The Watering Hole, Monday, January 6th, 2014: Odds and Ends

First, the weather: Here in southeastern New York, just a few days after two separate storms brought us 6+ inches of snow apiece, all that’s left of the snow are a few small scattered patches. Sub-frigid temps have given way to, well, right now it’s 55 degrees, according to my computer. Despite overnight temps in the mid-to-upper 40s, a band of freezing rain (which I could hear during one of my ‘up’ phases at around 3:00am) passed through during the night. Tonight, we’ll be dropping back to sub-freezing again. We’ve got some pretty strong wind gusts right now – the wind actually opened our front door a few minutes ago! And in the meantime, other parts of the country will be experiencing killer record-low temps and wind chills. Think warm thoughts, folks!

Second, our neighboring Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT): ICYMI from TP a few days ago, Senator Murphy spent a day with a local homeless man, and his account of the day and the Catch-22 in which so many homeless people are caught up in should be plastered across the country. (Senator Murphy is also one of the few senators who spent a week trying to live/eat on $4.50/day.) Every state should have at least one of their two senators be a hands-on, down in the trenches with the 99%, guy like this. I’m glad that he’s only 40, and should have a good long career as a true public servant ahead of him.

Lastly, to perhaps lift the spirits a bit, here’s The Weather Channel’s Top 100 photos of 2013. Enjoy!

This is our daily open thread–how is the weather affecting you? Speak up, about this or anything else on your mind.

72 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, January 6th, 2014: Odds and Ends

  1. Here along the Front Range, the temp at 6AM was -4. Just last Friday the high was in the 60’s. I know there’s no such thing as climate change, but still . . . 😯

  2. Here in the Tennessee Valley, it’s a balmy 14 degrees, with the wind wafting down out of Ardmore at about a thousand miles an hour! 😉

    This isn’t climate, this is weather!

    • also 14 here in SE New Mexico….after being 71 on NYD. 60-ish the rest of the week. i can live with that for January

      • It’s 23 in Eugene but the sun didn’t come up yet. Once the sun appears, it warms up quickly. Going up to 43 degrees today. This may be the last of the sunshine until???? The winter rains begin tomorrow. Good thing I have boots and raincoat 🙂

        • i couldn’t handle that long rainy season….i think i suffer a bit from SADS. 320 days of sunshine agrees with me.

    • It’s now 12 with negative wind chill. I thought it would get back up to 17 before it dropped to single digits. It may just stay this cold all day now.

      I added one more defense to my arsenal. I covered a screen door with plastic sheet on both sides and screwed it to the back door frame because the door was checking at 54 degrees. I didn’t have time to adjust the hinges, so it sticks a bit, but it adds another barrier. I’m going in and out my front door until the temps get better.

  3. The Nuns’ Obamacare Contraception Lawsuit Isn’t About Religious Freedom

    Does religious liberty extend to the right to not have to fill out paperwork? That’s the latest position religious organizations are taking against the Affordable Care Act (ACA). It’s crazy, yes. But, welcome to the future of “religious freedom” litigation.


    The Little Sisters aren’t paying for contraception even through a third-party-secured insurance plan; they certainly aren’t being asked to distribute it, and Catholic nuns aren’t being force-fed birth control pills. They simply have to sign a piece of paper saying they’re a religious group, and then turn to a third party to negotiate all the details.

    As far as I’m concerned, the Christian Brothers Trust shouldn’t be allowed to exclude coverage required by to federal law, any more than a pharmacist should be able to refuse to fill a legal prescription from any doctor. If your religion is in conflict with your chosen occupation, then you picked the wrong occupation.

      • I also agree. The “business”-side of what they’re doing has nothing to do with the free practice of their religion. If they decided they wanted to sell firearms, they would still have to fill out all the paperwork to become an arms dealer, and it would have nothing to do with the free practice of their religion. And if their religious beliefs forbid them from doing something, then they shouldn’t be doing that something, not looking for a federal exemption so they can have it both ways.

