest on the national debt soared 61 percent. The net result: The budget deficit rose to 5 percent of the overall economy, an 86 percent increase.” ~Glen Kessler, Washington Post, June 6 2004

  5. And a cheery good morning…

    As of October 28, the newly discovered asteroid 2013 TV135 – which now occupies the top slot on NASA’s near-earth object watch list – has a 1-in-28,000 chance of striking Earth. While Eric Holthaus assures us that “we are almost assuredly safe from this errant geological space wanderer,” he nevertheless wonders what a direct hit would look like:

    ‘According to the Earth Impacts Effects Program, a joint project of Imperial College London and Purdue University, 2013 TV135 would carry the energy of about 3,300 megatons of TNT if it were to strike. That’s roughly equivalent to 60 percent of the world’s remaining nuclear weapons detonated at the same time, in the same place. The result would surely be impressive:

    The crater would be about twice the width of Manhattan, and about as deep as the newly constructed Freedom Tower in New York is tall. More than one hundred million cubic meters of rock would be instantly vaporized on impact. The shaking produced would be equivalent of a 7.0 earthquake. If you were standing about 60 miles (100 km) from the impact site, within two minutes you’d be pelted with debris up to about two inches in size. Within five minutes, the air blast generated by the heat of the impact would create hurricane force winds, shattering your windows. If you were standing within about 20 miles away (30 km) – for reference, New York City is roughly 20 miles wide – the effects would be much more serious. The average fragment size headed your way would be about the size of a dishwasher, and within 90 seconds wind speeds would top 500 miles per hour.’


        • Ya, true enough, but he ain’t comin’ back anyway ’cause he died a long time ago (if, indeed, he ever even existed — doubt springs eternal), and once you’re dead you’re dead. Somebody ‘splained that to me once a long time ago.

          • a squirrel gets run over , it’s dead.
            you crush a cockroach, it’s dead.
            you put you pet to sleep it’s dead.
            you die……you go to live in eternal bliss……bullshit…you’re DEAD!

            • Not to mention the 20 children in Newtown CT; Dead. Along with six teachers who tried to protect; Dead. Along with the killer of those 26 who shot himself; Dead. More’s the pity that he didn’t take himself out on the front end, first.

              Homo’s new slogan should probably read: ASTEROIDS WELCOME HERE!

              Gotta wonder just why it was that “god” created humans. I mean, assuming “It” to be all powerful and all knowing and ‘eternally’ out there, the creator of allathat — WTF?

              Sum Ting Wong wi’ alladat nonsense.

  6. Today’s PSA:
    CMS announces major savings for Medicare beneficiaries
    Part B premiums will see zero growth; billions of dollars saved in donut hole

    The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) today said that health care reform efforts are eliciting significant out-of-pocket savings for Medicare beneficiaries, pointing to zero growth in 2014 Medicare Part B premiums and deductibles, and more than $8 billion in cumulative savings in the prescription drug coverage gap known as the “donut hole.”

    According to CMS, since the Affordable Care Act provision to close the prescription drug donut hole took effect, more than 7.1 million seniors and people with disabilities who reached the donut hole have saved $8.3 billion on their prescription drugs. In the first nine months of 2013 nearly 2.8 million people nationwide who reached the donut hole this year have saved $2.3 billion, an average of $834 per beneficiary. These figures are higher than at this point last year (2.3 million beneficiaries had saved $1.5 billion for an average of $657 per beneficiary).

    The health care law gave those who reached the donut hole in 2010 a one-time $250 check, then began phasing in discounts and coverage for brand-name and generic prescription drugs beginning in 2011. The Affordable Care Act will provide additional savings each year until the coverage gap is closed in 2020.

    CMS said the standard Medicare Part B monthly premium will be $104.90 in 2014, the same as it was in 2013. The premium has either been less than projected or remained the same, for the past three years. The Medicare Part B deductible will also remain unchanged at $147. The last five years have been among the slowest periods of average Part B premium growth in the program’s history.

    “We continue to work hard to keep Medicare beneficiaries’ costs low by rewarding providers for producing better value for their patients and fighting fraud and abuse. As a result, the Medicare Part B premium will not increase for 2014, which is good news for Medicare beneficiaries and for American taxpayers,” said CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner.

    • But:

      I have to fill a renewable Rx every three months. I fill it at our local small-town pharmacy, mainly because it’s only a block from here, plus the cost is only $21 every 90 days, plus it would cost almost that much in gas for me to drive into the ‘city’ to have the script filled at a ‘legitimate’ (i.e., e.g., Walmart????legitimate????) pharmacy. Also, in order to get the Rx renewed, I have to have my blood checked monthly. Costs me $20 each time; I walk a block up there, spend fifteen minutes jawboning with the pharmacist whilst he pricks my finger and puts a drop of me in a little bitty gizmo. Medicare pays about two dollars each time . . . but if I would only drive into the city (60 mile RT) they would pay more . . .

