Sunday Roast: Giving the unemployed the finger

In the face of empirical evidence that unemployment benefits help boost the economy, Congress went ahead and let the benefit expire for 1.3 million people — with another round of cuts coming right up.

Yes, I said “people.”  Not slackers, takers, losers, or lazy fucks, as Republicans and Tea Party morons like call the long term unemployed.

Officially, there are three people applying for every job in this country, but with so many people off the official unemployment roles (like me) — because their benefits ran out long ago, they’re so discouraged and depressed they don’t even look for work anymore, or they’re elderly or disabled — the actual number of people applying for each job is probably eight to ten.  Far too many of those jobs have absolutely no benefits, and don’t pay enough to keep a roof over your head AND keep the lights and heat on AND eat halfway decently.  Pick one!

But listen to the GOP/Tea Party, and you’ll hear patronizing statements that unemployment benefits make people lazy, shiftless slobs, who will feed off the government teat forever — this from career politicians who feed off the government teat.  Apparently, the best way to get people off unemployment is to just let the funds run dry, and accuse hard-working Americans of being lazy, blood-sucking shits, rather than actually passing a jobs bill (hey, the President has one!) or a sufficient stimulus bill.  Oh yes, they’ll extend unemployment benefits, but children, veterans, the elderly, and the hungry are damn well going to pay for it — unlike in the Bush years, where nothing was paid for EVER, and the GOP were happy as clams.

And gee whiz, where did all this unemployment come from anyway?  Let’s all ignore the FACT that George W. Bush crashed the economy in 2008, and had been hemorrhaging jobs out of this country long before the crash.  No no no, all this unemployment is because of President Obama’s socialist, fascist, Marxist, commie, pinko, nazi policies — again, flying in the face of actual evidence to the contrary — not because of constant Republican obstruction and blatant refusal to do the work they were sent to Washington DC to do.

Do you know how long they’ll keep doing this to the people of this country?  Yes, the people — do you actually think YOU are immune to GOP policies?  They’ll keep doing it as long as the people stay silent; as long as the people stay out of the voting booth; and as long as they can keep the people fighting among ourselves over things like the “War on Christmas,” so-called religious persecution, taxes (except the taxes of the top 1% aka the “job creators”), and other social issues that are only the business of those actually involved.

Pay no attention to the 97 days the millionaires in the House of Representatives will work this year — naming post offices, repealing Obamacare again, and railing against dirty, dirty women who want unfettered access to birth control, because they just don’t want to push out an unwanted baby every year — or their rapist’s baby EVER.  No, of course, lazy blood-sucking GOP/Tea Partiers aren’t the problem — it’s the unemployed.


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65 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Giving the unemployed the finger

  1. Rush Limbaugh recently said on the radio machine that unemployment was “the government paying you not to work.” Is that how he felt about it when he was collecting unemployment? (He really did collect it.)

    This is what’s so frustrating about arguing with conservatives. It’s bad enough they see the role of government as as incorrectly as they do, but they have such a perverse and distorted view of Reality. I mean, seriously, “paying you not to work”? How do you argue with someone who thinks like that?

    • I do see the point to what Rand Paul said, about being in favor of ‘paid for’ unemployment, ie. the state unemployment, which is funded by the businesses themselves. Federal unemployment has had to add to the deficit in order to be extended beyond the states’ first 26 weeks. Businesses should have to pay in to a Federal unemployment fund as well.

      • It would be hypocrisy for any Republican to demand that things be paid for, when they never demanded it when they control all branches of government. This is just their dickish way of screwing over the less fortunate. Borrowing money for something like UI benefits actually makes good economic sense, as almost every penny of those benefits will get spent. Not like tax cuts for the rich.

      • Here’s some ideas on where Congress can get the money. End the wars on the other side of the planet and end the war on drugs. Close Guantanomo. That will provide billions of dollars to the budget each year.

  2. Not sure how it happened, why it has come to pass, but it surely has. The word “American” has been redefined over the last fifty years, give or take a decade. The process was slow at first, then gradually began to pick up speed some thirty years ago, speed which became a breakneck firestorm in November 2008 with the election of a black man to the presidency. Today, the TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT is one who exists solely to worship and adore — to live by and for — that long-embedded concept popularly known as SALIGIA, aka the Seven Deadly Sins. Today, if you’re not driven by Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath (hatred), and Sloth, you are clearly a WORTHLESS LAZY BUM, an obvious SWORN ENEMY OF AMURKA AND OF GOD!!

