The Watering Hole; Thursday October 31, 2013; Things I Never Knew

Today’s Halloween. OK, enough of THAT particular silliness; I mean, really, there’s far more nonsensical silliness waiting out there, thumbing a ride as it were. Yah, well, what the hell. OK. Noblesse oblige. I mean it is Halloween, after all . . .

So OK, yep, I did learn some really neat new stuff over the last day or two. Nothing big mind you, but then stupid seldom is ‘big’ — or so I’ve been told. Anyway, for all those who hunger for whatever it is that lies just beyond that ever-persistent Wingnut horizon, here it is: NEW STUFF! 

.• A Sangerite is a person or group gripped in the Culture of Death. A Sangerite places little or no value on human life, whether for relief from responsibility; vengeance; labor, racial, or ethnic domination; experimentation; or environmental purity. Killing, thinking one is doing one’s God a service, is also death worship.

• A Sorosian is an individual or group enticed and funded by a convicted felon (in France in 2002), international currency manipulator and hedge fund manager George Soros, whose goal through his Open Society Institute is creating a one-world government after destroying the American economy.

The original Sangerite — Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood — and the world’s first Sorosian — George Soros, Felon-Atheist-Jew-Commie-Fascist-Nazi-Socialist-Billionaire — they’re after me. Not sure why, but yep, I can sorta smell ’em, off there in the dark where they’re lurking, waiting to POUNCE!! I mean, hey, “ENVIRONMENTAL PURITY”?? “OPEN SOCIETY”?? “Oh, Ick!!” (also sprach Radar O’Reilly)

Yah, OK, yep, I know. Onward.

So: in other news, on Halloween here along the Front Range the sun is due to rise at 7:22 AM, to set at 6:02 PM; Shadow the cat will wake me at 5:00 AM. Then, on Sunday next, everything changes. I’m not sure how to help Shadow reset her bioclock when DST (a Sangerite/Sorosian plot???) goes bye-bye for a few months, but surely there’s a way. Right? I mean, I don’t mind getting up at five, but at four? Nah. Not THIS time of year. Summer maybe, but . . .

Bloody Sangerites! Sorosians!

So. Just who is in charge of this clock change BS? Anyone know? I suggest we find out who it is, then drop the bugger(s) a note and explain how easy it would be to fix the problem once and for all and for good, and by so doing to keep the Shadow off my back (sotospeak) for the foreseeable future! YAY!! I do hereby cast my vote for Daylight LOSING time!! YES and YAY!! Earlier sunrise, earlier sunset, twelve months per year. I mean hey, ‘Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.’ Right?

Margaret?? George?? Hello?

OPEN THREAD; Sangerites and Sorosians, YEEHAW! Etc.

103 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Thursday October 31, 2013; Things I Never Knew

  1. Haven’t seen me much lately? I’m working 2pm to 2:30am for the time being. I have to work 10 hours on Friday, and 8 on Saturday this week (fortunately an open date for ‘Bama). That totals 66 hours if I can make all of it. It’s like getting two weeks pay in one week! 😀

    I don’t see what the big deal is about maternity coverage in health insurance policies for males and infertile women. Since the law requires policies to be the same for both genders, and the same premium for both, why does it matter? I’m sure there are going to be very few women needing treatment for prostate cancer also, but I bet it’s included in there too. This all comes under the heading of ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’!

  2. I thought Daylight Savings Time was a Freemasons’ plot, instigated by their secret leader, Ben Franklin, scientist, inventor, author, and womanizer. 🙂

    Besides the extra hour of sleep we can train our cats to give us, I know what I’m going to write about this weekend. In fact, I may have already written most of it in a previous post. 🙂

  3. Sigh.

    Obamacare court challenge: Do corporations have religious freedom rights? – Yahoo News

    A major legal challenge to Obamacare making its way to the Supreme Court could allow for-profit corporations to opt out of a key piece of the law by asserting freedom of religion.

    Hobby Lobby, a “biblically founded” crafts store chain based in Oklahoma, is one of 39 for-profit companies suing the federal government over the law’s contraceptive mandate. The company argues that the federal government cannot infringe upon its religious rights by forcing it to provide contraceptive coverage in its health plan.

    • Fundies have no problem opening up cans of worms, I imagine because it doesn’t immediately occur to them that there are other religions whose own beliefs might lead them to refuse to cover other aspects of mainstream medical care.

      • Like the Jewish religion’s approach to defining life: when the baby’s head crowns….. if we went with *that* religious definition of life….. well just imagine the pearl-clutching if anyone were to bring that up on TV sometime.

    • If corporations have religious freedom rights, then a corporation run by Scientologists could deny health care altogether. One run by Jehovah’s Witnesses could deny coverage for transfusions.

      Ultimately, every corporation could discriminate on religious grounds, in every aspect of employment.

      Too bad folks don’t organize a nation-wide boycott of Hobby Lobby. By their argument, it’s nothing more than a “for profit” church.

    • The fundamental question that must be addressed is, “Are Corporations people?” To me, the obvious answer is “No,” so the answer to whether or not corporations have “religious freedom” is also , “No.” I can’t imagine how Congress can bestow personal rights on an artificial entity created on paper for the purpose of conducting legal affairs.