  4. Christianist nutjob and cauliflower-brain Evander Holyfield, believes gays can be “fixed,” ya know, much like boxing.

    • yeah, she needs to continue with the moronic-politico-wannabe niche.

      maybe she can sell 8X10 glossies to the grumpy old gray-haired Fox viewing fuckwits, ala $arah Payola

    • Poor Liz – riding on her evil incarnate Daddy coattails wasn’t the magic she thought it would be…

    • Dropping out of a failing candidacy isn’t anywhere near as bad as bailing out after you’re elected, whether the resignation was due to ethics violations or the desire to profit from sudden celebrity.

  5. Liz Cheney Palin-ed her Senate campaign, eh? That East Coast neocon carpetbagging bullshit doesn’t fly well in the western states.

  6. Not only should Senators spend time in the “trenches” living on $4.30/day, the House Representatives should spend some time there, particularly those with an ‘R’ behind their name.

      • It’s easy for millionaire children of Members of Congress to denigrate those less fortunate, because people like the Pauls don’t appreciate just how fortunate they’ve been. They don’t appreciate just how much their skin color aided them in getting where they are, or their familial connections. Rand may think Ron did nothing behind the scenes to help him, but who knows? Then there’s the fact that Rand Paul is not in the same situation as most poor people, and never was.

        Like I said, it’s easy for inhuman millionaires to denigrate the poor. Fuck ’em.

        • The best insight into the minds of the Pauls is Rand’s failure to pass his opthamology board exam. Instead of studying harder, he set up his own board, his own exam, and by jingies, he passed it!
          If you don’t like the rules, just make up shit.
          Sincerely, Rand and Ron Paul, autocrats.

  7. Vacation suggestion for GW Incurious Bush.
    Fallujah is lovely this time of year!

  8. As Liz Cheney decides because of ‘family health issues’ (my god, we’re all sociopaths and psychopaths!) ….. another handy candodate steps forward for Senate – this time in Maine.

    Any bets the first question in his TV debate will be “So have you stopped beationg your wife yet?”

    – Apparently being convicted of assaulting your wife is an *asset* to one’s campaign in the GOP…..?

    • His campaign slogan will most likely be
      “My knuckles are hairier and drag further on the ground than my opponent!”

  9. We’re having a heat wave… Not. We did get a bit warmer than predicted at -10 after getting down to -20 when the kitty woke me up around 5:00.

  10. I haven’t fired up the woodstove yet. The sun is bright enough on the south facing wall that it hasn’t gotten cold enough to be uncomfortable in the house. Temp is up to 16, and may still get to the predicted 17 pretty soon. is sticking to the low of 6 tonight so far, although they said 4 for a while yesterday.

    • Now the low is predicted to be 8! I have the woodstove going, and the sun is sinking slowly into Arkansas!

    • Harry Reid should have the Senate in session for as many days as possible to contrast hard working Dem leadership from lazy Republican leadership. Change the filibuster rules to require 41 votes to keep a filibuster in place instead of 60 votes to end one. That way the Republicans can’t play hooky to campaign in the contested states.

    • And, of course, Young voted to impeach Bill Clinton for an extramarital blowjob.

      Add him to the DoughBoy Neuter Gingrich parade.

      The second Mrs. Young is nastier than nasty.

  11. New Mexico Governor Susana Martiez on legalizing marijuana…

    “It’s disappointing that a politician is so driven by partisan politics that he would seek to amend the state’s constitution to legalize drugs for the stated purpose of trying to increase liberal turnout in an election.”

    it’s also fucking ridiculous that the partisan Governor use stall tactics to block a large liberal voter turnout.

  12. Ran across this at DU, via Fred Sanders. Y’all enjoy photography a lot, and I have neither the talent nor the gear for it, so I thought I’d put this up. I’ve never even heard of a ‘sun dog’ until now.

    Sun dogs on a very cold day

  13. Earlier today, I saw a guy walking down the street all bundled up in a down jacket, boots, scarf, flappy hat, and knitted face mask.

    It was 40 friggin’ degrees! 🙄

  14. How ’bout that? Auburn didn’t win the National Championship! I’m just crushed! 😆

    • Perhaps an eye exam should be mandatory for those who MUST have guns to compensate for small ‘units’.

      • I don’t think vision is their problem. These idiots get all wound up, and develop an itchy trigger finger. Everything that moves is a great big buck, even if it’s wearing hunter orange and screaming “Don’t shoot!”

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