The Watering Hole; Friday-the-Thirteenth of December, 2013

I know, it’s Friday the thirteenth in this century’s thirteenth year. Bummer.

So today is gonna be rough, right? Yeah, well, lemme tell ya, yesterday was rough, really rough! Garbage disposal crapped out. New one’s installed and grinding away on cue, but in spite of my sore knees, a quick glance around confirms that the same old screwed up world  is still out there doing its thing!

Moral: not even with a NEW garbage disposal can one dare to hope to rid the world of wingnut buggers.

So. Rather than fight it, why not wander off to another place, another world where there are NO idiots, NO GOoPers, probably not even any cell phones? Paradise! Like, say, maybe here . . . ?

Windward Molokai, AerialOr here??

Shattered Crystals, Kauai - revOr here???

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAParadise! No hominids! Yay!!

Yeah, well, ok, so there still remains, out there somewhere, a world free of idiocy, a (Viagra-free?) world that’s unencumbered by politics of any dimension or direction; a world where humans fear to tread. Right?

Ummm . . . now hold on, wait a sec, this dude is ANCIENT . . . right?? More ancient even than, say, ‘Dick’ Cheney or John Bo(eh??)ner . . . right??

Tiki at Kona 3Sigh. As Robert Burns noted a couple of centuries back, “The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men Gang aft agley, An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain . . .”  And he wrote that having never even heard of either Rand Paul or Ted Cruz, or . . . oops. Dammatt. Garbage disposal just kicked on and . . . Shhhh!!!


62 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Friday-the-Thirteenth of December, 2013

  1. Friday the 13th is my baby’s 30 birthday. Next year it will be the last sequentially numbered date of the century: 12/13/14.

    • I mentioned that to a co-worker yesterday.
      I said, how about tomorrow, next year? Blank vacant stare.
      What day will it be?
      More blank as cranial processor ground away.
      Finally a smile, and a, “Wow, you’re wierd” reply.

  2. What’s that statue pointing at, oh wait that’s not his finger. Pictures from Hawaiii (Kauai?) is my guess?

    Woo hoo Friday….. should be able to criuise after my dentist visit in an hour…. surf’s up!

  3. Not an unlucky day for me. Payday, Friday, just another day in reality world.
    Sarah Palin, however is cowering under her bed for fear that Elizabeth Warren might sic her coven of liberal witches on her today.

  4. And since it is Friday 13th….. the Dail Mail is concerned that the Universe is collapsing today…

    I am starting the think that they put these bone-headed headlines on their stories to get the punters all steamed up about how stupid the Mail reporters are so we can all go off in the comments section…. or maybe they are just that stupid at the Mail….. “paging Mr Occam for his opinion, paging a Mr Occam – you are needed at the Zoo for an opinion.”

    • 😯 Hmm. Where does the return of Jesus fit into all of that? Also, what happens to those fine souls currently in heaven (e.g. Jerry Falwell, to name just one)? When the weight of Pat Robertson and Franklin Graham increases by billions, can they still get to heaven? What about god? what happens to It when all there is condenses into one really heavy particle?

      So many questions, so few answers! 😯

      • Its all right Fru, its just a theory, like global warming and gravity….. though those two duffers with the blackboard have got an obvious mistake in their equations – I didn’t see an FSM-fish symbol anywhere.

      • “what happens to It when all there is condenses into one really heavy particle?”

        you mean, when the Universe ends, all there is condenses into Rush Limbaugh?

    • Paul Krugman on anyone’s show is easily the smartest man in the room. I enjoy and am equally frustrated when he can state in 3 or 4 clear sentences a completely coherent, logical and defensible position totally at odds to the Villager/GOP Talking Point Agenda….. and the host whoever it is will look blankly at him for a moment and then say: “yes…. an important point to consider, but Ann Coulter/David Brooks/Charles Krauhammer/Mary Matalin isn’t the failure of Obamacare complete now that the website didn’t launch on time and what does this mean for Fat Boy Christie/Ayn Rand Paul/Ted Cruz in 2016?”

    • yes the judge noted that the kid had lived a life where the consequences of his actions were never brought home to him and so delviers a punishment which….. abrogates completely the bringing home to him the conseqeunces of his actions….

      This weeks c**kpunch? Goes the judge who weighs the lives of 4 dead innocent motorists as inconsquentual compared to the suffering of a spoiled rich twat.

  5. If you’re in school in Littleton, CO, home of Colombine High School, how do you mark the anniversary of Newtown? Why, by shooting up a school in your own town.

    • That from the state that recently upgraded gun laws in re background checks and magazine size. The upgrade so infuriated wingnuts that they managed to recall two state legislators that supported the upgrade, and a third resigned under threat of recall (so the governor could appoint a successor, keep the R’s out of power as long as possible).

      So. Conclusion: any restriction on guns is CRIMINAL!! But random shootings, even if they result in murder, in death . . . that’s ok since it’s only a consequence of that god-given second amendment horseshit.

      I’d vote to repeal that stupidity in a heartbeat, given the chance.

  6. Glenn Beck and I finally agree on something: “I think John Boehner is one of the prime examples of worthless, worthless Republicans,” Beck said.

    He spelled Boner wrong, but oh well, at least he got the ‘worthless’ part right.

    Frankly, I’m kind of enjoying watching the Republican Party’s evolution into those various levels of putrefaction that appear to herald its ultimate collapse. I only hope the collapse is permanent.

  7. My niece quotes Les Miserables as she has finals (Univ. freshman) on a Saturday:
    “Tomorrow we’ll discover What our God in Heaven has in store!
    One more dawn, One more day, One day more!”
    I have 3 finals tomorrow (calc, comm and chem)

  8. Pope Francis: Huge Salaries, Bonuses Are Symptoms of Greed And Inequality

    Pope Francis continues to make conservatives queasy and uneasy by stating that huge salaries and bonuses are symptoms of an economy based on greed and inequality. he once again called on income equality and asked nations to narrow the wealth gap. – See more at:

    I’m starting to like this guy!

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