The Watering Hole, Tuesday February 18, 2014 – Environmental News and Food Politics

Putting his money where his mouth is... retired hedge fund executive willing to spend up to $100 million this year to challenge climate deniers running for office, according to this article from the New York Times.

“A billionaire retired investor is forging plans to spend as much as $100 million during the 2014 election, seeking to pressure federal and state officials to enact climate change measures through a hard-edge campaign of attack ads against governors and lawmakers.”

Read more here.

West Virginia take me home… but don’t drink the water. Another coal slurry spill. As much as people hate fracking and oil drilling, coal is the most environmentally disastrous energy source in the world. There isn’t even a close second. John Denver, are you sure you want to go there?

Biosolids contain more harm? Duke University researchers are looking in the the effects of anti-microbial chemicals are having on soil decomposition. Biosolids are what your sewage treatment plant spreads on parks, farm land fields or bag as fertilizers for sale. They are supposed to be tested by federal regulation for pathogens and heavy metals but chemicals are a different story. It is expensive and complicated to test the right now, but some may contain chemicals harmful to he environment. Read on.

First Clinton and now Al Gore... going vegan. May be old news to some of you but I just uncovered it. Al Gore likes lentils and carrots. Fiftysomething Diet: Is It Time to Go Vegan? Here is the science behind it.

67 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday February 18, 2014 – Environmental News and Food Politics

  1. I’m very glad I read a report twentysome years ago (from the American Farmland Trust) detailing the dangers of biosolid application. Never did it, never will, too much cost to my soil for that “free” fertilizer.

  2. I’ve got nothing to say, but I’m going to say it anyway!

    I’ve been lost, I intellectually lost my mojo and began feeling hostile toward my sister. I caused the problem when I rearranged my computer/office area to accommodate her guests, which increased frequency after her vehicle died and was sold for junk!

    I have violated feng shui principles in my arrangement and it has drained my chi. I informed my sister I would be rearranging again for health reasons.

    Last year when I made a mouse delivery for Peckerhead Pete I had another old man from the neighborhood ride along, I think I said something back then. A month or so ago that old man had a heart attack while on a delivery with Pete, he lasted about three weeks after that.

    Pete got sick and was on medication that kept him from driving last week and he paid me to chauffeur him to make a delivery to Trenton, FL. Whatever it is the doctors at the hospital told him caused Pete to stop drinking (12-pack a day) and invest in a juicer.

    The first time Pete used the new juicer he broke it and took it back to get another one. I suggested he read the directions first with his new one. Pete called me to look at his new machine. He said It made too much pulp, much more than the one he had returned, a different machine. When I looked at the new machine on Pete’s counter I had to laugh. He had returned with a food processor, not a juicer!

    Smokey was sick for a week or so with some sort of eye problem. I nursed him back to health and his normal perkiness. He has taken to sleeping with me at night more and more, insisting sometimes to being under the covers. If he’s on top the covers and I turn, he will jump over me to be in back of me, his preferred location. When he’s under the covers and I turn he puts his front paws over my body and pushes off with his back legs and slides over me!! 🙂

    Pete: I’m happy for you and your new family.

    Zooey: watching those pig videos reminded me….

  3. From the Files of We’re so Fooked (h/t C&L)

    The last line: “the analysis mentions a study where the EPA asked 30 gas companies to cooperate and allow site access to researchers — only six of the 30 companies that were asked ended up allowing the EPA on site.” – really? The corporations have the right to deny the government agency charged with regulating them access to their site to collect data? What… is… the … point… of…. having… regulations….

    Fracking – taking half the water supply and poisoning the rest, and leaking so much methane that this powerful greenhouse gas is adding to the climate change – and there’s no regulation on the leaks!

  4. Good catch on the new coal slurry spill, none…. is it going to take the Cuyahoga to catch fire again before this country says “No more!” Or as long as we can take a trip around the freeway for a reasonably priced burger and shake, we don’t give a fook?