      It’s a fucking racket, this shit called “medical care” (under any other name). So long as “private enterprise” or “Capitalism” is involved, the ONLY fucking reason it exists AT ALL is because THERE’S A LOT OF FREAKIN’ MONEY IN IT!!

      That’s one of the big reasons that I am, proudly, a SOCIALIST! I could rant on, but, well, y’all know . . .

    • I get a sinking feeling on this one….. the best Republican president since perhaps Abraham Lincoln if you just look at his policies….. Barack Obama

  7. To follow up Frugal’s post above, the president repeated incessantly that, under Obamacare, Americans could keep their current coverage. That is so disingenuous as to be a lie.

    No matter what you’ve heard from the President of the United States, hundreds of thousands of people in states around the country are now receiving notices that their insurance is getting canceled. Which is worse, that the president only vaguely knew what he was promising or that he consciously lied about it? Spectator or snake-oil? Hmmm…

    Jay Carney says, essentially, a lot of people will be able to keep their plan if they like it, even if it’s not quite everyone, or those who are getting dropped from their plans will get more comprehensive coverage on the exchanges. Uh huh, that’s like having the honcho at TimeWarner telling customers that their monthly bill is about to double, BUT they’ll now receive an extra hundred channels in return, maybe one or two of which people will actually watch.

    Jonathan Chait’s perspective:

    “When it was originally contemplated, several years away from implementation, the process of imposing regulations on the individual-health-insurance market did not feel like taking people’s health insurance away from them. In the current moment, with cancellation notices going out and alternatives not yet available, it feels exactly like that. Which is to say, a promise that felt like a mere oversimplification at the time, and may eventually feel like one in retrospect, currently feels like a lie.”

    • As I understand it, the reason thousands of people are getting their insurance dropped is two-fold: One) the plan they have doesn’t meet the new minimum standards of what health insurance should cover, and thus must be changed, and, two) a lot of those people have cheap, $54/month insurance that didn’t cover squat and had high deductibles and co-pays.

      While they may end up paying even ten times their current premiums, they’ll also be eligible for subsidies from the government that would bring that monthly premium down, as well as having lower deductibles and co-pays and, probably most importantly, they’ll be covered for things they wouldn’t have been covered for before.

      IMHO, I don’t think people who had the crappy, inexpensive insurance they had before actually liked it, and if they did, they probably never used it, especially for anything remotely catastrophic. So when the president said, “If you like the insurance you have, you can keep it,” I don’t think he had these people in mind. I think he had the Cadillac insurance plan people in mind. That just IMHO.

      • Let’s start with Obama’s oft-used phrase: “if you like your plan you can keep it.” The fact of this, as we now know, if you like your plan, there’s a good chance it will change, if not more so under Obamacare.

        Comprehensive coverage is lovely, but if you’re on a budget, basic coverage might be more cost-effective; why pay $1,000 extra a year for a new package that includes substance-abuse treatment, say, if you don’t drink or do drugs?

        Obama took the option of cheaper catastrophic care away from people because insurers wanted to squeeze healthy middle-class suckers for extra revenue by forcing coverage on them that they don’t need. As I said in my cable TV analogy, Carney is selling this as a ‘good’ thing.

      • Milady had an Anthem Blue Cross policy, now cancelled as of Jan 1. Not a big loss, however, given that for a measley $325 per month it covered anything and everything . . . save for medical expenses. IOW: health insurance is, most often, A FUCKING RIPOFF! The saddest thing of all, to my mind, is that we didn’t get to Universal Single Payer and BANKRUPT THE GODDAMN INSURANCE INDUSTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Wasn’t Obama’s fault. Maybe next time. Those who live long enough might dare to hope.

        • Here’s the tip of the Republican iceberg, aka GREED:


          That’s the status quo Republicans have been clinging to, a failing system that left millions and millions out, and costs far more than it should for everyone else, with a handful of people making out pretty damned well, as usual. Here’s a perfect illustration of that from Business Insider’s Josh Barro: Sen. Ted Cruz’s gold-plated, $40,000/year insurance plan, through his wife’s employer, Goldman Sachs. In 2009, the Cruzes got about a $15,000 tax break on their insurance, since health insurance benefits are not taxable income. In 2010, Medicaid coverage for a family of four cost about $11,000. Yes, Ted Cruz’s tax break would more than cover a family of four. Republicans have no problem with that idea, and that’s part of what they want to preserve, never mind their newfound outrage over the unfairness of some people paying higher premiums so more people can have coverage

    • Gotta wonder if there’s a subliminal message coming across that whispers, No matter how you massage and tweak the for profit health care insurance modality, it is going to suck. Your health, and your wallet. Single payer is the only damned realistic choice that keeps health care affordable. All the rest is bullshit.

