The Watering Hole, Monday, November 18th, 2013: Profit Contest to Photo Contest

Even though most of the people who need Obamacare have not yet taken advantage of it, other interests are poised to board the Obamacare money train. The Wall Street Journal’s Howard Gold is encouraging investment in the health care industry. A few snippets:

“This diverse sector, which includes red-hot biotechnology, Big Pharma, medical device makers, hospitals, health insurers, and other services, is profiting from structural shifts far beyond the changes brought in by the Affordable Care Act…In fact, health care stocks may have entered a new secular bull market, which is why you should take some profits on cyclicals and other market-sensitive stocks and reinvest the money into this group.”

“We’re clearly in a favorable environment,” said Andy Acker, manager of Janus Global Life Sciences fund since 2007. “I think this is a question of when this gets resolved, not if,” Acker said. “Millions of people will sign up for health care.”

In an earlier (March 2013) article from conservative, entitled “How Companies are Cashing in on Obamacare”, author Michael Kling wrote:

“Although its critics say Obamacare will increase business costs, some companies are cashing in on the healthcare reform law…CNNMoney reviewed six companies that might reap huge benefits from Obamacare.

Take, for instance, Health Recovery Solutions, a New York City-based start-up that helps hospitals avoid Medicare penalties for readmitting patients. To decrease preventable return visits by Medicare patients, Obamacare levies high cuts to Medicare reimbursements to hospitals that have a certain percentage of these return visits.

Health Recovery Solutions furnishes tablets full of educational videos and information patients can use to care for themselves. Using the tablet, patients send information, such as medications they are taking, to the hospital care team for review.

Eligible, another start-up, takes care of the complex wiring insurers need to quickly answer customer questions about coverage and eligibility, one of the many Obamacare requirements.

GoHealth offers an online tool that enables people to compare health care insurance plans. Consumers can use the platform to enroll in plans or just compare plans before contacting an insurance broker.

QuantiaMD offers a website where doctors can offer presentations, hold private discussions with each other and hold virtual consultations. Pharmaceutical and insurance companies and hospitals sponsor the content on the site.

Obamacare limits the proportion of premium revenue insurers can spend on salaries, overhead and marketing. That’s where Connecture comes in. The Brookfield, Wisc., company provides software that helps insurance companies cut costs through automation. It also helps states with technology needed to create insurance exchanges, another Obamacare requirement.

Another company getting involved with the state exchanges is hCentive, which has built a platform the exchanges can use.

Many of the companies saw their sales jump after the elections. Healthcare companies were not sure Obamacare would be enacted, and state officials were not sure they would still be required to create exchanges by this October…“Many states were waiting to decide to set up their own exchanges — they kept thinking maybe this wouldn’t happen,” Sanjay Singh, an hCentive partner, told CNNMoney.

“they kept thinking maybe this wouldn’t happen” No, they kept HOPING this wouldn’t happen. Because despite their hatred of all things Obama-related, despite all of the conservative hyperbole about “job-killing”, “bankrupting businesses”, “the end of freedom as we know it”, “it’s socialist Obama’s anti-capitalism agenda”, etc., ad nauseum; and despite the 40+ failed efforts by Congressional Republicans to kill Obamacare, every single one of those nay-sayers HAD to realize, deep down, that Obamacare is a boon to the private, capitalistic, for-profit healthcare “industry.” (spit!)

Okay, since you were all good enough to put up with the above drivel, here’s your justly-deserved palate-cleanser…

It’s that time of year again: the National Geographic Photo Contest is open, but only ’til the end of November. I know quite a few of our Critters and Zoosters who should submit a few entries! Here’s last year’s “Nature” category winner, photographed by Ashley Vincent:
Here’s two ways to view some or all of the current entries: The Atlantic picked 39 of the photos, and you can just scroll through them. Note that you can also switch from 1024 pixels to 1280 (I chose 1280.) Or you can go directly to the National Geographic 2013 Photo Contest webpage, where there are links to the photos entered to date, as well as links to 2012 winners and other photo galleries. Here’s one of the 2013 entries, by Sam Morris:

Photo Copyright Sam Morris, 2013 National Geographic Photo Contest entry

Photo Copyright Sam Morris, 2013 National Geographic Photo Contest entry

This is our daily open thread, what do you have to say today?