  5. A sample of posts from my Kiev friend :(. Russian and Ukrainian translations by Bing with a bit of interpretation from me:

    “I ASSISTANCE AND MAXIMUM ПЕРЕПОСТА! On the night of 19 to 20 December missing my brother, he has not returned to work. Secret Information Deputy Director General for 1990 year of birth. The last time he had been seen near the bird market on city. Frunze, city Kyiv. I assistance. If you have any information, please contact tel. :0972674441 Ira (mom Anton) Thank you all for your assistance. I very much hope that he is found alive and healthy

    – accompanied by a picture of a young man in a coat

    “FROM FRAYS ALREADY PERISHED 3 PEOPLE – BOGOMOLETS During frays with silovikami [TtT – IDK] in Kyiv on tuesday already perished of three man. This information to “Ukrainian truth” acknowledged Olga Bogomolets. “Here in medpunkti [TtT – IDK] in The building of officers already three zagiblikh [bodies I think – there were 3 on a radio report earlier – now its 9 and climbing – including 1 policeman]. Many hurted, scores tyazhkoporanenikh [TtT – arrested I think]”, – asserted Bogomolets. For her by words, people perished across what to them fail accord timely assistance.”

    – two bodies lying in a building covered in sheets.

    A third post is of people pushing what the picture says is Ukranian plain clothes police over a barricade from about 4 hours ago.

    I don’t know how close she lives to Maidan Square but in November she would put her son to bed and walk to some of the demonstrations to talk with people there for a while.

    Latest from the Beeb – the police are going in to clear the square:

    • The police have roadblocks slowing people down from coming into Kiev from the west of Ukraine:

      Source Language

      Target Language
      Из проверенного источника: трасса Житомир-Киев (в районе Калиновки приблизительно за 50 км. от Киева) дорога перегорожена бетонными блоками. Люди, которые представляются сотрудниками милиции, препятствуют людям в проезде по направлению Киева. При попытке объехать блоки стреляли по колесам (!!!). На месте есть журналисты, но связи на месте практически нет. Предположительно ее глушат. Перепост-предупреждение (!!!) для тех кто едет с западной Украины в Киев.
      Human Translation

      From a trusted source: the driveway Donetsk, Kiev (in the area Калиновки approximately 50 km from Kiev) road length concrete blocks. People, who are police officers, hinder people in Kiev airport in the direction. If you attempt to avoid blocks were fired on the wheels ( !!! ). On the ground there are journalists, but, on the ground there is little. Presumably it had been jammed. Перепост-warning ( !!!) for those who are traveling with the western Ukraine in Kiev.

      • Yanukovych knew that throwing PM Azarov under the bus wasn’t going to satisfy the citizens – Viktor needs to resign before ANY semblance of order is/or can be restored.

    • OK, its really going down now. There were at least 150 people in hospital and 13 people dead several hours ago – she just sent me this link – the former PM is predicting “hundreds by morning”

        • She’s at home (it is after 1am now) and has been since about 10 or 11pm. This last link above she sent was the police going in with APCs into the square. The police have stormed the trade union building and it is on fire, there are roadblocks set up all across the outskirts to Kiev to stop more people coming in to join the protest.

  6. I just got one of those push poll type surveys from The Energy Alliance. One of the questions asked whether I believed that Iranian warships threatening our supply lines meant that we should hurry and build the Keystone XL. I guess the MIC and the polluters are sharing the same survey company.

  7. Newt described Kerry as “delusional” after the secretary of state’s remarks about climate change being “the greatest challenge of our generation.”

    Gingrich noted in a following tweet that he misspelled Kerry’s last name. Twitdouchenozzle.

  8. PLEASE take the 535 who sitting in congress…….

    The U.S.’s Clown Shortage Is No Laughing Matter

    The United States is running out of clowns, and according to industry insiders, it’s no laughing matter.

    The Daily News reports that membership in the country’s largest clown trade organization has plummeted over the last decade amid higher standards for clowning, decreasing popularity amongst the younger generation, and an aging population of current clowns. The World Clown Association, the nation’s largest clown trade group, says membership has declined from roughly 3,500 to 2,500 since 2004 — a loss of over 28%. Glen Kohlberger, President of Clowns of America International, another large trade organization, also complained of shrinking membership, but declined to give specific figures due to privacy concerns.

