The Watering Hole; Friday November 15 2013; Canis latrans

Just the other day I received something special, courtesy of my longtime friend and wildlife photographer, Denny Green. The only comments necessary are his own words:I was lucky to be at the right place on Sunday to see this beautiful coyote calling to his friends . . . Quite a stimulating experience.”


Coyote 1Coyote 2Coyote 3Photos © Denny Green, Tempe AZ

Why do so many humans so often hate, detest, and fear such creatures? What is wrong with them? With us?


48 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Friday November 15 2013; Canis latrans

  1. Good shots. They are common even close in to the city here. I see then quite often. They do have a rep for reducing the cat population but then the bird population needs someone on their side sometimes.

  2. tragedy struck on the homefront… upper lip was involved in a shaving mishapp.

    today is the first day in 41 years that it’s seen daylight. the evolution of mustache to full beard, to goatee, to bare skin.

    this is weird, i feel like my pants are unzipped.

    • For the better part of fifty years I’ve suspected it to be a lot more than simply a fair bet that it was the ‘conservatives’ (in whichever combination) that were behind the conspiracy to have Kennedy assassinated.

      That part of his ‘legacy’ does, indeed, belong to ‘them’. No argument.

  3. San Francisco rallies for ‘Batkid’ Miles Scott, leukaemia survivor

    Thousands of people in San Francisco have turned out to help a boy recovering from leukaemia fulfil his wish to be Batman for a day.

    Miles Scott, five, participated in events across the city including fighting mock crimes and receiving an honour from the mayor.

    …Miles was ferried from events in one of two “Batmobiles”, or black Lamborghinis with Batman removable stickers, which were escorted by police.

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