      And of course, as soon as I hit submit, I see BnF’s post directly below. Oh well, raptors of a feather or scale…!

    • Exactly. This isn’t about the President or even the ACA per se. It is a choice by private insurers. Just as private business owners are playing games with the insurance the supply or deny. Laying the private costs of the ACA on the President is absolute horseshit. It was the negotiated plan agreed to because the Right wouldn’t even talk about single payer or public option. The ACA is the Republican’s mutant orphan stepchild they devised to provide years of obstruction without what America needs.

      And anyone who ‘blames’ the President for accepting even this morphodite step towards civilization, considering the entire obstruction process of the last four years lacks the ability to understand the incredible uphill battle that is still being waged in our Congress.

  8. If Republicans want to come out the heroes on ObamaCare, they would pass Single Payer or Universal Health Care as an alternative.

    Instead, they will continue to fight to make health care available only for those who can afford it.

  9. Here’s a big surprise (*///*) :

    BP’s “Widespread Human Health Crisis”

    New Orleans – Peter Frizzell never thought his watersports off the coast of Florida would destroy his health.

    “After sea kayaking after BP’s spill happened, I was sitting at my desk and started coughing up loads of blood,” Frizzell, an avid outdoorsman, told Al Jazeera. “My doctor ran a scope down to the top of my lungs and said my bronchi were full of blood.”

    Frizzell’s medical records bear out that he was exposed to toxic chemicals, and he is far from alone.

    Since the spill began in April 2010, Al Jazeera has interviewed hundreds of coastal residents, fishermen, and oil cleanup workers whose medical records, like Frizzell’s, document toxic chemical exposure that they blame on BP’s oil and the toxic chemical dispersants the oil giant used on the spill.

    No worries though. Oil companies are hugely profitable these days and enjoy really big tax subsidies to help fund their dirty work, so all is well. Besides, I mean, the people that get sick and die from spills ain’t rich anyway, so who fucking cares?

    Next up: YAY, KEYSTONE! Word on the street is that the Koch Bros stand to bring in up to $100 billion, once Obama approves it.

    Emily Dickinson must have either known the Kochs and their greedy ilk, or maybe she had a premonition when she defined them all:

    Mine — by the Right of the White Election!
    Mine — by the Royal Seal!
    Mine — by the Sign in the Scarlet prison —
    Bars — cannot conceal!

    Mine — here — in Vision — and in Veto!
    Mine — by the Grave’s Repeal —
    Tilted — Confirmed —
    Delirious Charter!
    Mine — long as Ages steal!

  10. God speaks to we the masses through Her (?) disciple and gun owner, the dude that’s several decades older than his heart:

    Dick Cheney says Iraq War was worth it because now we know they didn’t have WMDs

    Yeah. Right. Uh huh. Ok. Sure. Tens of thousands (probably more) died, but hey, at least now we KNOW . . . that which everyone with a functioning brain knew well before the bullshit.

    But hey, Biggus Dickus Cheneyensus made lots of money, thanks to that li’l war, so all is well. Right?

    Right. *barf*

    • It’s tricky to actually attack someone if you truly believe they have WMD’s. For that creates a scenario under which they would feel compelled to use them.

      • True enough. But it’s even trickier to ultimately justify an attack on someone whom the best authority said did NOT have WMD’s. At that point the ‘tricky’ part becomes the effort to convince the world that ‘they’ had WMD’s when they didn’t . . . but for the sake of immense profit, even that sort of shit is unfortunately doable. Here. In Amurka. Land of the . . . ummmm . . . yeah.

      • But they already knew Iraq had no WMDs, which is why they went ahead and invaded. Wolfowitz admitted that they were trying to “sell” the war to the American people, and they thought claiming Iraq had WMDs would convince Americans to support the war effort. And, of course, those of us who claimed it was all a lie were called traitors, disloyal and worse.

        I, for one, was proud to be right about Iraq.

  11. Just about to get a custom order out the door — thank goodness!! I never thought I’d be sick of making one of my more colorful soaps, but after making it FIVE TIMES in a row, I’m kinda over it. 😀

    • I know the feeling. Since the middle of May I’ve ridden my old mtn bike just short of 2600 miles. Today I had two flat tires, and am admittedly kinda sick of fixing the damn things. Where the hell is god when it’s needed?? Off waltzing with Pat Robertson, I’m guessing . . . although why I have no clue.

      Life can be weird. 😯

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