  9. what do you do after blowing people up??……if you’re Chevron, you have a PIZZA PARTY!

    A Chevron well in the preparation stages for hydraulic fracturing exploded last Tuesday 50 miles south of Pittsburgh, Penn., causing a fire that lasted for four days and left one Chevron contractor unaccounted for and another one injured.

    The fire is now out, but Chevron’s damage control efforts may be far from over.
    A Chevron well in the preparation stages for hydraulic fracturing exploded last Tuesday 50 miles south of Pittsburgh, Penn., causing a fire that lasted for four days and left one Chevron contractor unaccounted for and another one injured.

    The fire is now out, but Chevron’s damage control efforts may be far from over.
    An image of a coupon from Chevron offering free pizza to residents near last week’s disaster was posted online Monday, prompting outrage, mockery and disbelief among activists and the Internet commentariat. They say the offer shows Chevron lacks awareness of the seriousness of its actions and indicates a larger problem of oil and gas companies buying support in communities where hydraulic fracturing — the practice in which thousands of gallons of water mixed with chemicals are pumped into deeply drilled wells to break up naturally occurring oil and gas formations — is on the rise.

    “The Chevron Guarantee: Our well won’t explode…or your pizza is free,” read one of many sarcastic tweets directed at Chevron on Tuesday.

    The coupon was handed out along with a letter apologizing for the blowout to about 100 residents near the gas well, local media reported.

    • The Red Cross is offering a free earthquake app to Oklahomans after 150 small earthquakes hit the state in just the past week, according to the state’s geological observatory.

      The app gives users earthquake notifications and allows them to monitor activity where friends and family reside, Ken Garcia, a Red Cross spokesman for Central and Western Oklahoma, told Al Jazeera.

      “The way it works is you can set it to your current location — on mine I have it set for Oklahoma City and it has a 250-mile radius,” Garcia said.

      Included in the app are simple checklists to create a family emergency plan, locations of Red Cross shelters, information on what could happen after earthquakes — such as fire and tsunamis, and a toolkit with flashlight, strobe light and audible alarm.

      The app was released nationwide in September 2012, but since it can be personalized to any location, it was recommended to Oklahomans after a significant increase in the frequency and intensity of earthquakes was reported in the state.

      Some geologists believe activities related to hydraulic fracturing, or ‘fracking’ — injecting water, sand, and a cocktail of toxic chemicals under high pressure into bedrock to increase the flow of oil or gas — could be to blame for the unusual seismic activity.

      • In the late sixties, back when I was a young feller, I spent about two years in Denver CO, employed by Martin Aerospace outside of Littleton. During those couple of years, Metro-Denver experienced a series of very rare, but still very noticeable, earthquakes. Some obvious Commie news dude(s) had the BRASS to suggest the earthquakes were a RESULT of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal’s attempt to dispose of really bad chem-bio shit by pumping it under high pressure deep into the ground, WAY down there, hundreds of feet into the bedrock on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountain Front Range.

        Oddly enough, after they quit doing that, the (very RARE) earthquakes sorta stopped. Puzzling, no? I mean, really, man can’t do bad shit like that, right? God wouldn’t like/allow it. Right?


        Meanwhile, a year or so ago, there was a ‘tee-tiny’ quake here, along the Front Range, in SE Colorado, not all that far from where the frackers are fracking.

        Nah. It’s probably Obamacare.

  10. QOTD:

    “There have been seven disasters since humans came on the earth, very similar to the one that’s just about to happen. I think these events keep separating the wheat from the chaff. And eventually we’ll have a human on the planet that really does understand it and can live with it properly. That’s the source of my optimism,” – maverick British scientist (with a great track record), James Lovelock, on what he considers the pending catastrophe of climate change. Bonus money quote:

    “Enjoy life while you can. Because if you’re lucky it’s going to be 20 years before it hits the fan.”

    • NPR reporting a study today about Missouri repealing their hand gun background check law – gun homicides up 25% for next three years and more guns verified getting in crooks hands – who’d have thought?

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