The Watering Hole, Saturday, December 7, 2013: Piglet In A Blanket

It’s Saturday. Sure, it’s an historic anniversary in American warfare history. And I’m sure I could go on and on about all the various conspiracy theories surrounding the attack seventy-two years ago, but why bother? We’ve heard all the stories. So, instead, why not just enjoy this cute picture (grabbed off a Twitter account that enjoys posting pictures like this) of a cute…little…piglet…in…a…blanket!

piglet in a blanket

This is our daily open thread. Feel free to discuss cute animal pictures, horrific war scenes, or anything else you wish to discuss.

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37 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Saturday, December 7, 2013: Piglet In A Blanket

    • Two of your links: Sorry, that page doesnโ€™t exist!
      December 07, 2013 – Sorry, that page doesnโ€™t exist!

      Dana L. obviously has her remembrance dates mixed up…by about 4 years!

  1. That little pig looks like a fat little ball. Even when they’re that cute I still have trouble not seeing it as a single serving hog.

    • The hand warmer was a great idea!

      We, also, have been under a freezing weather advisory for four or five days.
      Unfortunately there have been four weather (hypothermia) related deaths on our people of the street/homeless. We don’t have enough shelter beds.
      Blankets and more blankets are being handed out.

  2. Wanna guess what attention-whoring outfit is planning to picket Mandela’s funeral? Short of T-ball you’re not going to get an easier hit.

    • WBC are all bluster. They’ll never get on a plane for SA. And if they do, more than likely won’t make it back to the USA unscathed.

  3. I need to rant. This is the asshole that is my Congressional Rep. And I thought being redistricted OUT Of Issa’s would be a little better….

      • The Dem (James Kimber) who will be running against him will get some votes but unfortunately I think Hunter Jr. will prevail. Even with fairer district lines.

  4. If you’re a football fan and you aren’t watching Missouri-Auburn, you’re missing a barn-burner! (CBS)

    • If Michigan State keeps this momentum, Auburn may find themselves in the BCS Championship.

      • Funny thing. If Michigan State had lost, they would have gone to the Rose Bowl, as Ohio State would have played for the BCS Championship. Since they won, and probably won’t be in the BCS Championship, they still go to the Rose Bowl.

        IMO, a one loss Auburn isn’t any more qualified to play Florida State than a one loss Michigan State.

    • I’m not sure this is a typical dumb conservative. His conservative dumb seems more heavy-duty industrial grade to me.

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