  4. All that saved daylight is contributing to global warming, doncha know. I mean, it’s gotta go somewhere, doesn’t it?

    • Yeah, something like that. I know this much for sure: The early morning daylight is a hell of a lot cooler in the summertime than is the late afternoon and evening stuff! I say let’s go on daylight losing time, and I can turn off the AC one to two hours earlier in the evening! Also, the damn summer sun would set by 7:00 PM instead of 9:00 like it does with DST. Early morning fresh air and coolness is a whole lot more fun to wander around in than is the late afternoon HEAT!


  5. Hallowe’en is part of the war on Christmas. But Christmas is fighting back. Christmas displays are in full swing and I read somewhere that some stores are starting their ‘black Friday’ sales on Hallowe’en, just to get even.

    • I caught myself humming Jingle Bells just yesterday. Hadn’t seen any Christmas things yet so I guess the ruthless assault by Christmas is working on me!

        • Rested yes and no. We went hard for 7 days! Got blisters on my feet and had an extremely good time. My brother, his wife and my sister, her husband came too. We ate and drank and laughed!!

          Scout did well. For the first time she stayed with my wife’s parents and they all seemed to make out ok. Scout seems tired still!

    • I have a friend who works for one of the major discount retailers in the corporate office. She was bemoaning the fact that someone had already put up their Christmas lights.

      My response “Well, they’re already on sale at your store.”

  6. A ferocious storm system was hurtling from Texas to the northeast early Thursday, threatening to lash a long arm of the U.S. with buckets of rain and high winds as officials in three states postponed trick-or-treating to Friday.

    The trouble was already brewing near Austin, Texas, early Thursday, where heavy train triggered flash floods, forcing scores of people from their homes amid evacuation advisories and prompting helicopter rescues, officials said.
    Some areas surrounding the city were slammed by as much as 15 inches of rain, according to Austin-Travis County’s Emergency Medical Service (EMS). Meanwhile, emergency crews staged 15 water rescues across Austin and Travis counties throughout the early morning, EMS spokesman Warren Hassinger said.

    FEMA! FEMA! Where’s FEMA!

    • I see that ‘thing’ coming on the radar. I should beat it to work. Good thing it’s 70 outside and not 80. We could have been in for some ugly weather.

    • He raised his shitty kid by telling him this Dominionist bullshit every day of his life, and little Teddy believes every word of it. And now he has the power to act on it.

      Frankly, I find that terrifying.

    • Papa Cruz speaks of the “outright Marxist” President Barack Obama.

      He’s not alone in that accusation, of course, and (unfortunately) the accusation is totally false, 100% a lie. Would that Obama actually WAS a bit of a Marxist! What, really, is it about Marxism that scares the shit out of so many people? I’ve always kind of admired Marx’s theses. They’re a hell of a lot more interesting than this corporations are people bullshit that has seemingly become an operational mantra here in Fascist Amurka.

      • I’m just guessing here, but I think Conservatives hate the idea of Marxism because they’re selfish. They think everything they have is theirs and no one else can have it, including their before-tax pay. They operate under the delusion that they are self-made people and that they owe Society nothing for any success they happen to have achieved. They think people unable to work are lazy and deserve none of Society’s help.

        Oh, and they’re stupid, too. By and large, they are stupid. They believe things that are demonstrably, provably false, yet they persist in believing them anyway. And these false things they believe form the foundation of their entire world view and philosophy. They don’t want it even questioned because they think they’re right and we’re wrong. Period.

        As always, of course, I could be wrong.

        • No, you’re right. They ignore science, but somehow manage to mostly drive on the correct side of the road. Ignoring science allows them to place corporate profit over the livability of the future planet. Driving on the wrong side of the road gets them killed. That’s the depth of their understanding of humanity and it’s place in the ecosystem.

    • I’m pretty sure suggesting your kid might be just like Jesus is a big fat christian no-no. I also can’t imagine that Jesus, or his dad, ever said anything remotely like “social justice is a cancer”.

      • So Fidel’s friend Papa Cruz thinks he should dictate that his Canadian born son is the savior of the United States. Perfectly logical.

  7. I am getting fed up with police using deadly force where it is unjustified, in any way, shape, or form. We have let too many cops get away with murder (and I use the term deliberately, even if it isn’t “legally” correct.) When an unarmed suspect is running away, no cop should ever have the legal authority to shoot that person. Period.

    • Cops use the ‘fear for safety/life’ which, seems to, exonerates them from prosecution. Cops are trained: ‘shoot to kill’ then ask questions of the murdered.

      • I like it for little kids, so I’m off to spend the evening with the grands.Son still wants to trick or treat, I hope no one remarks on his facial hair.

      • I’ve probably yelled this rant in previous years, but what’s been happening in my neighborhood for at least 10 years now is someone, somehow gets a police permit to close off our block at each end. Wooden horses are out there so no traffic can get thru. Now because we have a few yahoos who like to decorate their houses in the most garish, over-the-top “holiday” bullshit (Xmas, Halloween, etc) it draws other yahoos to drive thru the ‘hood leading up to today. Like flame to a moth.

