The Watering Hole, Monday, November 11th, 2013: Amazing Space

8 New Photos from Chandra Observatory

8 New Photos from Chandra Observatory (photo composite courtesy of NASA)

A few weeks ago, NASA released eight new photographs taken by the Chandra X-Ray Observatory, a telescope launched in 1999. According to information from the Chandra website:

“This collection of images represents the thousands of observations that are permanently stored and accessible to the world in the Chandra Data Archive (CDA). This sample showcases the wide range of objects that Chandra has observed during its over 14-year mission, including the remains of exploded stars, cosmic nurseries where stars are being born, and galaxies both similar to our Milky Way and those that are much different. In each of these images, the Chandra data are blue or purple and have been combined with those from other wavelengths.”

The Chandra “Photo Album” offers hundreds of other amazing views into space courtesy of the Chandra telescope. A website that I ran across has more technical information on Chandra’s X-Ray photography, as well as more photos from other space-traveling and land-based telescopes. Images such as these, along with the glorious wonders opened to our view by the Hubble telescope and other sources, give me a vestige of hope that there is, somewhere in all that vastness, at lease one race of intelligent beings who are living in harmony with each other and their planet. I’d hate to think that Terran humans are the pinnacle of Nature’s creations.

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24 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, November 11th, 2013: Amazing Space

    • Once again, if every single person at the party had been packing, and more vigilant, probably 20 would have been killed and the rest injured.
      See, guns don’t kill people, the social media did it.

    • What, Texas, and only 2 shooters? The NRA will probably argue that this is a case of a good guy with a gun taking action to stop a bad guy with a gun, and this is a good example of why we need more teenagers with guns.

      Of course, all the bad guy did was shoot his gun off in celebration. Gotta love those loud noisemakers – who cares about where the bullets land – don’t ya know.

      But then a good guy with a gun opens fire in a crowded house.

      Neither gunman were part of the fatalities. It’s unknown whether they were among the 18 wounded.

      If only the rest of the kids were armed….. sigh.


    • Republicans can never accept responsibility for their screw ups. They also make terrible poker players because they always expose their hand to their opponents. He had teabaggers living on the same private road when we lived in PA. Once we figured out that they were trouble makers, we were always one step ahead of them.

  1. Here’s a great big SHAME on them.
    Lawmaker accuses some for-profit colleges of unfairly ‘targeting’ vets?
    “We are very concerned about false claims about graduation rates, placement rates and possible earnings after graduation,” said Lois Greisman with the Federal Trade Commission. “Not only are false claims unacceptable, they’re illegal. We’re looking into this. It’s a top priority for the agency and if we find schools that are violating the law, we plan to take appropriate action.”

    Yes, a stern letter, warning them that if they don’t stop, another letter, even sterner may be written.

    The article points out..
    Last week, Sen. Harkin and Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) introduced the Protecting Our Students and Taxpayers Act (POST) which would reduce the percentage of revenue for-profit schools can earn from federal financial aid to 85 percent, down from the current 90 percent.

    Wow, that’s a rough one, only 85% of their income can come at the expense of veterans. How sucking fad.

    • I see the ‘necessity’ of naming something in a way to allow an acronym is still an official government policy. Reminded me of way back when –1967, if memory serves. I was working in the Aerospace department at Martin Marietta, Denver, as a microbiologist involved in spacecraft sterilization (for the Mars probe, upcoming at the time). We developed an assay system that used inorganic gel to sample a surface (organic was verboten), and we were asked to submit a patent app. for the concept. We submitted an app in which we called the thing a process for inorganic assay of spacecraft surfaces, or something close to that. The app bounced; the company’s patent people wanted a description that would result in a convenient and defining acronym. We thought about it for awhile, then resubmitted the app, calling our setup a “Space Hardware Inorganic Testing” system. Suffice to say that when the patent office made their acronym, they practically SHIT! 😆

  2. And in something that shouldn’t surprise you at all
    Texas Moms Gun Control Meeting Disrupted By Armed Protesters

    A small meeting for a gun control group in Texas was disrupted on Saturday by dozens of armed, pro-gun advocates, some of whom were photographed kneeling in a parking lot and brandishing their weapons.
    No intimidation going on here, nothing to see…Just a bunch of armed gunnuts showing up at a local Mom’s who want their kids to be safe, how dare they! meeting.

    • But. But. But it’s “not scientific” because he hates black people but he loves/hates himself. Wait a minute… I wonder if he’s going to start bathing in bleach so that his “good friends” don’t shoot him because he’s a ni…

    • Heh! I just came to The Zoo to post that exact link. Amazing, no? To provide my “greatest hits” from the discussion thread:

      Rightwhiners don’t know the difference between scientists and spokespersons. They don’t know the difference between science and opinion. They don’t know the difference between weather and climate. And why in Hell does FAUX”News” even have a meteorologist?

      All loyal FAUX”News” worshipers should be secure in their belief that Bill0 can deflect dangerous meteors with his blasts of hot air. What? Meteorologists don’t predict meteors? WTF good are they?

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