Sunday Roast: “There’ll be no more chains.”

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41 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: “There’ll be no more chains.”

    • Megyn – please go visit Santa Patterson

      Dressed in a red Santa suit, white beard and rimless glasses balanced on his nose, Langston Patterson sits on a velvet couch and waits for his adoring fans.

      Some call first to make sure he will be there. They come from Palmdale, Thousand Oaks and San Bernardino, driving past many shopping malls with Santas, but none that look like him.

      For nearly a decade, Patterson has been the main attraction at Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza during Christmastime: a rare black Santa Claus in a sea of white ones…

  1. I’m guessing this two-year-old tweet is getting retweeted because of Levine’s recent “award” from People magazine. Still, it’s nice to know he had the right idea.

    • glad I clicked on the link – my first thought was that the article was giving advise to young women attracted to older men….

    • Alarming to think people would believe:

      Do use the Word of God (The Bible indicates that most of the fossils must have been buried in one year – the year of the Flood)!

  2. So what was my big interest in Mandela’s funeral location?

    Several years ago, when I first moved to St. Augustine, I met an artist, Conrad, whose drawings of St. Augustine attracted me. The artist and I became friends and we spent several months where many nights were spent drinking and smoking pot and telling each other stories about our lives and how we ended up in St. Augustine.

    Conrad was born in South Africa, the area that is now the Republic of Namibia. His German ancestors had been in the mining industry there for generations. He was sent to England to be educated, where he also reinforce his British dialect. He became an architect and ended up specializing in airport construction which resulted in his traveling the world working on different projects. In his spare time Conrad drew pictures.

    I don’t recall if any one thing specifically led to Conrad’s decision to retire from architecture, but he did, and devoted his time to his art. By the early 2000’s Conrad was living in Venice where he would display his art for tourists while sitting and drawing something new. One year a couple from Savannah, Georgia bought a quantity of art from him and returned the following year and bought more. They convinced Conrad that America, and Savannah in particular would be good for him. After a short period of time in Savannah, Conrad took a bus to St. Augustine where I met him several months later.

    Among the stories Conrad shared with me was the one about a competition to design the memorial burial place of Nelson Mandela. Three architects made presentations about their ideas for the location that was chosen. Conrad’s presentation won. I specifically recall Conrad talking about being unable to see anything while approaching the area until one would turn to enter through the gates. From what I was able to ascertain watching the funeral today it appears just that way. It was also interesting to learn that Conrad actually met with Mandela who was involved with the selection of the design. Conrad had done his homework about the customs of Mandela’s tribe and being a South African himself probably helped. There is a lot of symbolism in the project that I hope to be able to learn more about.

    Its been over a year since I last talked to Conrad. I will looking him up soon for an update.

  3. Puzzler: On the Friday (13th) Watering Hole, ZXBE posted this:

    A party affiliation quiz.

    Several of us took the quiz and had a few chuckles in result. So, here’s the puzzler: I tried to send the link to someone else and it didn’t get through. So I tried again. Nope. And again. No. Tried sending it to my own ‘other’ email. Nope. Tried sending it from my other email back to my main email. Nope. Forwarded myself a note with some pix attached, went right through. Forwarded that same pix-containing email with one change, I added the quiz link. Didn’t go through.

    Has anyone else tried to email that link? I’m at a loss to figure out why it is that such a simple link gets lost in transit somewhere ‘out there’ no matter how I try to send it. If anyone can figure out why that is or might be, let me know!

  4. Peter O’Toole, 81. Legend.

    “You’re not mine! We’re not connected! I deny you! None of you will get my crown, I leave you nothing and I wish you plague! May all your children breach and die!”

    “The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts.”

    • Larry of Arabia, Murphy’s War, Lion in Winter (the dialogue and the interplay of that cast! Katie H, Tony H, Timmy D, Nigel S…) . Pete had some of the best lines in movie history though…

    • Cat in the guitar case is wonderful!

      Will Work For Food,
      Then Take, Like, Two
      Bites and Walk Away.

      • What do you mean no animals on the table?
      You had that stupid turkey up
      here a few weeks ago!

      That kitty on the shoulder is sooooo tiny (and damn cute)!

  5. From the ‘Shittin’ in Tall Cotton’ Department:

    Just got the word: Beginning in January, my S.S. monthly will go UP by (are you sitting down?) $16!!!!

    That’s the better part of FIVE GALLONS OF GAS!! per month!! (at current price) or two bottles of cheap Merlot!!

    I feel faint!! 😯

    • Whatever you do, don’t go to the grocery store and decide to buy chicken, because it’s cheaper than beef. If you do, a Republican will come running up and take the difference of the price from you and give it to a billionaire! 😉

  6. My TV listing for the Military Channel has a series of documentaries called ‘The Bibles Greatest Secrets’. I don’t think they are using it for military strategy instruction, or are they?

    • The channels will put whatever guff on it they think you’ll watch, whether or not it is supposedly a show that is in line with the channel’s ‘mission’

      They should have a channel for all these cults to bunny about their Bible stuff and so on.

  7. This is the guy who ran the NSA and the CIA. Is there any wonder the NSA doesn’t think they should be required to get individual warrants prior to invading Americans’ privacy?

    From today’s Meet the Press transcript.

    David Gregory: But there is a fundamental principle that’s embedded in our revolutionary founding, in the Enlightenment, the inalienable rights of each individual for liberty, for privacy.

    Gen. Michael Hayden: Right.

    Gregory: And that the government cannot invade my privacy without some reasonable suspicion. Now, Ryan Lizza wrote what I thought was a compelling piece in the New Yorker about whether the president would rein in the intelligence state. Here’s something he writes: “The N.S.A.’s collecting of data looks a lot like what Facebook does, but it’s fundamentally different. It inverts the crucial legal principle of probable cause that government may not seize or inspect private property or information without evidence of a crime. And what the government has been doing is putting together a haystack”–

    Hayden: Yes.

    Gregory:–“with no reasonable suspicion.”

    Hayden: Well, I’m going to have to challenge a couple of premises, both in how you form the question and how the article was written, all right? We’re protected against unreasonable search and seizure, all right? It doesn’t say that all searches must be based upon reasonable suspicion. So now, unreasonable search and seizure depends upon the totality of circumstances in which you find yourself.

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