        Then these people show up on Halloween, ALONG with god knows how many other people they’ve told and they are literally bussed in here. I live at the end of the block on a corner, so I have this 5000 sq ft expanse of lawn on the corner that people shortcut across all night. Some people in the past have actually decided to rest on my lawn. MY LAWN … OFF OF IT! Turning the sprinklers on briefly worked wonders. Two years ago the guy across the street told me they bought 3000 pieces of candy, and gave them all out. It’s like a freaking block party here with people who don’t live anywhere around here. Easily a thousand or more thru the night. Probably two thousand.

        A few years ago I started putting that yellow CAUTION tape around the perimeter and that seems to send a message received. I take my laptop and retreat back to the bedroom where the wi-fi kinda reaches. I sure wish there was a 7th World Series game to watch tonight.

    • When I get home from visiting my Mom after work, I’m going to go home and shut off all the lights until around 9 PM. Luckily, we’ve been doing that for nearly 20 years now, so no one should be expecting to get anything out of us tonight.

      You leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone.

    • I’m Ok with it, spend the evening with the dads, on the driveway with a firepit, tub of treats and a keg waiting to see what the high school cheerleaders choose for costumes….. 😉

  8. Shit oh dear, it had to happen:

    New Wingnut Fear: UN Will Seize The Alamo, Take Guns, Murder Freedom & Cancel Christmas

    Here’s your Conspiracy Theory du jour: the Wingnuttosphere is buzzing with warnings that the United Nations is on the verge of taking over the Alamo, that sacred symbol of freedom and resistance to tyranny (especially Messicans and Obama) in San Antonio, Texas. From there, presumably, the UN will proceed to crush liberty, seize all the guns, and force every pickup owner to ride a pink bicycle while wearing a sissy little helmet with daisy stickers on it. Even worse, subversive elements within the city and federal governments are working behind the scenes to make it happen! You know it has to be a serious threat, because warnings about the coming takeover have been issued by the head of the San Antonio Tea Party and by Alex Jones’ Infowars website. If you can’t rely on them, who can you trust?

    The reality is, as usual, a lot more boring: UNESCO is considering naming the Alamo and four other Spanish missions in San Antonio as World Heritage Sites, which would give the UN exactly the same amount of tyrannical control over the Alamo as it has over the other 21 World Heritage Sites in the USA, like the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, Independence Hall, Monticello, and the Statue of Liberty. Which is to say there’ll be a plaque and an official statement that it’s a very nice, historically important place that is now on a list of places that should not have bombs dropped on them, please..

    It gets nuttier.

    • Oh Rodriguez, Jones and presumably ‘volunteers’ like Beck and Palin along with Perry and the Cruzader himself all dressed in coonskin and toting muzzle loaders….. hauled out of the mission and hauled away by San Antonio’s finest…. live on TV……. please oh please….. I would so pay to see that….!

  9. ….is it just me, or doesn’t it seem insane that a congressional panel full of republicans are screaming for someone’s resignation for poor job performance?

  10. A chef/food activist is on the Ed Show, and he points out that we’d won the War on Poverty, until the 80s, when the repiggies began the War on the Social Safety Net. He said that our democracy is failing, but I beg to differ: Our democracy isn’t failing; it’s being KILLED by republicans.

  11. The Kinks famously said that paranoia was “the destroyer”. I just wish it would hurry up and destroy the teabaggers. In today’s entry: Texas teabaggers are afraid that The Alamo being named a UNESCO heritage site will allow their precious little monument to losers to be controlled by the evil UN.

    You can’t make this stuff up. I can’t make this stuff up. But? the teabaggers keep making this stuff up.

  12. Ryan Lizza asks Jonathan Gruber, a key architect of Romenycare and Obamacare how many people will have their policies cancelled:

    “Gruber broke down the A.C.A. “winners” and “losers” for me. About eighty per cent of Americans are more or less left alone by the health-care act—largely people who have health insurance through their employers. About fourteen per cent of Americans are clear winners: they are currently uninsured and will have access to an affordable insurance policy under the A.C.A.

    But much of the current controversy involves the six per cent of Americans who buy their own health care on the individual market, which the A.C.A. has dramatically reformed. Gruber argued that half of these people (three per cent of all Americans) will have little change to their polices. “They have to buy new plans, but they will be pretty similar to what they had before,” he said. “It will essentially be relabeling.”

    The other half, however, also three per cent of the population, will have to buy a new product that complies with the A.C.A.’s more stringent requirements for individual plans. A significant portion of these roughly nine million Americans will be forced to buy a new insurance policy with higher premiums than they currently pay. The primary reason for the increased cost is that the A.C.A. bans any plan that would require a people who get sick to pay medical fees greater than six thousand dollars per year. In other words, this was a deliberate policy decision that the White House and Congress made to raise the quality—and thus the premiums—of insurance policies at the bottom end of the individual market.”

    • Starting tomorrow/today (01 November) the food assistance so desperately needed by many will be drastically cut, thanks to the Repugnant party.

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