69 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, November 18th, 2013: Profit Contest to Photo Contest

  1. Medical device manufacturers know they are in a growth market as the baby boom generation ages. If Obamacare does provide more people with insurance, there will be more knee and hip replacements, more pacemakers, etc. Other corporations have seen this and are getting into the game, such as Bain Capital buying into Accellent, my former employer from 2007 into 2009, or Sandvik, which bought a medical machining company south of Huntsville. Sandvik is a well known cutting tool manufacturer.

  2. I Thought the U.S. Was the Land of Gold— Now I See It as Rude and Disrespectful
    American foreign policy limits interactions with countries like Ghana. This leads to arrogant interactions and generalizations

    “Is it all right to say that?” He said this looking at me questioning.

    “Yeah, yeah it’s all right”, I responded – even though I hadn’t quite heard what he had said.

    “Ah. I was asking because Ghanaians can get very defensive.” Now he had my full attention.

    “Yes”, I agreed. “We get defensive because people like you come here and just spend all your time criticizing us. If Ghana was such a bad place would you have come here?”

    He responded: “This is exactly what I’m talking about. You’re getting defensive now”. The conversation fizzled to a stop, and the American man walked away.

  3. The Republicans’ solution for healthcare sounds suspiciously like their solutions for global warming, education and poverty. — Borowitz

  4. It’s all about making money off of healthcare. Kudos to those startups offering real services.
    BUT. ..the real challenge is to reduce the amount of our GDP that we spend on healthcare. The only real way to do that is with single payer, eliminating once and forever the for-profit insurance scam system that used to be non-profit.

  5. So based on this post, I’ve decided to try my hand at submitting photos on National Geographic.

    I’ve not had a lot of time to comb through shots there (and get a feel for what works/doesn’t work), so I just through something up quickly that I liked. Hadn’t posted it anywhere else yet and so it’s an untested work.

    Got five “loves” (or people adding it as a favorite) and no comments. All in all, I’m okay with this as a start. It’s not a super strong shot for the site’s layout and format. It’s a vertical shot, and it displays them almost too big to be viewable and and may work against the shot. Horizontal shots seem to work better.

    The thumbnail looks pretty good.

    I also minimized my use of post processing and as a result the shot is a little flat. I need to get a feel for how much/little post processing goes on there.

  6. Martin Bashir just apologized for his takedown of the Tundra Twit last Friday, wherein he said that maybe someone should take a shit in her mouth, so she could get some understanding what slavery was like for some slaves.

    Dammit, I knew they’d make him do that. 👿

    • I have a divorced friend, 56, avowed Democrat, voted for Obama twice, thinks Republicans are pretty much assholes, and who has to get the ACA insurance.

      She’s a bit distraught because her insurance thru the ACA will cost her $243 more a month than she was paying and she is not eligible for any of the subsidies.

      • that’s typical…..this isn’t going to the great deal everyone thinks it’ll be. most of our book of business consists of plans ranging from $500, $1000 and $2000 deductibles.

        you have to go to at least a Gold plan to even get close to a $ 500 deductible, plus, out of pocket limits jump from $2000 to $6000.

  7. Hi all:

    The one working computer I had crashed last Thursday and I took it and the other one to a repair shop. I was told the one that had just crashed was not worth fixing. 😦 The 2nd computer was repaired for a cost of $19.95 😀

    I have some catching up to do!

  8. Speaking of the Wasilla Whacko, I posted this on HuffPo yesterday:

    Not sure which is more pathetic; Palin holding a book signing in a Walmart, or the press showing up at a Walmart to cover a Palin book signing. Then again, it is Wausau, WI.

    Today, I got this reply:

    What’s wrong with Wal-Mart? What’s wrong with Wausau, WI? Oh, I’m sorry – the rest of the country isn’t as smart as you edjamacated Ivy school elite snobs. Guess we’ll just hide away in our living rooms and watch you all on TV, because you’re so very smart (at bankrupting the country). Don’t worry, we’ll still work hard and pay our taxes, so you can all be supported by us.

    What a SNOB.

    Heh. I’ve been to Wausau plenty of times cuz my parents lived in da UP of Michigan. Didn’t go to an Ivy league school. The country isn’t bankrupt, even though BushCo did their damndest. I pay more in taxes that Mitt Romney — a LOT more.

    My reply to him was: “LOL.”

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