38 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: November 17, 2013 – Make Someone Happy

  1. Sad and tragic. I found the expert analysis of why Russia’s had more than it’s fair share of crashes lately. Emphasis mine.

    Boeing plane crashes in Russia, 50 believed killed – Yahoo News

    Russia has seen a string of deadly crashes in recent years. Some have been blamed on the use of aging aircraft, but industry experts point to a number of other problems, including poor crew training, crumbling airports, lax government controls and widespread neglect of safety in the pursuit of profits.

    • CNN has really gone into the gutter. I wish the rain would wash it away. When CNN first came on the air, it was a good station. Now it has turned into crap. There are no real reporters on CNN. It’s become a station of gimmicks and sensationalism. The only thing that I check on CNN is the on-line Money tab so that I can check on the stock market and I get a sense as to how my piddly IRA is doing.

  2. Scott Walker Rules Out Cruz, Rubio And Paul For GOP 2016 Ticket

    Then I guess Walker’s talking about the ‘elephant’ in the room.

  3. Last Nascar race of the season, at Homestead, Florida, and Danica had a pretty good race. She finished 20th, on the lead lap, and two spots ahead of her boyfriend, Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.
    She got a lap down about lap 80, missed getting the free pass to the lead lap by one position, then during that caution, she must have been speeding on pit road, because she left pit lane 26th, and they made her restart 37th. She carved her way through all the one lap down cars, then a caution came out and she was back on the lead lap. A long green flag run let the leaders catch her again, and she managed to stay the first car a lap down, and for a second time, got back onto the lead lap, then she was able to stay there.

    • When we were driving west at the end of June this year, we were very concerned about tornados. We traveled through PA, OH, IN, IL, IO, NE and then into Colorado. As we got closer to Denver, my cell phone made a siren noise as it was sending me a weather alert. There was a tornado warning. Fortunately, we made it into the rockies safely. Later that evening, I heard on the news that a tornado touched down east of Denver. We were very lucky as the weather was beautiful except for the scare near Denver and then the rain in the high desert of Oregon. It rained for 3 days in Bend, Oregon which is in the “sunny side” of the state. Go figure.

  4. Early yesterday morning (Saturday) my brother’s Honda Element was stolen.
    It was recovered, by the police, today.
    (from the ‘actions’ it seems the thieves may have been teenagers)
    They left cds, of which one was ‘Grand Theft auto’!!!
    Two broken windows and two ruined tires – the dolts drove with the emergency brake on!
    One saving grace: his prescription sunglasses were unscratched!

  5. drhunt has infected Media Matters (Fox News Sunday Coddles Health Insurance Industry Lobbyists).
    Self-control kept my fingers off the keyboard. I was soooo tempted to type UCofDavis to confirm drhunt was that drhunt. Kept reading and it seems to be the parasitic nematode.

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