45 thoughts on “Emergency Music Night!

    • You forgot to sticky it, so I just did.

      I have to confess to being absent from popular culture for about 40 years. What exactly is the OP? From some movie I guess. As Ricky Watters once asked, “For who? For what?”

  1. What a coincidence. Two previously posted videos here tonight are connected in an unusual, and very talented, way. The Shorecrest High School Video Department (WA) challenged a rival high school to make the best video. Shorecrest did Outkast’s “Hey Ya” with a wide assortment of students lip-synching and dancing all through the four-minute video. But, here’s the great part: it’s all one continuous take. No editing. A fantastic job.

    Their rivals, Shorewood High School answered back with a video of Hall & Oates’ “You Make My dreams Come True”. What’s cool about their version (apart from the one continuous take), is that they filmed it backwards! The main lip-synchers actually walked backwards while they “sang” (which means they had to learn the song backwards).. The result is cool.

    • Hey. I would have been here sooner, but I fell out of my machine and it took my supervisor longer to fill out the paperwork than it did to bandage me up! 😀

      I only scraped my arm and bruised my right shin. It’ll hurt more tomorrow than it does right now.

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