The Watering Hole; Thursday November 28 2013; Thanksgiving

It snowed here the other day. Snowed a lot. A foot, maybe more. So of course I grabbed a camera and headed out to see what I could see. First, the view from a block up the road, looking west toward the Front Range (looks like a B/W photo, save for the single splash of blue in the sky):

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI invited everyone in the next three photos over for Thanksgiving dinner. No takers, so I guess it’s turkey again this year.


On another far more melancholy and forever sad note, today — November 28 2013 — marks year number 43 since my childhood friend, David Cruz Juaregui from Flagstaff AZ, was killed when his helicopter crashed in Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam. It was on Saturday November 28, 1970, two days beyond Thanksgiving — a long time ago in a world far, far away. His name is on The Wall; one of more than 58,000 Americans who gave their all for . . . ?

R.I.P., David.

And hope all the rest of ‘us’ who still are hanging on have a fine Thanksgiving. Including the geese pictured above. πŸ˜‰


47 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Thursday November 28 2013; Thanksgiving

  1. All wars are cruel – Viet Nam was more so. Your friend was far too young die.
    Wonder if David had any Jauregui relatives in San Jose. We grew up a block away from a family with that surname.

    Glad you spared the geese!

    • If David had any relatives in San Jose, he never mentioned them. His family was the only Juaregui surname that I ever met or heard of. His mother was my brother’s wife’s older half-sister, and David had two older brothers, each of the three of them about a year apart in age. Their father was a long-time barber in Flagstaff, but I have no knowledge of the dad’s family history. They were all, however, very very fine folks, and though I wasn’t in their company on the day the youngest of them died in a completely ridiculous war on the other side of the world, I’m sure they were devastated — as were all who knew David.

  2. Maine lobster caught, released at Farallon Islands

    The first Maine lobster verified off the Bay Area coast was caught by accident last week in a crab trap set by Sean Hodges of the sport fishing boat Hog Heaven.

    After a photo to prove the event, Hodges released the lobster back to the sea. The lobster was found in a crab trap that had been set on the ocean floor 250 feet deep near the Farallon Islands…

  3. At the risk of pissing off Bill O’Reilly (well, maybe ‘risk’ isn’t the right word; it should be ‘hope’), I’m saying “Happy Holidays” to everyone. And about a month from now, I’m going to say it again.

    • Hmmm. Jesus threw the bloody moneychangers out of the temple and said something like be your brother’s keeper, however he put it. So i.o.w., J.C. would have been, in Limbaugh’s “mind”, a Marxist? Really? Works for me . . . poles opposite from fascism, Limbaugh/GOoPer style.

      • There are only two real differences between Karl Marx and Jesus. Karl thought Jesus was an opiate derivative and he was white. The similarity is they are both dead.

  4. According to research from the Calorie Control Council, the average American may consume more than 4,500 calories and a whopping 229 grams of fat from snacking and eating a traditional holiday dinner with turkey and all the trimmings. Bon apetit.

    In other news, there’s something called the Calorie Control Council.

    • Set up by that food nazi, Michelle Obama, I bet. πŸ˜€

      I just got back from Cracker Barrel. It was almost the only place open on our end of town. Took nearly an hour and a half to get a table, but it was really very good!

  5. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that on Tuesday, Montana’s “you kill it, you grill it” law allowing residents to collect and eat roadkilled animals went into effect.

  6. I just heard about a guy who got arrested for shooting his own turkey. The bird was already frozen and the shot scared the crap out of the other shoppers at the Winn-Dixie store!

    Happy Thanksgiving all, burp.

  7. This happy patron decided the sidewalk, lines, curbs, pedestrians, rules, didn’t matter to him. He wanted out of the parking lot and he has a truck so he just made his own exit.

    I was the pedestrian he almost hit. I was witnessing the greed and avarice for myself and was documenting the true spirit of Thanksgiving 2013.

  8. I intend to go out tomorrow to buy a new skillsaw blade, and a roll of wall insulation. I may go as far as Harbor Freight to look at a drywall hoist, if they have one in stock.

    But every Black Friday starts at Dick’s. The girl on TV just said so. πŸ˜€

  9. TURKEY?

    I only ate one drumstick
    At the picnic dance this summer.
    Just one little drumstick —
    They say I couldn’t be dumber.
    One tough and skinny drumstick.
    Why was that such a bummer?
    But everybody’s mad at me.
    Especially the drummer

    Shel Silverstein

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