    Oh, and in order to really be a TRUE AMURKAN in every way, it really helps a lot if your IQ and education level is approximately the equivalent of an old pile of rocks. Any old pile of rocks will work so long as it’s popularly viewable as a Grand Old Pile of ROCKS.

    In Amurka, REAL Amurkans need know and believe only one extremely simple thing: the GOP ROCKS!

    • I know several people that are proud to be an American.
      They are from Guatemala (Central American)
      Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, (South American)
      I prefer to call ourselves The United States of America inc.,

  3. On Fox:
    Rep. Steve Southerland (R-Fla.) – You have to look at what’s going on in states like North Carolina. I mean, obviously last July, North Carolina’s emergency unemployment ended, emergency unemployment, it ended, and since then they’ve created 35,000 jobs and unemployment rate has gone from 8.9 to 7.4. So let’s learn from that, okay, let’s learn how we can apply that on a more broader scale.

    He wants to tie jobs to an end to extended unemployment. We will see this statistic explained, probably by Media Matters, as there is always more to things than a Republican on TV will tell you. The drop in unemployment is meaningless because those removed from the program are no longer being counted. Duhbya refused to renew Federal unemployment at the end of 2003 because he wanted the numbers to drop during his re-election campaign in 2004.

    About Fort Lee, the panel on Fox couldn’t talk about Christie without mentioning Benghazi in the same breath.

      • I was just watching CNN’s Reliable Sources, delayed via DVR, about a new unauthorized biography by Gabriel Sherman about Roger Alies, The Loudest Voice In The Room. The author seemed a bit too in admiration for Ailes, but the discussion about what he wrote didn’t sound flattering to Ailes. I think he was trying to sell the book to both sides

        Then the host had on Jeffery Berry and Sarah Sobieraj, who co-wrote The Outrage Industry: Political Opinion Media and the New Incivility. I wasn’t too impressed with their characterization of liberals as being ‘mostly blacks and hispanics’, and more trusting of the mainstream media than the RWNJs.

          • I can’t read books anymore. I have one Thom Hartmann book, Cracking the Code, and the Al Franken Lying Liars book. I would like to read them but I never have time to just sit and read. When my power was off for four days, I still couldn’t get past the first two chapters of Thom’s book. I’ll pick it up, and start on it, always at the beginning, so I’ll understand the backstory of what he’s telling, then get interrupted, get back to it months later, and start all over again.
            I read a lot, but it’s on blogs and newssites. I listen to a lot of talk radio, because I can be working on my house at the same time.
            When I’m watching things on TV, I’m also on the computer, except when Alabama plays football.

  4. Juan Williams on Fox mentions an interesting point on Ariel Sharon. Which world leaders will show up for his funeral?

  5. Fareed Zakaria, on the widening violence in the Middle East. The warmongers are circulating the claim that it’s all Obama’s fault, that things are escalating, in order to get the US back into a war somewhere.

    Part of Fareed’s take:
    “This sectarian power struggle is the origins of the civil war that has been ongoing in Iraq for eleven years. It is the cancer that has spread beyond Iraq into other countries from Syria to Lebanon. The Bush Administration seemed to have made this massive strategic error almost unthinkingly. There is a report that a few months before the invasion, President Bush met with three Iraqi exiles and appeared unaware that Iraq contained within it, Sunnis and Shias. An Arab leader confirmed to me that in his meetings with the President, it was clear that Bush did not even understand there was a difference between the two sects. Others in the administration, better informed, were convinced that the Shia would be pluralists and democrats. Those of us who warned of these dangers at the time were dismissed as pessimists. So, if we’re trying to understand why we see a Sunni-Shia battle unfolding across the Middle East, keep in mind, that the primary cause is not that the Obama administration did not intervene in Syria, it is that the Bush Administration did in Iraq.”

    • Absolutely spot on. US intervention in Iraq under Dubsie was the stupidest intervention undertaken for NO FREAKIN’ REASON since Vietnam. Obama had zip shit zero to do with it other than staying in Iraq up to the point that Bush had said we’d stay.

      What really continues to puzzle me is one wee little question: why the hell do we give a single crap about what goes on or down in the ME, period? It’s our intervention back in Poppy Bush’s Kuwait silliness along with the resultant and concomitant stationing of “infidel” (US/European “Christer”) forces in Saudi Arabia that effectively caused the genesis of Al Qaeda, and it’s the clash between Islamic Sunni and Shia factions that is central to what’s going down in Iraq, Syria, et al. et al. We of the Amurkan empire need to simply turn our backs on the whole mess and let the locals sort it all out.

