Sunday Roast: Remember How We Forgot

Shane Koyczan.  If you’ve never heard of him, you need to find him on the interwebs ASAP.

…Once upon a time, we were young.
Our dreams hung like apples
Waiting to be picked and peeled
And hope was something that needed to be reeled-in
So we can fill the always empty big fish bin with the one that got away
And proudly say that “this time, impossible is not an option”
Because success is so akin to effort and opportunity that it could be related
So we took chances
We figureskated on thin ice
Belief that each slice of live was served with something sweet on the side
And failure was never nearly as important as the fact that we tried
That in the war against frailty and limitation
We supplied the determination it takes to make ideas and goals the parents of possibility
And we believe ourselves to be members of this family
Not just one branch on one tree
But a forest whose roots make up a dynasty
So when I call you sis or bro
It’s not lightly
And when I ask you to remember
It’s because the future isn’t what it used to be…


This is our daily open thread — We were here.


55 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Remember How We Forgot

    • I remember when those two words were added. I was in middle school at the time, and didn’t like the change, not one little bit. As far as I can recollect, I’ve not recited that ‘revised’ pledge ever since, and never will. If I have loyalty to anything ‘American’ it’s to the Constitution — which never once mentions god, never implies or extends authority to something that doesn’t exist in the first place.

    • Walking fish from southeast asia….whatta hoax. Everyone knows you can’t walk from southeast asia to the U.S. duh…

      What’s next, flying fish???


      • We regularly ride our bikes to the Post Office to pick up our mail. One morning when we were about to leave the PO, an older redneck in a pickup pulled in, looked at us, shook his head and mumbled, “It’s startin’ to look like Asia around here.”

        So, if you’re not driving something big, noisy, and stinky but are pedaling on two wheels, then “Asia” is real, and apparently so is the threat of Asia taking over Amurka.

    • “Laugh… I nearly shat…. I haven’t laughed so much since Granddad died and Aunt Mabel caught her left tit in the mangle” – Perer Cook, I think.

  1. Happy 68th to a national treasure, Ms. Dolly Parton.

    Dolly Parton Pet Peeves (as read by Dolly live via satellite from Dollywood on 4/21/95):

    10. Accountants who don’t understand how much it costs to make me look this cheap.
    9. Trying to play guitar with three-inch fingernails.
    8. When the country declares my hair a fire hazard.
    7. Confused Dali Lama constantly asking for theme park royalties.
    6. You can’t get a wig repaired because Letterman’s got some kind of hairpiece crisis.
    5. Rhinestone rash.
    4. Whenever he visits my gift shop, Garth Brooks tries to shoplift stuff under that big hat.
    3. Smartass emcees who introduce you by saying: “And now here they are, Dolly Parton!”
    2. Whenever the Super Bowl is over, winner never says, “I’m goin’ to Dollywood!”
    1. Nobody notices I’ve got a great ass, too!

  2. Fox is today, still harping on the statements made by the Obama Administration in the immediate aftermath of the Benghazi attacks, statements requested by the CIA so their assets on the ground in Benghazi could more easily gather intelligence about the attacks. They are also still convinced that Hillary Clinton could have personally saved the four Americans killed, when it is obvious to anyone that Ambassador Stevens would not have been in the Consulate if there hadn’t been a compelling reason to be there. Assuming the CIA had a covert operation in progress at the time, the real reason is classified and can’t be discussed.

    On Fareed Zakaria, Robert Gates is being interviewed about his book. A chyron onscreen says:

    Gates: We don’t have enough humility about our inability to predict unforeseen consequences.

    Wouldn’t that apply to Fox and their dead-horse-beating of Benghazi?

  3. Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation: “At the peak of the Apollo Program NASA funding accounted for four and a half percent of the federal budget. Now it’s less than a half of one percent.”

    Now would be a good time to increase the NASA budget to add some technology jobs to the economy. I knew it was a lot less, but I didn’t realize it had fallen so far.

  4. Interesting tweet that I got to via Wayne’s comment above, on Judd Legum’s profile, then Benjy Sarlin’s profile, and then to Dorsey Shaw’s profile. Christie is claiming MSNBC is ‘gleefully attacking him’. No, it’s just the reality based hosts at MSNBC reporting on him.

  5. Brian Stelter, hosting CNN’s Reliable Sources today, led off his show with the widening Christie scandal, by calling MSNBC, ‘the liberal cable channel’. Kate Zernike of the NYTimes praised Kornacki for his reporting, and did counter with how pro-Christie Joe Scarborough has been. Erik Wemple of WaPo disagreed that MSNBC, on the left, is equivalent to Fox, on the right, agreed that what Kornacki did was reporting, and noted his familiarity with New Jersey and its politics.
    Wemple: ‘Fox tends to just hammer away, hammer away, hammer away, doesn’t make huge reporting splashes like this story, on a big story, as routinely (as MSNBC). I think this is actually a very significant and good moment for MSNBC…’

    CNN has been promoing an interview of Dawn Zimmer by Candy Crowley that hadn’t aired yet at this time. CNN has had it in for Fox since Jeff Zucker started taking on Roger Ailes lately, even if they have to compliment MSNBC in order to put down Fox.

    • It took awhile but I think i have it figured out.

      Simply repeating what a rightwhiner has said, in context, and with video clips and transcripts is “a smear”.

      Conversely; cropping a quote by a Democrat to make it appear he/she said the opposite of what they really said, asserting dark motives that have no substance in fact, or simply making shit up and claiming “some people say” it is “cutting edge reporting”.

  6. Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mi) on Candy Crowley is expressing security concerns about the Sochi Olympics. Romney was concerned about whether the 2012 London Olympics would be a success. Republicans in general hate the UN. What is it about venues where nations come together peacefully that upsets Republicans, the WTO being the exception, of course?

  7. Russian terrorists, in a video today: “We’ve prepared a present for you and all tourists who’ll come over.”

    Nice to see them being so cordial.

  8. I read somewhere that the ancient Aramaic (or whatever language it was originally written) word for “moon” was mistranslated as “year”, which is why you have Methuselah living 960+ years. Divide that by thirteen moons in a year and you get a more reasonable 74 years (give or take). Why would anybody believe the higher numbers?

  9. So it’s Denver vs Seattle then? I thought they were both in the AFC? Maybe not? Or has something changed since I last paid attention to pro football (circa 1990)?

    “Fascinating, captain.” Something like that.

    • He’s a damned Repub – they don’t have to obey the laws.
      All Christie has to do is ‘apologize’ for anything that ‘may seem’ outside the the line and all is forgiven. (spit)

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