Sunday Roast: The Snowman

This is one of my eldest’s holiday favorites.  I love it, too.

What are your favorite holiday videos or memories?  Hey how about recipes, too?  We haven’t done that in a long time.  🙂  Please share in the comments section!

This is our daily open thread — Happy Holidays, everyone!

75 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: The Snowman

    • Great picture. Years ago my wife, her cousin and I went canoeing on Lake Minnewanka. I am NOT a water person so I like to be CAREFUL around it. Those dastardly girls were standing up and rocking the canoe just to watch me squirm and having a big laugh at my expense!

      Lake Minnewanka is a popular scuba diving spot. Freaking cold even in the summer!!

  1. My computer has been acting up for months. Well on Thursday it crashed big time with that stupid blue screen. Spent about 12 hours with Norton technicians trying to fix it. After the first two technicians failed and said to call Comcast I got a call back from Norton that said they have a special department that could fix it for $99.99. It had a BOOT.CIDOX virus and fortunately the 3rd guy fixed it in about hours and it’s working better than it has in months.
    Giving thanks to the FSM once again.

  2. Congress Fiercely Divided Over Completely Blank Bill That Says And Does Nothing

    A blank piece of legislation that says nothing, does nothing, and contains no text whatsoever has been the source of heated debate in Washington this week, and has sharply divided Congress along partisan lines, Beltway sources confirmed Thursday.

    Known as S.0000, the bill, which doesn’t have sponsors, co-sponsors, or an author, has reportedly drawn starkly contrasting opinions from legislators in both the Senate and House of Representatives, and has paved the way for a major legislative battle in coming months.

    This morning’s political shows were divided about equally between covering this story, NSA, and Obamacare.

  3. This is what happened two doors from me last night.

    Huntsville man accidentally shoots self with shotgun after argument with girlfriend

    A man accidentally shot himself with a shotgun Saturday night when he left his girlfriend’s residence following an argument, police said.

    The victim told officers as he was leaving, he picked up his shotgun, which was inside a carry bag, and as he walked through the door, the gun bumped against wall causing the gun to discharge. The round struck the man in the foot.

    The victim was taken to Huntsville Hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries. The incident occurred in the 1300 block of Wellman Avenue and was reported at about 9:45 p.m.

    • Life is so difficult for Billyboy. (he could feed and clothe the world twice over with the money he’s ‘wasted’ on fake wines).

    • OFSM – those are hilarious.
      Great diversity this week:
      Platypuses, OA (ornaments anonymous), owl, lynx, red pandas, etc

      Can someone bring me some toilet paper?

      Sure, you want tattered shredded
      or mutilated?

      • I had the privilege back in the summer of 1978. My sister was living in Tucson, Arizona at the time, and we stayed at her place. Then we made the long drive up the state to see the Canyon. It was miles and miles of desert, interrupted by the occasional rise every ten miles or so, then another ten miles of desert. It was kind of cool because you could see up to three or four thunder storms going 10-20-30 miles off in any direction.

        Finally, we reached Gates Pass, two pillars on either side of the road. Go through them and you are suddenly struck by a literally breathtaking view of the Grand Canyon. Thirty-five years later I’m still amazed by the view I got that day. It was worth missing a couple of weeks of work. I didn’t have a choice. My father already bought the plane tickets, so I had to tell my boss I was going on vacation. But it was worth it.

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