    • Islam is not as old as christianity. It is experiencing “growing pains”. This war between the Shia and the Sunni is similar to the war between Protestants and Catholics, a war which once determined who wore the crown in England and persists to this day in Ireland.

  6. Our schizophrenic approach to regulating business in the U.S.
    Corporations lobby congress that regulation is bad and it kills business and profitability.
    Minimum wage cannot be raised because that will cost the employer more money resulting in further cut backs.
    The EPA the FDA, OSHA are subsequently neutered to the point of being essentially nothing more than an empty building with a sign out front.
    Now free to pillage and plunder the environment and wage slave work force, they reap record profits.
    Environmental calamities ensue, wreaking havoc on communities and infrastructure.
    The corporations responsible cry all the way to Washington and then belly up to the trough for a bailout, after all, it’s not their fault in their mind.
    Tax payers get a double whammy because:
    They’re the ones getting fucked over with undrinkable water and poisonous gas clouds wafting through their communities
    They have to bear the financial burden of the reckless behavior because the corporation is a shell and actually has no assets to cover such a disaster.

    • The one blessing implicit in the impending human-caused human extinction is that it will give evolution the chance to actually come up with an INTELLIGENT life form next time around.

    • The minimum wage in Oregon is over $9.00/hour and here in Eugene, it seems like businesses are still operating even though they have to pay the staff more. As as retirees, we find Eugene affordable. Our dinner last night didn’t cost more that $8.00 at the max AND it was very healthy AND it serves 8.

  7. QOTD:

    “I want to see more young women holding a fish than holding their camera in front of a bathroom mirror doing a selfie,” — Sarah Palin.

    The woman is always carping.

  8. This tidbit will probably serve to enrage McCain and a bevy of other Repubs, esp. including each and all of their neocon warmongering brethren:

    Iran and six world powers have agreed on how to put in place an accord that would temporarily freeze much of Iran’s nuclear program, American and Iranian officials said on Sunday.

    That accord would go into effect on Jan. 20.

    • Niagara Falls Illumination

      As spectacular as its vistas are by day, Niagara Falls can appear even more dramatic after dark. Every night of the year at dusk, colored spotlights illuminate Niagara’s Horseshoe and American falls to create a spectacular light show of rich and ever-changing hues.

      I was curious if the colors were a special occasion, because of the freezing.

    • Yep, that’s Emily! And too, my fellow Lake Wobegonian, Garrison Keillor. Perfect combination. 🙂

      That poem is, btw, #520 in T.H. Johnson’s “The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson.” In that same volume, “I” 😉 am #1263:

      There is no Frigate like a Book
      To take us Lands away
      Nor any Coursers like a Page
      Of prancing Poetry —
      This Traverse may the poorest take
      Without oppress of Toll —
      How frugal is the Chariot
      That bears the Human soul.

      Her last poem in the Johnson chronology is number 1775; the date it was written is unknown, but several preceding were dated c, 1883, or very near the end of her life. Still, #1775 pretty much sums up Emily Dickinson’s world view in only 8 lines, 36 words:

      The earth has many keys,
      Where melody is not
      Is the unknown peninsula.
      Beauty is nature’s fact.

      But witness for her land,
      And witness for her sea,
      The cricket is her utmost
      Of elegy to me.

      Thanks for posting the link.

  9. The Wait Continues for Safe Tap Water in West Virginia

    According to Department of Environmental Protection officials, Freedom Industries, which owns the chemical tank that ruptured, is exempt from Department of Environmental Protection inspections and permitting since it stores chemicals, and does not produce them.

    I have more OSHA regulations to follow if I pour alcohol into a spray bottle, for cleaning parts and fixtures, than this bunch did for storing a toxic chemical.

      • I liked ‘electric kitteh’. The phone was on the charger, and they always get warm while they’re charging.
        The black cat filing his claws looks just like Spyder, a cat I had until a few years ago. He was part of a litter from across the street, and we tried to put him back into his yard. He climbed a four foot high chain link fence and got back to our yard before we did! He wouldn’t take no for an answer, so we stopped telling him no.

    • I lost a bet on DU that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler would make the first Chris Christie joke. Jimmy Fallon got in there ahead of them on the Red Carpet with “I’m just glad I’m here because Chris Christie’s directing traffic out there and it’s kind of a nightmare…”

  10. Pope Francis today baptized the child of an unmarried couple during a ceremony in the Sistine Chapel in Rome.

    So, Frankie baptized a bastard. Cool.

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